Sonia Musings – Dreaming at Her Feet

How long could apprehension last before an appealing dream?


I was in the oblivion again. Same sensations as before, but it was immediately different from before, as the void was a brighter color. It was like night and day between the last time I felt this, meaning maybe I’d fallen back into this state in the daytime.

It wasn’t long before something was under my knees again. This time there was no feeling of the knees bending; I entered her space in the exact, inevitable stance she wanted me in.

I’d thought a lot about her, whoever she was. She was impossibly perfect in my perspective. Not a blemish or strand of hair out of place. No trace of anything that I couldn’t define as sexy. Even now, dressed in tight jeans, zebra-print shirt, and a different set of high-heeled sandals, she looked amazing. The only thing she wore from before was that same smile, assuring me of the pleasure ahead.

Other women in my life wore this smile before, only to use and discard me in the end. I know I shouldn’t judge every woman like this, but a bad track record spoils things for the rest. She being the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen just made the stakes higher; being discarded┬áby her would hurt even worse than from any other woman. I didn’t have the wherewithal to even start to question or fight the sensations she was making me feel. I didn’t even know if she was real before. I believed she was now, and doubts started to rise up.

I saw it in her changed expression that she knew I was questioning what was happening. I heard a female voice speaking inside my head, matching the feeling of her expression.

“Why do you question this? What is troubling you?”

“You worry that I will disappoint you? I promise you only pleasure and that I have no need discard you. Can you trust that of me?”

I knew that was possible. At least unlike every woman before her, she took joy in sharing an experience that other women might consider perverse. All she had asked me to do was enjoy it. She gave and the only thing she took, I would’ve willingly given her. I couldn’t really claim she was setting me up for something for sure until it happened.

“Honestly, I like dueling with resistance every now and then, and an inquisitive mind like yours is always fun to subvert. But I would only like to do so with the knowledge that you know you’re safe here.”

I really wanted to.

“You can,” she urged further.

She made me hesitant. It wasn’t that she wasn’t good. She was too good; I could still argue she was my overactive imagination come to life.

“Too good am I? While I’m not sure I would say I am, maybe I’m not as perfect as you think I am. Maybe that resistance welling up in you can successfully bring you out of trance.”

Where was this going, I wondered.

Reading my mind again, her voice sounded, “It’s only going toward a simple game. A test in the strength of our wills. You’re stronger than you realize, and have control and a say in our interactions; I would never deny you that. But for now, I’d like to see how long you might last. And just so we’re on neutral ground…”

She shifted her body toward me, and I heard a loud snap that shifted my whole reality. Suddenly everything had clarity again. I was in a room, a hotel room it looked like, on a large queen-size bed. Laying on the other side was the dream woman who still stuck out to me as eye-catching. Her smile was pleasant, and her eyes studying me.

“Welcome back,” I heard her speak normally.

“…thanks,” I managed to get out.

“Like I said, you have a say in this. You can move and think normally now. If you wanted, you could leave this room and return to your day without worry about any interference from me; no post-hypnotic suggestions. I certainly could take you against your will, but you being willing does make our mutual enjoyment nicer for me.”

We let her words sink in as I contemplated. I could move easily like she said, and she was willing to let me go. Maybe she could stop me before I got to the door, but I didn’t sense her going against her word. I simply shook my head and turn to ask “So, resistance versus what?”

She smiled happily and replied “Seduction. Your strong-willed self not letting me subvert you back into trance.”

My gaze found its way back to her feet as the rocked back and forth, almost tauntingly. Resistant feelings made me shake my head.

“Yes, I will be using your weakness against you. But you just might pull through and remain unconvinced to slip back under.”

I stood up on the bed, trying to look firm. “We’ll see.”

“Oh yes, we will, just like you already see my feet again,” she wasted no time in her seductive assault. “I envy your bravery; not many would face down an opponent they’ve already submitted to before, and opponent that knows you well by now. There may be a million ways to approach this. Meanwhile you only have one, and I think we both know where it will lead.”

I brought my eyes back to hers, but she crossed her feet at the ankles, laying on the bed, my eyes traveled back south again.

“Oh, I don’t know why you should resist. I don’t even know why you think you should resist.”

She leaned forward and unzipped her sandal, allowing her foot to easily remove itself. I watched her toes trace over the straps.

“So many paths to take, different directions to go. Even the path of resistance is a path in my favor.” It’s funny thinking her talk of paths and directions, when all I was doing was following in every sense.

I did shake my head a bit to reassert my defense. She easily changed her approach and slid her foot back in the shoe. I felt spellbound as I watched her slip her feet out of the sandal, raising it up gripped between her toes, swinging it gently. It was almost sickening how sexy she made it look.

“I don’t know why you should even think…wouldn’t it just be better to enjoy?”

Then she slipped her foot back between the straps and sole of the sandal with the enchanting grace of a world-class ballerina, smiling a smile I couldn’t see but just know she wore.

“So beautiful, isn’t it? How easily my foot slips back into my shoe. Or maybe how easily you slip into that wonderful place, where there’s just you and me. Maybe it’s both. Sliding my foot in and out of my shoe is symbolic of surrendering to Sonia. It’s also the cause,” she giggled.

“And you want to come closer, don’t you?”

Of course I did. My slowly fading memory of my role in this game kept me from doing so minutes ago. Now my body was fighting itself, thoughts competing for the loudest voice. “Don’t you dare move!” “Why not?” “You’re supposed to be resisting.” “Sonia’s feet though…” “Sexy,” “She wants me to come closer and I do to.” “We shouldn’t.”

“Mmmm,” she moaned for dramatic effect. “How good would if feel if you inched, just a little closer? Not too much, just an inch.”

Fighting it became more difficult once she threw compromise in. I was willing to accede a little bit, against my better judgment. And an inch was so hard to judge. I don’t know how much my body could move for it to be an inch, and I didn’t notice her subtly moving her foot closer to me at the same time. It became irrelevant when my nose noticed her perfume, faded but present. My nose pushed forward, trying to identify what it already knew, but wanted more of.

I was just about lost then, so close to her feet, breathing and feeling heavy my forehead pressed against her leg. The good sport that she was though, allowed the game to be prolonged.

“You’re so close now, but maybe it’s not the end yet. I’ve brought you this far, and you should be congratulated for taking so long to be lured here. More congratulations will be in order if you don’t do that last thing. I don’t even have to say what it is, I’m sure you know.”

I honestly didn’t and was so close to not caring anymore. But she said the game was still on, and I got some power back on my side.

“You do know what would end this, don’t you?”

I didn’t move a muscle for fear that any little thing could be the end.

“You really don’t know? Wow, that could be trouble for you then.”

I didn’t know what to do, my last chance to win and I didn’t know the rules anymore.

“Ok, your last bit of help will be a hint. I’ll tell the word that you shouldn’t do. Are you ready?”

I hoped she took my stillness as a yes.

“You shouldn’t……kiiiisssssss”

She whispered the last word like a lover whispering in my ear. I knew she cheated, using that sexy voice, but I happily dubbed her victorious, praising her with kisses all over her feet. The world slipped away again, and all those sensations were reinforced again. Pleasure reigned like she did over me, of which I thanked her for long after. She spoke the last words I remember clearly enough in my head.

“What do you know, we both win.”

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