Sonia Musings – At the Feet of a Dream

Where dreams may lead you

It felt like floating, just drifting along. My senses are telling me that’s what is happening, and I have no reason to doubt it. I feel so out of it in this space, whatever it is, wherever I am. My eyes opened to a haze of a dark-tinted color and the absence of any structure around me; a void that had me in its grasp. The idea of an oblivion, a space filled with nothing was always boring or borderline scary to me; no form of fiction or religion has bothered to try to convince me otherwise, so it was easy to rationale being there was some kind of punishment or unfortunate accident. I was unsure of how I ended up there, yet in being there, dread or fear didn’t fill me, just a strange euphoria. There’s a peace here I’d never known, oddly invigorating and healing. No clock or time to worry about here, so I couldn’t bring myself to care about anything but enjoying this.

It seemed like once I was cognizant enough, the change happened. My feet either landed on something, or something rose up for my feet to stand-on, but suddenly I was upright, and walking forward. The closest feeling I could relate to with this is walking at the bottom of a pool; at any moment I might start to become buoyant and float away again. I moved forward till I reached a door that appeared out of nowhere. For the first time since apathy stole over me, I had a small sense of urgency. I wanted, needed to open this door. I wondered what could make me so anxious and give me a sense of purpose.

The reason for that anxiousness was on the other side, waiting for me. Her legs were crossed in a way I always loved when women do. She was so vivid and bright, while everything around us remained vague. She wore a buttoned shirt and skirt that slit up enough to show her inner thigh. Nylons run up from that slit all the way down to her feet; they shine from some unseen light. Bright sparkles flash off the jewels attached to her nylons, distracting my eyes longer than expected before my gaze travels downward. High-heeled sandals cover her feet in almost a provocative way. An ankle bracelet is above one of her shoes; the other sporting a marble-sized crystal held by a delicate chain from the top of the sandal.

This was an onslaught of gleaming sexiness. Everything about her, especially from the waist down, was meant to lure and ensnare. I barely noticed her head shifting, which brought my attention toward her eyes. She didn’t speak, but her eyes were telling me what she wanted. I was to come closer to her, so I moved forward, ahead of my own insistence. Her hand also gestured to come forward, and downward, leaving me on my knees at her feet. The only new elements I noticed was the deep red color of her toenails, equally mesmerizing to the rest of her, and sweet-smelling perfume that seemed particularly strong around her legs.

Her hand reached out again, urging me to do the same. From my arm, she pulled me forward until I was so very close to her body, taking her scent in with every breath. My head was laid down on her lap, and my hand was placed on her calf. I stare forward at nothing, my eyes wanting to look down. She caresses my face and cheek, and I feel overwhelmed with a need to turn and press my lips against her nylons, sending a shiver through my whole body. My hand absently drifted to her sandal, and she moved her legs further into my touch. I sensed she wanted me to take the shoe, so I found the clasp and unfastened it, and felt another shiver in my hand as she slipped out of the sandal and through my fingers. I watched her toes wiggle and stretch the nylons fabric, looking ecstatic to be free from its confines. It rested against my thigh for a second, and then proceeded up my leg to brush against my excitement. It twitched and I groaned as she teased me temporarily. My reaction surprised even me as I placed a kiss on her lap.

For some reason, I thought I might’ve overstepped a boundary in doing so, at least by acting on my own pleasure. I looked up at her, unsure of her reaction. She looked down at me with understanding, and a slight nod of permission. The kissing continued eagerly then, from the hem of her skirt, streaming slowly down one leg in a straight line until I reached her feet. Being driven by my own passion instead of her unspoken commands, I began worshipping her feet with vigor. I’d massage her unsheathed foot in my hands while kissing and licking the silken fabric in the other, wide-eyed as I watched the crystal move back and forth on her shoe. Her perfume, the crystal, the nylons, the warm feel of her power and my submission, all of it whirlpooled into me. My fingers slowly grazed and gently pressed over many parts of her foot, learning what made for a more pleasurable touch. A few points across her soles made an impression, upon me as well as her grin excited me. Eventually she pulled her foot from my grasp and gave me her sandaled foot to remove and massage, the charm ankle bracelet fascinating my eyes this time.

I became a little bolder as I took her other set of toes in my mouth and began sucking, feeling myself going deeper to match my vigor. I licked the tops and soles of her feet, feeling an addictive warmth in the knowledge that she was pleased, and that I was pleasing her. I enjoyed this for as long as I could before she moved her foot under my chin, raising me up to stand tall from the knees. From my chin, that foot pressed itself down across my chest, nipple, stomach, and waist. I took in a sharp breath as both her feet pressed into my crotch. My erection straining against my pants since I first knelt for her, was on fire at her touch. My torso leaned further to rest near her knees, feeling the nylons on my face again, kissing them, taking in the sight of the small, sparkly lights from her stockings.

Toes swiped downwards against the front of my pants a few times. I took the hint and unzip myself, freeing myself as if it was straining for air. She extended her hand again for me to come forward, and before I knew it I was trapped between her calves. She gently moved her legs back and forth and then stopped, letting me naturally take up the motion. I pumped and pumped into the tantalizing, silky confines of her legs longer than I expected to. Pleasure was being built up in me, and I was waiting for permission from her to release. I waited for what felt like days for some kind of sign.

Suddenly I was pumping at air as her feet swiftly moved up to my head, hovering inches away from me. Her slow crawl to touching my forehead with her foot was almost a painful tease, until we made contact and release flooded out of me, across the floor. My release lasted past my falling on my side on the floor, spasming myself dry.

With what little strength was left, I kept my eyelids open enough to see her standing tall above me. Her smile was wide and seductive, filling me with bliss. She’d slipped her sandals back on and began walking away, brushing her feet by my face one more time before departing, leaving that familiar floating sensation to begin to overtake me again.

As vivid as she was, I’m still unsure which parts of my experience were of my making, her making, or even real. Parts of it felt too lucid to be all fantasy. I’d possibly be able to sort it all out when I wake. I can only try to keep every detail with a strong mental grip before I float back to the empty oblivion, hopeful in never loosing the memory of the silent seductress of my dreams.

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