A hypnotist gives her perspective on time.


(based on art commissioned by Ms. Reign)

“Time and time again men like you think you’re true alphas. Politicians, body-builders, even uber-geek tech CEO’s like yourself think you’re above everyone, all the time, never noticing the powerful women above you. But now you have all the time in the world to think of your grave miscalculation, because right now my timepiece is your world.”

“Time is on my side, dangling from my fingertips like you dangle from my words. Funny how it’s swinging back and forth in front of you, yet time is a lost concept to you. You couldn’t give the beautiful woman sitting atop you the time if you tried. But you’ll give her your time, as well as any and everything else she wants from you, won’t you?”

“And if you’re a good boy, she’ll allow you to remember another name besides ‘slave.'”

“In time.”

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