Sonia Musings – Sole Impression

Have your dreams ever transformed into better ones?

Sole Impression

(inspired by art from blissful_sonia)

You ever have one of those dreams where something triggers you and the dream becomes something else entirely? Most times when you hear that, it’s something bad, or even traumatic, turning a dream into a nightmare. One night, I dreamed like I normally would. To this day, I couldn’t tell you what the dream was about; it might’ve been something like a business meeting that I worry about for the next day hoping things go well. If it really was a business dream, somewhere along the line, a woman would’ve raised her stockinged legs high in the air, showing off the strangest sexy sight I’ve ever seen – two stockinged feet together, toes blanketed by one stiletto heel. It was sort of like looking directly at the sun, being blinded to everything else but that sight. The constructs of that dream went away like it was never there, whatever it was, and my dream transformed into heaven.

Instead of maybe being seated at a business meeting in a suit, I became topless, wearing only jeans. The air in whatever new room I was in was room temperature, and I could feel it slightly cooler against my chest and feet. My hands were behind my back, pressed together by something strong yet malleable. Something similar felt like it was around my mouth. My head lolled back dizzily, trying to comprehend whatever sensations I could.

Something warm pressed against my skin all of a sudden, silk covered and teasing, which got me to open my eyes a bit to see a light-colored ceiling, light coming from somewhere closer to the floor. I didn’t know that the person near me wanted my eyes open until the silk grazed my nipples, then circled them, brushed them, and tugged on them with a strength that pulled my body forward, eyes wide open.

Pressure in my crotch shot up suddenly. Sonia was dressed for bed, but not for sleep. She wore a black bra and panty set mostly hidden under a black silk robe, sporting nylon-clad feet now resting in my lap, manually raising the pressure. Even without the feet, sexily sprawling across the couch like she was was stimulating enough.

I tried to speak, but my mouth barely worked being wrapped in another of her stockings. She merely brought her finger to her lips, signalling she desired my silence, or so I thought. She raised one foot to my other nipple swiping it in quick and slow motions, making me moan into the silk confines. As her smile grew sexier, I realized she wanted my body to speak instead of me.

Sonia placed one foot to my chest and crossed her other leg over it, motioning it up and down. I easily followed the motion, but I sensed unsurety in her movements. She was deciding on where to get my attention. She raised her foot pointing to my head, and back down to my crotch. I followed it until she used that foot to move my chin to look at her. “Which one,” her look said. “Which head should I brainwash?”

I didn’t know which one I wanted more honestly. All this time being under her, I was just enjoying the ride, and never thought I’d be given a choice. It might not even matter which I chose; what she could do to either would be mind-blowing. I was involuntarily looking down at the floor, trying to sort it out despite having drifty thoughts. The same foot under my chin moved down to catch my eyes again, and made me follow it as it moved in a vertical motion again, up and down. It felt different this time though, as it changed to drawing an oval shape in the air. Her foot motioned like that for sometime, until part of me noticed that the oval and turned into a circle. My head was dragged by my eyes that refused to lose sight of her beautiful toes. The circles moved faster as she switched from circling with her whole leg to her ankle. I grew so dizzy, it was like I could see shadowy images of her foot somewhere in that circle. Inevitably, I wore down and felt myself drop deep into mindlessness. It felt like my head was pushed back instead of leaning forward, and it rested there, waiting for something else to happen.

Eventually, I felt my body involuntarily reacting to soft reamings of my head and my crotch. With a clearer mind, I would’ve deducted that she was gauging my unconsciousness to see what I really wanted based on what drove me crazier. Blooms of pleasure started growing in those two parts of my body, the more she worked. Her sole running along my face brought me back a little, and having her foot come between my mouth and the silk bindings of a different stocking made my mouth reach for her toes and capture them in my mouth. I tried to softly grip them to keep them there but to not cause her discomfort. Her foot stilled and I continued to worship it, kissing the toes, sucking on them. My arms felt less numb as the desire to hold her gripped me. I took her feet in my hands, trying to hold on as much as I could.

My body noticed the downward pressure from her feet before I did, weighing me down to the floor, giving them attention while laying on my stomach. She removed her feet from my grasp; I worried that it was out of displeasure, but the way she kept her foot close to my face and gestured with it told me she wanted me in another position. I turned over onto my back, and watched her move her foot close toward mine again. Instead of giving her feet back to me, she moved my arms and head down, as if she wanted me flat on my back, still and receiving what was to come next. I watched her foot as it descended down toward me, so close to my face, and then rose it back up again. She made this teasing motion several times before her nylon made contact with my nose. The tingling sensation sent shivers through me.

Strangely enough though, the sensation remained, as if the tip of her foot never left my nose. That sensation stood out when Sonia’s sole trailed over my face, from my forehead to my chin, leaving her foot to bend the toes so I could suck on them again for a few seconds. Her foot left my face, but my mind was still under the impression that it was still pressed against it; I was amazed at how pleasurable it was to worship what were probably phantom toes in my mouth. I moaned loudly into those toes as next was her feet pressed against my chest, sensually gripping and trapping my nipples between silk.

I had no idea when this impossibility was placed into my head, but I couldn’t complain. Sonia had turned me into a love mat of sorts, walking and pressing her feet into me at her leisure, her impressions felt deeper than her body pressed into the couch. I was expecting one more step, in a place that was already over-stimulated. I really didn’t need that to come though; it wasn’t a question of if anymore. Without her touch, I wouldn’t have lasted more than a few more minutes. Sonia wanted control of the when as well, and gave my tip the most ghostly touch I could ever imagine. My eyes rolled back into my head and my body released. All that was left was feeling and slight twitching, sensations blending together and the only one that stood out was faint nylon touch on my tip that wouldn’t let me go soft.

Later I’d moved from flat on my back to on all fours next to the couch, Sonia’s stockinged-feet ankle-crossed on the back of my neck. In all the work she did to my body, mine now served as her obedient foot stool to rest on. I was slowly starting to get harder again when she rotated her ankle on the back on my neck, massaging it. As her feet continued though, drowsiness outpaced arousal, and I knew I’d be falling asleep before I could release again.

My last thought before natural sleep came back to me was that I did have a meeting the next day. It would be weird anticipating a beautiful brunette raising her legs in the air to show that one shoe again. But if anyone there knew or felt what I did, no one would blame me.

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