Sonia Musings – A Favor for an Eyeful

Sometimes chance meetings are in your favor sonia_comic_eye_500_zps99dcf7da

(Inspired by art from blissful_sonia)


I’m still aware of things, but I don’t know for how long. Everything feels…slower now. There was a high wind today, and yet as strong as it is, it feels like a breeze. It looks like a breeze despite everything it’s kicking up too.

It works in her favor though.

I really should’ve watched where I was going, but I just felt distracted today, in a bad “when-will-this-workweek-end” way. Nothing was going my way, least of all bumping into this woman carrying all this art. Beautiful art I noticed, once I got a hold of it. The wind made me chase everything she had for blocks, but I got it all. She seemed like she was in a rush, and I wasn’t sure an apology would make up for it.

It worked in her favor though.

The first thing I noticed about her, besides her art talents, was everything. I’ve heard of people having auras before, but this was the first time it felt tangible. She was pure beauty and confidence. Her clothes and mood were dark colors, which only added to her allure. This was obviously a woman who gets offers from every type of guy, even those not in her league, brave enough to try. Me being the awkward version of one of those guys, I definitely mumbled a respectful compliment followed by a silly “would you like to go out sometime”-esque question. It never hurts to ask, expect rejection hurts. She just smirked though and finally spoke.

“Can you do me a favor?”

She didn’t say “look into my eye,” but that aura of hers, as if it had a voice of it’s own, beckoned mine to hers. And here I am now, unmoving and quickly forgetting the ability even exists. The wind moves as if for her, seductively framing the eye like crashing waves would for a sunset. It moves at the same speed as the spiral. Around and around it spins, drawing me to its center, somewhere deep in her eye. Everything I am should question the existence of an opaque spiral in someone’s eye, but it’s really justifying its existence by making me feel so good. Or is it doing what I think she wants me to do that’s feeling good? I don’t know, and don’t care. Irrelevant people pass us by, and the sounds drown out and are replaced by nothing but the peacefulness of her aura. It’s like she’s sharing herself with me. And the toll of looking into that eye feels like I’m being paid. I feel power in that eye, I see something irresistible in that eye. I never want to look away from that eye; I never want to resist it, nor her. 10 minutes ago, or 10 hours for all I know, I sure would have.

It’s working in her favor though.

“You’ve inconvenienced me, but made up for it immediately, effectively, and without me having to order you to do so. You have potential.” I couldn’t help but smile. I was approved of; this other person in this blank world that was superior to me approved of me. She wanted things this way, and obliging her was just right. The eye moved and I mirrored it in every direction. I can’t lose touch with this world, and I don’t plan to. I’m sure it was a test, and I sense satisfaction in her aura. She tells me hearing her voice will be just as hypnotic as looking into the eye. After she blinks and asks me a question, she’s right. I love hearing her talk, and being totally forthcoming. I tell her about my life and my work. It all feels validated when she says she has use for me. She touches my cheek, and it’s the same effect, but with a touch more of bliss added. I walk behind her now, carrying all of her work, ensuring nothing is lost to the wind again.

I work in her favor now.

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