Sonia Musings – Serpent Charmer

A curious serpent seeks out Sonia.

(Inspired by art from blissful_sonia)

A slithering body creeps across the floor, almost completely silent as it approaches it’s prey. A python of considerable length makes his way to a woman’s bedroom, preparing to introduce himself in his own special way. Many beautiful women have crossed his path, as well as all the ones he’s sought out; the result was almost always the same. Mild-to-horrific surprise to find themselves face-to-face with a talking snake, a polite introduction, followed by an irresistible invitation to look into his eyes. Spirals of color flowed from his eyes and soon into theirs, making them happily mindless and eagerly obedient. This woman might be different though. For some reason this woman had developed a reputation for being “charming;” how and why remained a mystery somehow though. His last succulent prey he’d tranced seemed to already be under someone else’s power. Unlike so many before her, this girl automatically gave in to the blissful sensations of hypnosis, as if she was well versed in it. After a bit of questioning, he learned this prey had a mistress named Sonia. Actually the first thing she muttered as the *ping* of his hypnosis provided proof of a deep trance was “….obey…Sonia”

He was literally impressed with how little he had to do to trance the girl; she was that well-programmed. Being led by curiosity so often, he ordered her to bring him to this Sonia. Driving up to her house, the crafty python found his way into her house. From the first look at her peeking through the slightly open bedroom door, she indeed had the visage of a charming woman. She was clad only in a pair of black stockings, and looked at herself appreciatively in her full-length mirror, obviously aware of how beautiful she was. Something about her though was interesting. She had an air of confidence, rather than arrogance. Either way, she seemed to be so engrossed in her own image that it was easy to approach her completely unnoticed, or so he thought.

“And who do we have here?” Kaa heard a low, sultry voice ask.

“A beautiful voice to match,” he thought as he smirked, trying not to show his surprise.

Instead of sliding up her legs like she wanted, he moved next to the mirror and raised his head to the height of her stomach.

“I am Kaa. It’sssss a pleasssure to meet you.”

Sonia looked down at him with an amused smile. “Ah, the infamous Kaa. To what do I owe the honor of this invasion of privacy?”

“I do apologize my dear, but I couldn’t help but satisfy my curiosity with such an accomplished charmer,” he chuckled.

“I had the pleasure of meeting one of your hypnotized pets, and while she was easy to persuade by me, her body and mind had no trouble sliding quickly into trance. I can only assume that is something you taught her well.”

“For my pets, yes. They find joy in hypnosis they never thought they would, and they often love to return to the state. I sincerely hope you don’t plan on poaching my pets.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it my dear. She will remain yours. I will admit it’s rare for me to meet another hypnotic talent; I didn’t feel the need to miss out on this opportunity.”

Sonia looked down and into the mirror to notice how long Kaa’s body extended. “Quite the lengthy body you have,” she commented.

“Why thank you Sonia.”

“Do you often trance your victims first before you wrap them up, or is it necessary to restrain most of them with your body first?”

“Victims? Oh no. That is a common misconception most humans have. I understand you all are not used to talking snakes, and would think some evil intent, but it is not so.” Kaa moved closer to Sonia.

“Snakes can constrict with their scales and coils, yes, but it’s not always a dangerous act. I am always gentle with those I encounter. Let me demonstrate.”

Kaa moved his head in a few loops around her body until he was demonstratively gently wrapped around her torso. The cool feel of his coils off-set by the warmth of the room and the Spring weather.

“A sound gesture, but I hear that’s not the most dangerous part of you”

Both knew what she was implying, and Kaa in his advantageous position saw no need to prolong things and started slowly turning his eyes to spirals.

Sonia saw the edge of his eyes and knew what was up his sleeve, she looked up at her own face and smiled deeply before bringing her eyes back to his face.




The arm that wasn’t constricted began stroking the coils wrapped around her lightly, calculatedly.

“Interesting, I thought snakes were cold-blooded animals.”

Kaa’s head visibly shifted for a second, reacting to the confusing statement she uttered.

Sonia shifted between using one or two fingers, or her whole hand to stroke Kaa. “Your coils started out as cool, rather than cold, and still are a little. But it’s the strangest thing; if feels like you’re getting warmer.”

Kaa wondered what that was all about, still starring at her face as she stared at his nostrils, unaware of the fading space around him. “I don’t know if it’s my body, my touch, or my words that are doing it, but I’m getting warmer, and I think it’s because you’re getting warmer.”

Kaa could hear a subtle change in her voice, something he often used himself, and decided to fixate himself more into her face. “Do I feel as warm as my eyes do, Sonia?”

Her eyes weren’t changing like the rest, even though she seemed fixed. But she didn’t seem to be fighting him in the slightest, just making odd comments about his body temperature, which Kaa didn’t realize was changing at first. He knew to maybe expect something different out of this woman, the way her pet reacted to his power. Maybe her eyes didn’t need to be spirals to be affected.

“Oh wow,” she feigned, convincingly. “Your eyes…are warm. So warm to…look…into.” Sonia phrased her words intentionally as she moved her free hand to caress Kaa’s face and gently move it so he was facing him self in the mirror. In all the times he’d hypnotized humans and other animals, he’d never had the occasion to look into his own eyes through a mirror. Seeing the spiraling eyes of his pets, he figured looking into them and not being affected meant he was immune to his own power. Even he didn’t know of the special force behind his eyes that created spirals in the eyes of others.

Being the first time he’d looked into his own hypnotic eyes, he became fascinated with the sight. It should’ve been no surprise how he was able to take so many unwilling pets under, but now it was as he was getting a heavy dose of his own medicine. The dose was being increased with strength as Sonia and Kaa both looked at themselves in the mirror, and Sonia began guiding Kaa’s fixated mind.

“So warm, so hard to look away from,” She spoke, continuing to stroke his body. “So powerful, so beautiful.”


“Mmm…yesssss,” she mocked “that’s right. “Eyes so hypnotic. Colors so hypnotic. The growing warmth in your body…so hypnotic. My voice, my touch, so very hypnotic.”


“Doesn’t it want to make you go deeper? Do you want the rings to take you deeper?” The feminine voice in Kaa’s head was right; it felt so good to listen to her. She wanted to go deeper, to experience things deeper. He stared deeper into his own eyes, helplessly following the patters of green, blue, and yellow urging himself along like so many sets of his before meeting Sonia. He inched his eyes every so often, putting something extra into his accidental self-trance.

She smiled deeper to herself, sure that this is exactly how he would’ve taken her down. His mind was was being taken down by both their powers.

“Very soon my dear, you’re going to close your eyes. This will not lessen your trance in any way, as you will still see the powerful colors behind your eyes lids and in your mind’s eye, all the while being able to hear my voice, which is equally powerful to you.”

Sonia voice began echoing, almost reverberating in Kaa’s head.

“Once your eyes close, you will find yourself in my power, open and willing and obedient to all that I wish of you. Do you understand?”


“Do you wish to be in my power? Would you like to listen to my lovely voice and go deep for me?”

“Oh yess Sssonia.”

“Well then…time to obey Sonia,” she spoke as she snapped her fingers near Kaa’s face at the word “obey.” A sound like a *ping* came out of nowhere, and Sonia noticed Kaa’s simultaneously reacting to it.

Kaa’s now warm body remained still, and she imagined totally pliable.

“Your coils feels so warm now. I’ve warmed you up quite a bit now Kaa. Have you ever felt so warm before?”


“Where have you felt this warmth before Kaa?”

“In the jungle…”

“Is the jungle where you come from? Is that your home?”


“My body and my power create this warmth within you, and it feels so good. It’s hypnotic to you. And what’s even better, it feels like home doesn’t it?”

Sonia slid a single finger from the top of his head down his back, helping to reinforce the suggestion.

“Yessss…” he almost moaned.

“Ooh…that’s such a lovely thought. To be in my power is to be at home. Your lay your head to rest in my power, and this is where you belong.”

She placed his head onto her shoulder, and stroked him a further.

“Do you like being at home Kaa?”

“Yess Sonia.”

“Where is home Kaa?”

“The jungle.”

“Where else is home, Kaa?”


“Very good, Kaa. Exactly right. And is there any place you’d rather be than home?”

“No, Sonia.”

“You’ll always yearn for home, won’t you?”

“I will alwaysss yearn for home Sonia.”

“Therefore, you’ll always yearn to be in my power, won’t you?”

“I will alwaysss year to be in your power Sonia.”

“Such a good little serpent you are. Warmed by my voice and your own submissiveness to your mistress.”


“Yes ‘Mistress’ Sonia”

“Yesss Mistresss Ssonia.”

Gracefully, she moved herself to sit on the nearby bed, still surrounded by Kaa, but now he was holding fast to his new hypnotic mistress.

“Now Kaa, on the off-chance that you happen to try to seduce me in the future using your colored eyes, you will find yourself only able to do so under one condition. That condition will be to make me stronger, to make my control over you greater, to give up more of your free will to me. You will not be able to tap into your own power without strengthening mine. Do you understand me Kaa?

“Yes Mistress Sonia.”

“If I ever see the colors, what will they make me do?”

“They will make you stronger, they will make me obey you.”

“Very good Kaa.”

After all the suggestion-installing, Sonia felt the need to get a relaxing shower in, but wanted to still drive Kaa deeper under.

“Kaa, I want you to bring the end of your tail to me now; bring it to my hand as you are able.”

The end of his tail slowly made it to be placed in her waiting hand. She guided it down to lay against her legs.

“Do you feel that Kaa? That silky sensation across my legs? Those are my stockings.”

She motioned his tail up and down her leg, in a teasing fashion, similar to the way she stroked his coils now.

“The feel of my stockings is so warm isn’t it? That comfortable warmth can be found here too. Touching my stockings feels as warm and at home as being touched my me.”

After a few simple motions, she let go of the tail and let Kaa use his own initiative, prompted by her words.

“That up and down motion is quite amazing, yes?”


“How does it make you feel?”


“You want to stay there as long as possible.”

“I want to stay there as long asss posssible.”

“You’ve been such a wonderful hypnotized plaything tonight, I think you deserve a reward.”

Sonia watched with satisfaction as Kaa grinned wide like his own hypnotized subjects would.

“In a moment, I will take off my stockings, and place them on the floor. When I do, you will feel compelled to slip your head into one of my stockings. You will feel the silk against your body, you will almost become hot with pleasure – the pleasure of pleasing me. This is such an opportunity for you; you can’t wait to hear me say “surrounded by Sonia” for you to act on what you really, really want.”

She let him linger in anticipation for a moment longer before she gave him the command. She almost laughed at the sight of Kaa’s head in her stockings, even flicking his tongue at where her toes were just minutes ago. She’d never thought about establishing a foot fetish in someone with no feet.

She walked into her shower, feeling on top of the world, and Kaa in her world as snugly as in her stockings.


One thought on “Sonia Musings – Serpent Charmer

  1. Me-Chan! I absolutely love this turn of the tables! I’d fall victim to Kaa and Kaa fell victim to Mistress Sonia, therefore I’d fall even harder for Mistress Sonia. Fabulous story!

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