Tessa v Thor (Part 1) – Dawn of Submission

Tessa Fields has a random, special encounter as she goes about her day.

“Stop! Spellcaster!”

A brunette woman walking to her car turned around, shocked at a loud voice addressing her from out of nowhere. There was a bit more shock as she heard the owner of that voice descent from the sky to just a few feet in-front of her.

The infamous Thor of the Avengers. Tessa Fields looked at the lighting deity in all his armored, Asgardian glory, nearly frightened for a few seconds, wondering why he sought her out. Unlike many humans, she wasn’t easily intimated though, and found herself responding to his claim with a low, throaty “Thor,” as if reciting her favorite food.

He stepped up to her, unafraid, but perplexed in why this woman seemed less than fearful.

“You will release him from your clutches.”

“I’m sorry?” she asked innocently.

“You recently took a man under your control, manipulated him. This man was a friend of mine.”

Tessa looked down at the ground for a moment, laughing to herself.

“You’re….going to have to be a little more specific than that, Mr. Thor,” she said amused, still pronouncing his name the same way.

“Two days ago. A man at a…cafe…establishment. He said he encountered you and fell into a trance, as if by magic. He said he felt enamored with you, enough that he was willing to give up sizeable amounts of money to you.”

Tessa thought about Tuesday briefly. His description sounded not too uncommon for her. Then she remembered the guy who wanted to buy her a cappuccino, who said she looked “entrancing.” His choice of words seemingly brought out the femdom in her, and she decided to give him a brief, public-friendly taste of her abilities. He turned out to be quite the closet submissive in the end, willing to dive headlong into it and give up things just for the chance to be in her presence. She never planned to completely take men in the first meeting, but it did amuse her to find a rare one ready to surrender everything at a hint of the joy of obedience.

“Ah yes. I think I know who you are talking about. He was quite a gentleman, and very susceptible. But to set the record straight, I merely gave him a taste of my…power. His desire to give himself and everything he was to me was all on his own. Your friend has a side to him that I’m not sure even he knew about, and he’ll want to indulge. If he comes to me, it will be my decision to give him what he really wants or turn him away. Not to toot my own horn, but I can think of more reckless options he can give himself to.”

“I prefer you not have contact with him at all, Spellcaster.”

“Why is that?”

The thunder-god gave him an excuse about the morality of what it means to have a mind and be in control of it, and for others to respect the minds of others, omitting the fact that that particular man had become knowledgeable of the Avengers through past circumstances. His personality made him among the last people on earth that a superhero would want their secrets entrusted with. A nice guy, but seemed compromisable in a way that if they had a hypnotist on-hand that could erase what they knew, they would have used it. Instead, they kept occasional tabs on him.

Tessa listened to his explanation in full, and finally responded when Thor seemed finished.

“I can appreciate that, I really can. But my answer remains the same – it’s my discretion, and mine alone, that will determine if he has more contact with me, and how deep he goes. Besides, meeting him has brought you here, Thor, so I can already think highly of him.”

keeper of minds like you may take mere mortals easily, but you will not take me as well, nor will you take those whom I tell you to keep away from.”

Tessa ignored the threat and laughed to herself. “‘A keeper of minds…’ I like that. Do I have your permission to use that?”

“Use what?”

“The saying; it’s quite clever. It simply implies what it is.”

He looked confused.

“A lot of times, titles like that will have some emotional, descriptive ties to them. ‘The good,’ ‘the wicked,’ ‘the humble,’ for instance. People like using that for some reason. ‘A keeper of minds’ seems more factual and simple to me, and does nothing to say about how I’m viewed.”

“I would have to assume you carry the ‘wicked’ title to those you know you.”

“Then you’d assume wrong. Most who know me think of me as ‘harmless,’ because I am.”

“You take men’s possessions and wills, and the word they have for you is ‘harmless’?”

“I only take what’s offered to me. Men seek me out, as they would with any beautiful woman. There are times when you could be called many things, from warrior, to God, but being called ‘harmless’ wouldn’t be a stretch under the right circumstances, amongst civilians, perhaps?” Tessa gestured out to the semi-vacant area they stood in, people looking at Thor in fascination as they walked by. Before the Avengers made their debut by saving the world, Thor would’ve obviously attracted much more attention. Now that he was known, it wasn’t such a shock to see him here or there.

“I mean, I’d have a different word for you, like ‘hunk,’ if that’s a word you can understand.”

“A physically appealing male, yes?”


“The compliment is understood, but not accepted.”

“It’s awfully hard not to accept a compliment, especially when it’s true. This might be a time when you’re just going to have to accept it and comply, with a gentlemanly gesture of…oh, I don’t know, ‘thank you’?”

Tessa’s comment was obviously sarcastic, but there was something else laced in her voice, something meant to be taken positively, like a tease. Thor nearly had given her the ‘thank you’ she asked for, but stood, saying nothing.

“Do I need to worry about you and that hammer, Thor?”

“Mjolnir is only for the use of striking evil down.”

“But you have it here, with no evil in sight.”

“That is a matter of perspective, spellcaster. You say you’re harmless, and yet I have trouble believing the truth of your words.”

“I agree with you, it is a matter of perspective. There are many perspectives, point of views to look at, if you’re willing to look. I don’t doubt the fact that I cast ‘spells,’ as you call them. It’s a special skill I enjoy having that others enjoy experiencing. But what crime would you accuse me of if all of my ‘victims’ throw themselves before me, asking me to commit ‘crimes’ against them? Are they really evil crimes, or requests from consenting adults, if and when I grant them their wish.”

He watched the woman casually lean against her car, considering her words, judging her claim.

“Your friend is in no danger with me. He’s gratefully offered himself to me so much, but that’s more attention than I’m willing to garner. He has an appetite that I might satiate with a healthy amount of moderation, if at all.”

He looked at her squarely.

“I might take your words into consideration.”

“That’s nice. The mighty Thor might do something for me.”

“I wouldn’t test me, woman.”

“I can’t help it. It’s not everyday I’m in the presence of such a celebrity. But I don’t have anything for you to sign. Just questions.”

“Such as?”

“How heavy is that hammer of yours?

“The weight of Mjolnir is not something a mere mortal can comprehend, let alone wield.”

“Yet, you do.”

“Of course.”

“Well there are rumors about the hammer choosing who wields it, and that it’s pretty picky, or something like that.”

“And where have you heard these rumors?”

“Everywhere, to be honest. Someone as fascinating as you means a lot of questions get asked, and with it, sometimes theories are formed, like some I’ve come up with.”

“You’re saying you comprehend Mjolnir?”

“No, I’m saying I have a theory or two. Like with your…Mulnier, forgive me if I’m pronouncing it wrong. It’s supposed to be the source of your power, right? Sightings of you on TV have you channeling lighting from the sky with that thing when you lift it to the sky. That’s amazing to me, and little details like that make me wonder about sources of power, like does the lightning come at the command of your, the hammer or both.”

Thor noticed Tessa seemingly talking to herself, as if trying to figure out her own theory right in-front of the person of interest. He considered leaving, but he was curious enough to see what this woman knew of his power; the occasional human did surprise him with their knowledge and guesses, even outside the superheroes he knew. The way she talked seemed much less annoying considering the scientific minds he spent time with on Earth.

“I go back and forth between where the real power is. Sometimes I think it’s more the hammer, sometimes it’s more the hand. But the effect of that power is shocking considering how some have described my ‘spellcasting.'”

Tessa was sure to use blatant phrasing and bodily gesturing to broadcast her believing the exaggeration of the title he gave her. Before and after such a gesture, she began to soften her approach toward the superhero, helping him believe in her genuine harmlessness.

“When I’ve worked with people, therapeutically, recreationally, or otherwise, my ‘power’ has always been described as like floating in the clouds, like they’ve found themselves resting on clouds that came from nowhere. I honestly think the conclusion they come to is more of their own doing, like they’ve always wanted to find themselves on a light, fluffy cloud, and what they felt from me was what they interpreted as that sensation.”

Thor had told himself that he was paying attention to the descriptions of his and especially her powers, as a means of gathering information, but his body began to respond to her voice in a way his conscious mind hadn’t figured out yet. His posture was more relaxed, almost as relaxed as she looked. His unconscious mind commented on how nice her voice sounded the more she talked, methodical with hints of melody, cheerfulness, and interest in her voice. The ease of listening to Tessa was a hit he never saw coming, and it was unlike any kind of hit he’d experienced before.

“I finally understood what they meant when I took a cross-country flight. I decided to just pay attention to the clouds passing by. It was really easy to just pay attention to. More captivating than the in-flight movie or old magazines, just the clear, unhindered sight of airy, pillowy vapors that would like the most comfortable surfaces ever to rest on. They come in all shapes and sizes, and would feel so good against your back, or your stomach. A bed and a pillow all in-one. Nothing else to do, really no desire but resting, maybe sleeping, simply enjoying onesself. I’ve dreamed of you flying through the clouds once, after that flight, and as fast as you were going, I felt a little sad that you may have never got to experience the clouds like I have. I’m not even sure if you do or not, but I truly wish you had that power if you don’t. The power to just float up in the sky on a sunny day with a few clouds up there.”

“Just picking one to rest yourself on. They support your weight so completely, like the one you picked was made solely for you. A hard day of dealing with frustrating things makes you yearn for such a treat, and now you have that opportunity. Or even a small break on a cloud would make such a difference for your day. A sweet voice in your head telling you that ‘this is exactly what you need. We all need our rest, and you can afford a rest worthy of your efforts. Others wish they could rest as easily as you, on a cloud made of bliss. No need to deny yourself the treat, no need to resist what your body clearly wants.”

Her voice had nearly turned into a sensual, compelling whisper at that point, clear enough only for Thor’s ears. If Thor were conscious enough, he would’ve compared Tessa methods to the time the likes of Scarlet Witch and Amora the Enchantress have messed with his head; Tessa may have topped the previous two with how natural and how pleasant her power felt.

“These clouds are so wonderful, I can get so lost talking about them, thinking about them. Thinking why sometimes I’m referred to as the Mistress of Clouds, because so many clouds are reserved for those who would listen to me. A cloudy, overcast day is a wonderful day of rest for many people, the laziest day of the week. They call me the Mistress of Clouds over and over and over and over and over; listening to such compelling testimonies makes me believe it. I can look up at a cloudy sky and just know that I own that sky. No questions, no doubts, no hesitation, no disbelief. I own the clouds.”

Tessa stole glances from her peripheral vision of the stunned, hypnotized superhero. She’d always being curious if there was a wrung above “deity.” The glassy, hazy look in his eyes gave her an answer. He looked even cuter than usual to her, looking in her general direction, but staring into space; ears and mind wide open, but still fixated on one singular sound.

“I bet you can dream Thor. Wonderful dreams, lovely dreams, cloudy dreams. Finding a cloud meant solely for you, calling to you, wanting you to lay upon it, even become enveloped by it if you wish. You can listen to it as it sings a peaceful lullaby of relaxation to you. It can tell you some things, remind you of things you maybe didn’t know or had forgotten. It can let you know of how powerful you are, all that strength coursing through you, and the power you command. Clouds like the one you rest on give you that power. Lighting forms in clouds, empowering you. But the clouds belong to someone. They answer to someone. They are at the command of someone. The Mistress…the Goddess of Clouds, she controls a source of great power. Lighting is reliant on clouds; there can be none without them. A God of Thunder might find himself at the whim of the Goddess of Clouds. His power derived from a higher power than himself. She grants him the ability to use her clouds, and she can take that power away when she sees fit. A God of Thunder would be so utterly powerless before a Goddess like that.”

Tessa smiled at the impromptu position she’d given herself, or her avatar in his well-conducted dream.

“Those relying on clouds might find themselves asking, sometimes begging, the Goddess of Clouds for an audience in her cloud kingdom in the sky, for the privilege of being empowered by her. The first thing he might notice about her is her appearance. Long brown hair, full lips, piercing eyes, an irresistible bust, a body and beauty worthy of divinity. He would see her descending from her personal cloud-shaped throne while he kneels on a cloud. She would allow him to stand, and he would ask permission to be empowered. She would consider is plea, looking at him in amusement. Her musical voice would tell him, ‘you use my clouds quite often for your own purposes. It amuses me when you do, but there are times when I believe you should appreciate what I grant you use of.’ This Goddess of Clouds would approach him, enamored by the gorgeous vision enough become intoxicated, lost in her presence. She might touch a finger to his chest, admiring the armor as she puts pressure through her finger and against the lightning god’s chest. In one easy motion, he would fall like a tree cut down by a woodsman. The fall he takes would be broken only by the cloud she commanded to catch him. He would fall upon in, looking up appreciatively at her, until his eyes and the rest of his body would sink deep into her cloud. Soothingly cut off from everything, even awareness of himself at times, only hearing what words she’d happen to speak at the time.”

“‘You will never forget that you have no power without me,’ she’d state. ‘No will without me, and no need for it when near me.’ This Goddess of Clouds could ask the lighting god how much his hammer weighs, and he’d give the best answer he could. The correct answer would of course be its weight is irrelevant; it weighs only as much as she allows. She wouldn’t even have to touch the hammer to control it; the slightest touch to his wrist, and the hammer moves indirectly for her will. This man will come to honor and trust this woman completely, always knowing he is in the presence of a superior. She is a spellcaster, she is a keeper of minds. She keeps his mind, your mind locked deep in a spell of pleasure, a prison that he could only describe as paradise. Thor is in the presence of Tessa, Mistress and Goddess of the Clouds, the Spellcaster, the keeper of minds, of your mind. Respecting her is paramount, obeying her is easy, surrendering to her is logical when you have no power except what she allows you to have.”

Tessa had a random thought and glanced down at her watch. She had a yoga class coming up soon, and expected to have some free time before. But she couldn’t complain; that precious time was used quite productively. “Even Goddesses have schedules to keep,” she mused in her own mind.

“In a moment, you will come back to your normal self, convinced that we have reached an agreement about your friend, totally unaware of a spell having been cast over you. Everything spoken of about my power, and the joy of experiencing my power, you shall forget about. Deep in the back of your mind, you’re only aware of the effect I have over you, and the details can remain there in effect too. You have no need to remember any of this; the memories are like clouds in your mind, subject to my will. You will let those clouds float away from your noticing, it’s so easy to do after all. You will also realize somewhere deep in your mind that you are in a divine presence, one you should respect, one you will never feel the need to threaten or question ever again. You will feel drawn to her, to me. Any words of wisdom I grant you, any suggestions I have for you, any things I will allow you to do for me, you will be happy to do all of this for Tessa. Tessa is an amazing woman, and you will never forget that fact.”

“You will keep all of this in mind as you start to awake at the count of 1, coming up out of a wonderful daydream. 2, feeling all of your faculties returning to you pleasantly, like you never lost control. 3, breathing calmly and peacefully. 4, aware of the world around you. And five, awake.”

Tessa gave the Asgardian God a few moments to come back. She never would’ve guessed a powerful being so different from humans coming from so far away was just as susceptible and responded as well as any passerby off the street.

“I hope you and I have come to a satisfying agreement,” Tessa said.

“Yes, yes I think we have,” Thor replied. Tessa contained the smile on her face, as it looked like he couldn’t tell what he just agreed to.

“Very good. I hope you’ll excuse me, I need to go for now.” Tessa opened the door to her car finally and started to get in, but reached for something inside, and walked up to the amnesiatic, somewhat still spellbound man.

“If you feel the need to talk more for any reason, you can contact me with the information on this card.” She slipped it into his breast-plate. “None of your superhero friends or associates need to know about this; this is just between you and me.”

“Of course, just you and I,” Thor responded in kind. A small smile formed on his face from somehow making Tessa smile.

“Wonderful.” She walked away smiling. “Such a nice, cloudy day,” she said absently to herself. “I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.”

It was the last thing Thor heard as she drove off to the rest of her day. He looked up at the overcast sky and admired it a bit before flying off.

Tessa nearly screamed in excitement in what just happened to her. She still had a full day ahead of her, but already a hell of a story to tell anyone lucky enough to hear, even better than the story she told to Thor to help him comply with her. She honestly wished she could leave him a better form of contact than a business card of hers. It could easily fly out of his costuming in-flight, or get burned or damage fighting someone; any number of ways for him to lose it, even if it was something he would try to keep safe. Of course there was always the acquaintance between them, who’d certainly be seeing Tessa in the future, as would Thor. She said his name one more time, filled with lust, looking forward to see how he’d respond to it in the future.

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