Story Index

An alphabetical listing of stories by me-chan.

4 Wishes (mc fd flash)
What would you wish for?

The Advertisement (mc fd)
A male model recalls his career-making audition.

All Hallows Even Fall (mc mf fd) ~New~
A late Halloween performer gets more than he bargains for when he arrives.

Antiquated Dreaming (mc fd)
Who knew antique shopping would be someone’s dream scenario?

April Fools Everyone (mc fd)
April has special plans for her favorite day of the year, especially for her sister.

Auld Lang Rewind (mc mf ff fd) ~New~
As the year comes to an end, someone ensures that the blessings of the year don’t go forgotten.

Auto-Submit (mc fd) ~New~
A man discovers the depth of his co-worker’s impression on his work.

A Binary State (mc fd ind)
Playing a numbers game where every word counts.

Bound to a Bet (mc fd)
A woman gets creative with the terms of a bet.

The Breakfast Package (mc mf fd) ~New~
The morning after a “Happy Mother’s Night”

Canvased (mc fd)
A state of mind is in the eye of the beholder.

Coin Toss (mc fd ind) ~New~
Where will you land in the span of a coin toss?

Correspondence (mc mf ff fd)
A researching professor keeps up communication with an expert on the subject of recreational hypnosis.

Cropped (mc fd)
Expect to love the unexpected.

Eclipsed (mc fd) ~New~
What could a solar eclipse and hypnosis have in common?

Encouragement (mc mf fd)
A woman in recovery finds the means to cope.

The Eye of Deep Space (mc mf fd)
A veteran space traveler revisits his old instructor.

Eye of the Beholder (mc fd) ~New~
An artist tasks a man with finding something she’s sure he’ll see.

The Fall (mc fd)
A peaceful, autumn walk down a risky path.

Feminine Allure (mc mf fd)
A man wakes to find himself in a beautiful woman’s power.

Fun with Sabrina & Jon – “I’ve Got You, Babe” (mc mf fd) ~New~
How would you react when a great day becomes all too familiar?

Fun with Sabrina & Jon – “It’s Fate to Osculate” (mc mf fd) ~New~
An internationally-recognized day inspires Sabrina.

Fun with Sabrina & Jon – “The Riddler Has a Sad Fate Ahead” (mc mf fd) ~New~
When a fictional character’s fate is decided, what does that mean for a real hero?

“The Girl with Hypnotic Fingers” (mc fd ind) ~New~
A dance of skilled fingers inspiring trance

The Glass Ceiling (mc mf fd) ~New~
Grace and Duane both working towards promotion, around the barriers that may prevent or elevate them.

Goddesscape (mc fd)
Take some time and escape to a place made just for you, and a place you’re made for.

Groceries and Homonyms (mc fd)
One wordsmith tells another an interesting story over grocery shopping.

halLUCInate (mc mf fd flash)
Vivid imagery is sometimes best when led.

Happy Mother’s Night (mc mf fd) ~New~
A holiday celebration heats up after dusk.

Hazy Delays (mc fd ind)
A journey’s obstruction gives way to a unexpected reprieve.

The Henchwoman (mc ff fd cb) ~New~
A retired hypnotic villainess is visited by an old acquaintance.

Her Word is Her Bond (mc mf fd)
After a successful mission, the true issuer of orders is revealed.

Hero & Witch (Part 1) – A Hero Falls (mc fd cb)
In a city of heroism and villainy, one hero encounters a beautiful sorceress…

Hero & Witch (Part 2) – At the Witch’s Mercy (mc mf fd cb)
The witch Scryer recalls having Striker captive in her lair…

Hero & Witch (Part 3) – A Heroine Will Rise (mc fd cb)
A new player steps into the fold.

Hero & Witch (Part 4) – Mind Overlooking Magic (mc mf fd cb)
The heroine Psiana comes face to face with Scryer.

Hero & Witch (Part 5) – A Heroine Falls (mc mf fd cb)
Preparations are made for heroic and magical forces to collide.
Act 1
Act 2
Act 3

‘Hypnosis is Fake’ (mc fd)
If you believe it, it must be true, right?

In 55 Words… (mc fd flash) ~New~
A collection of short stories inspired by S.B.Stories’ endeavor of 55 Word Writing Challenge

In the Zone (mc fd)
Over colds, soup, and a TV marathon, LeBeth and Dan discuss their favorite episodes of a classic show.

Interview With… (mc mf fd)
A journalist is granted an interview with very exclusive conditions.

Kissing Her Hand (mc fd)
The deeper potential of a chivalrous kiss.

The Kissing Spell (mc mf fd)
A small office grievance and mistake lead to something unexpected for two people.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A Love Spell is in the Air (mc mf fd)
An early Valentine’s Day party gets livened up by a special guest.

Mannequin (mc fd)
Marion tries out an interesting hypnosis trick at a convention, compliments of Lee Allure.

Memorials of Days In Dependence (mc ff fd)
A young up-and-coming dancer finds a new way to dance with some special help.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

A Mesmerry Christmas (mc mf fd)
An exotic dancer makes an appearance at a holiday bachelor party.

MissPlacement (mc fd)
Ned Ryburn finds a woman he’s been looking for, and ends up lost in her.

Office Hour (mc fd)
A student visits his TA about his paper.

Palindrome! (mc ff fd) ~New~
A gathering of words and people have both used in fun ways.

Persuade Me (mc fd)
Male hypnotist trances defiant woman, showing her the meaning of allure and submission.

A Place with You in Mind (mc fd)
A house is inspected and explored by an interesting visitor.

Predatory Words (mc fd)
What words hunt you, deep in the night?

A Reflection of My World (mc fd)
More than deceiving, sometimes appearances can be all too fascinating.

Restroom (mc mf fd)
A visit to a special club helps a trio come to an important conclusion.

Sabrina’s Robouint (mc ff fd cb)
What if the line separating mechanical and magic blurred?

Sensitivity (mc mf fd ind)
Neglected senses can provide the most surprising sensations.

Shapes (mc fd flash)
What happens when you give shapes enough thought?

Solemnly Swear (mc fd) ~New~
A man comes home to a girlfriend lost in something.

Sonia Musings – A Favor for an Eyeful (mc fd)
Sometimes chance meetings are in your favor.

Sonia Musings – At the Feet of a Dream (mc mf fd ft)
Where dreams may lead you.

Sonia Musings – Distant Screeching (mc fd flash) ~New~
A significant sound that draws you.

Sonia Musings – Enter the Parlour (mc mf fd) ~New~
Abandon all will, ye who enter, or find yourself having it willingly stolen from you.

Sonia Musings – Dreaming at Her Feet (mc fd ft)
How long could apprehension last before an appealing dream?

Sonia Musings – In Their Shoes (mc fd ft)
A high-end shoe store receives a special customer.

Sonia Musings – Leading Role (mc fd flash) ~New~
When a timeless beauty leaves one defenseless…

Sonia Musings – Serpent Charmer (mc fd)
A curious serpent seeks out Sonia.

Sonia Musings – Shadow Queen (mc fd)
There’s more than one way to look at shadows.

Sonia Musings – Sole Impression (mc mf fd ft)
Have your dreams every transformed into better ones?

Sonia Musings – Stage Delight (mc mf fd)
A young couple attend a stage hypnosis show in Las Vegas.

Sonia Musings – Walking All Over Me (mc mf fd ft)
A man learns of the fear and pleasure of being hovered over by a sublime presence.

Sonia & Preston – Black Queen to pawn slave (mc fd)
Sonia and Preston play a friendly game of chess, her way.

Sonia & Preston – Kismet (mc mf fd ft)
A man meets a woman in a bar that changes his world forever.

Sonia & Preston – Mistletoes (mc mf fd ft flash)
A special twist to a holiday tradition.

Sonia & Preston – My Life Laid at Her Feet (mc mf fd ft)
The budding arrangement between Sonia and Preston continues to bear fruit.

Sonia & Preston – Without Words (mc mf fd ft flash)
A classic Christmas tale told from a hypnotic submissive’s perspective.

Splendorous Sprials (mc fd ft ind) ~New~
The uncharted fascination when two natural shapes combine…

The Tenor (mc fd flash)
A woman gives a young singer something to sing about.

Tessa v Thor (Part 1) – Dawn of Submission (mc fd cb)
Tessa Fields has a random, special encounter as she goes about her day.

Tessa v Thor (Part 2) – Age of Awe (mc fd ft cb)
Tessa has another run-in with the impressionable Avenger.

Tessa v Thor (Part 3) – Man of Kneel (mc mf fd cb)
A harmless hypnotist dominantly amuses herself over a long-time mortal fan, and an immortal Avenging submissive.

Tessa v Thor (Part 4) – The Dark Delight (mc fd cb) ~New~
Thor confronts Tessa over false misgivings.

Thanks for Giving In (Between the Holidays) (mc fd) ~New~
A procrastinated Thanksgiving gathering gets special guests and a special dance to match.

Time (mc fd flash ind)
A hypnotist gives her perspective on time.

Trapped in Chat (mc fd)
Sometimes your time in chat is as long as what someone else wants it to be.

Up for the Count (mc fd ind)
A hypnotist discusses their take on an aspect of inductions.

Vanilla (mc mf ff fd)
A husband learns a great deal about his wife and her friend in a small afterparty.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4: Vanilla Extract

A Vicious Circle (mc mf fd)
Two childhood friends play an old game in a new way.

Will He? (mc mf fd)
A young woman makes an unbelievable discovery amidst a silly joke.

Yielding to Implications (mc fd) ~New~
A long-time fan of Lee Allure’s gets to have a special session with her at a convention.

Z to S (mc fd)
An American gets introduced to some British English.

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