Tessa v Thor (Part 2) – Age of Awe

Tessa has another run-in with the impressionable Avenger.

Tessa stepped out of the cafe, sipping on her coffee, or “morning fuel” as she often called it. Going there had sort of become a recent ritual for her. Her usual routine remained more or less the same over time, with coffee, various workouts, and some errands. The cafe she visited was a little further out than she was used to, but it happened to be one visited by her second-most recent subject, which prompted the meeting of her most-recent, obviously most spectacular subject Tessa has ever had. That’s not to say that she didn’t care for anyone submissive to her on some equal level. They were all important to her.

But the man she took merely a few weeks ago was pretty much a celebrity, among several other towering attributes, and none of those things, not even his surprise bravado and frivolous claim could immunize him from her brand of subtle persuasion. Tessa even surprised herself at what she’d accomplished that day, but she didn’t know what could become of it. She remembered the suggestions left in the deeper parts of his foreign mind, still curious after their encounter as to how rooted they were. In her morning routine, she hoped to come across him again, and hoped that it wouldn’t be the same as their introduction.

Walking to her car, she looked at the people she typically saw in the neighborhood, jogging, dog-walking, cycling. She wondered what Thor might look like dressed like a normal human, disguised for one reason or another. One of the joggers she noticed wore a grey hoodie, with blonde tresses sticking out of them. She noticed him as one of the usual joggers, but it was the first time she’d noticed his hair. She looked long enough for her to trip herself up in a crack in the concrete, landing haphazardly on a patch of grass, spilling her coffee.

“Dammit,” she said lifting herself up slowly, preparing to embrace the embarrassment of passerbys smiling or laughing at her misfortune. What she saw coming up to her was the grey-hooded, blonde jogger coming to see about her. Embarrassment vanished as she saw the face under the hood, and without thinking, her charming self was out in full.

“Thor,” she nearly purred despite the circumstance, fortunate for both of them that she spoke in a lower tone of voice. “This is quite the surprise.”

“Are you all right,” he asked in concern.

“I think I am. I’ve had better moments, that’s for sure.”

They shared a mutual smile.

“How is your foot, your leg?”

“It..hurts a little bit,” Tessa lied.

Thor felt the muscles of her calf, and Tessa had to feign feeling pain instead of pleasure.

“Yeah, right there.”

“I hate to have to ask you this, but would you mind carrying me to my car over there?”

Thor picked her up as if she weighed nothing, almost pulling the hood back like a prince charming would.

“Keep the hood up. I think it’s best that you don’t reveal yourself in public; you had good reason for hiding yourself,” she told the gallant hero.

It would’ve been fun if Tessa could show off who she was with to the public, if they could even recognize the Asgardian out of his battle attire. Had she wanted to be decidedly more dominant, she could have forgone the “injury” and walked to her car with the poise of a supermodel, letting him follow her like a lost and now faithful puppy dog. The dog effect could’ve been easily reached with the notion of how much fun it could be to walk on his hands and feet for a while.

But then again, that could bring a lot of unwanted attention their way, ranging from unwarranted tabloid presses to other concerned heroes getting involved, which was an ocean’s difference of complication. There were possibly ways of dealing with them; Tessa believed this after what she got Thor to do. But if there was one hero she could dream of having, it would be Thor. And taking him, and now having him like she did, that knowledge was quite enough for her.

He carried her to her car, both of them feeling like they’re at the start of an already amazing day. Tessa for having Thor back in her fold, even if temporarily. And Thor for just being in Tessa’s presence, with even closer proximity than ever before. Setting her down and letting her stand near the driver’s side of her vehicle, she let her hand rest on his muscular arm a few seconds longer than needed, intentionally, smiling at him again, getting him to grin almost shyly like a school boy.

“Are you alright to drive? Is your leg…”

“I think I will be alright. Standing and driving might be ok. Walking longer distances, I’m not sure about yet.”

He watched her unlock her door and ease into the driver’s seat, watching her carefully to see if she would still need assistance. She seemed to be fine, but it looked like she flinched as she rotated her foot by the ankle.

“If you are still unsure of your injury, I can accompany you to where you need to go, or carry you if need be.”

“That’s very sweet of you, Thor. I think I can manage. But accompanying doesn’t sound like a bad idea; you can ride in the passenger side, to keep an eye on me in case I need help. Far be it from me to turn down good company.”

Thor’s smile seemed to grow wider at the prospect, and he came around the front of her car to reach his seat. Tessa stared at his form as he crossed, wondering how that grey hoodie covered up that muscular physique so well. He was still big, even without the armor, but grey on a cloudy day made for good camouflage, she guessed.

Getting in on his side, she stared the engine. She put on her seatbelt, and looked over at Thor, wondering if he’d catch on, or if he’d ever drove or ridden in cars. She doubted any crash she could get into would do him much damage, but it was still a habit to keep those who ride in her car safe. Trying to wordlessly imply, or will him to do something was an added bonus, but he hadn’t picked up the hint yet.

“Put on your seatbelt please, Thor. It’s meant for safety.”

Thor looked to his side to see the belt, and shook his head like he’d forgotten something rudimentary. He grabbed it and slid it securely in to hear the affirming click. He knew what is was, and probably it wasn’t very necessary for him, but it was nice for her to see him take orders well, still.

“Thank you Thor. I like my passengers nice and safe when they let me drive, to lead the way, to someplace special.”

Tessa didn’t specify as to where they were going, but merely enjoyed teasing her company with the idea of Tessa taking the reins again. She never asked if he had anyplace to go; the thought had only occurred to her minutes after she pulled into traffic. But he didn’t seem too anxious about missing another engagement or having somewhere else to go. If she wasn’t mistaken, his happy face told her it wouldn’t matter even if he did; she took precedence.

The drove in-silence for almost 30 minutes, most of that time was Tessa occasionally look in Thor’s direction, and the reverse happening even more. It was hard to keep her eyes on the road, and not express herself fully, loudly at who she was driving, and who was still adamantly, obviously influenced by. The cool facade that she kept in their first meeting never broke, and fortunately it was still fun to maintain, especially knowing it somehow made Thor more expressive.

Pulling into a condominium complex, Thor had devised that they were most likely heading to Tessa’s abode. He’d finally realized that he never bothered to ask where they were going. He would’ve made sure she got there safely and in as little pain as possible, but part of him did worry about the implications of entering another woman’s home. He thought of Jane, and knew he would remain noble and faithful to her.

Tessa pulled into a parking space, and her passenger got out quickly to help her out of her car. She wondered if it was a good idea to have him carry her in front of any neighbors who happened to look around, but he automatically picked her up after she locked her car. Surprised, but happy to see him take some initiative, she simply pointed the way to her condo. Walking up to the door, Thor let Tessa get close enough to stick her key in to unlock the door. He opened it, and set her down in the loveseat, the closest piece of furniture to the entrance. She stretched out in the chair, feeling around her ankle as if searching for the pain. Thor unhooded himself and watched to see if she could find it.

“Hmm, the pain seems almost gone. I can barely feel it.”

“But you still feel it.”

Tessa stood up from the chair, and Thor walked up to her, unsure if she was in-need of catching. Tessa’s hands laid on his chest, signalling him to stop, that she was ok. She fortunately stopped herself from wanting to squeeze his pecs as well.

“It’s ok, Thor. I thank you, but I think it’s time that you have a seat now. You are my guest after all.”

Tessa gracefully kept her hands on Thor, but circled him to where his back faced the chair. Pushing him a little, he unresistingly found himself sitting in the chair.

“At least let me get you something to drink, for all the help you’ve given me today.”

“Thank you. Water will be fine.”

She walked to the kitchen to get his drink, slowly walking, and deciding that was enough facade for now.

“So, did you have a good jog this morning?” Tessa called from her kitchen while the water tap was running.

“Uh, y-yes I did, thank you.”

“I had no idea you were into Earth, or Earthling….activities, if you’d call it that.”

“We have it where I come from, but we run more often than anything.”

“Interesting,” she said. “Would you like ice with your water?”

“No, water by itself is fine.”

She came out with his tall glass of water, and one for herself. She took a sip, enjoying it, but wishing she hadn’t spilled her coffee. But having a superhero and her beck and call made a good livening substitution, even if temporary.

“I know you probably come from far away somewhere, but do you have a place nearby?”

He sipped his water and looked at her, puzzled.

“I just ask because I was surprised to see you jogging there. It seems like the kind of thing people who live close by would be doing.”

Thor tried to keep his cool, despite not having a good explanation for why he was there, or a way out of answering. He didn’t have Loki’s skill in verbal trickery, or anything close to it.

“Have you been jogging there because someone else was there?” There was a teasing quality to her voice that told both of them they knew what she was getting at. He took a longer, slower sip of water, trying to stall and think. Tessa had other plans as she touched a finger to his cheek to make him turn toward her.

“Thor,” she spoke, almost in a chiding yet purring voice. “You can tell me; you can trust me,” her tone changed to the assurance of a friend. “I want you to be able to be honest with me. Can you do that?”

He gently nodded, clearing his throat.


She didn’t know if that was an answer both questions, or just the one, or which one if that. Instead of pressing directly in her questioning, she came at it from a slightly different angle.

“How long have you been jogging in that area?”

“One or two weeks.”

“I assume the person you were there for is special to you.”

“Yes, s-” Thor stopped himself, still able to keep up the facade, wondering if he still could keep his ambiguity about who he meant, or the person’s gender. But he did slip with a clear hint, and Tessa took it.

“I’m sure she would be, to have you around.”

“Yes, but…”

“But what, Thor?”

“I’m involved with another woman; someone very special to me.”

Tessa face brightened, surprising her guest and herself somewhat.

“Really? I’m happy to hear that Thor. What’s her name?”

“Her…name is Jane. She’s a scientist.”

“I’m guessing she’s very smart and very pretty.”

“Yes, she is,” Thor admitted easily.

“And very lucky to have you in her life,” Tessa smiled at him.

“It’s always nice to have special people in your life. In fact, I think it’s integral to have them, to keep them close to you. Jane sounds like a wonderful significant other, and I know you honor her and treat her very special. Don’t you?”

“I try.”

“I’m sure you do. And this woman who you’ve been jogging near, it seems like she’s very special as well. Not the same kind as Jane, but a different kind of special. Special in her own way.”

“In her own way?”

“Of course. To me, there’s always more than one kind of special. Special can be anything from family, to spouses, to comrades, to good friends. Anyone you can call special would bring something special into your life. It’s not just Jane that you feel happy and wonderful around, is it?”

“No, some others are special to me.”

“I completely understand that. I have special people in my life too, as I would hope everybody would. Who knows the kind of lives we’d lead or how our general outlook on life and living would be without these people? I wouldn’t care to imagine that.”

Thor nodded his head as he thought about whom he cherished in his life, extending it past Jane who was constantly his first thought of a special person. His comrades in Asgard and the Avengers on Earth, Phil, son of Coulson, Dr. Selvig, his father, occasionally his brother if he was generous, the people he swore to protect, and even one special person who his thoughts recently, inexplicably drifted toward often, leaving him in a peculiarly exceptional sense of peace. It was nice to think about this while Tessa was speaking, as if to herself. He didn’t find it irritating since it meant he got to listen to her.

“Honestly when I think about special people, sometimes what comes to mind isn’t really people per say, but weather as well. cloudy days, specifically. I know it sounds strange to people, why think of something so dreary and gloomy in relation to loved ones of any sort, but I’ve honestly never seen it that way. I see something entirely different. Cloudy days were the days that hinted at rain, threatened storms. When I was young, other kids complained that they wanted sunny days, and I can understand that, but symbolically, cloudy days meant kids might stay inside, that we could still play, and that I could be even closer with those I liked. The closeness of playing with my siblings and friends grew a lot from cloudy days.”

“As I got older, some of the reasons I liked cloudy days changed, as it made some of my friends lazy, sapping their energy as if they had nothing to do but sit around, relax, and talk about things. It was how I discovered that people thought that I had a nice voice. They said I talked like the clouds hung in the sky. I didn’t know what they meant at first, but as I kept talking to them, they seemed to like listening. And then I noticed more and more that I was doing most of the talking, and they were doing most of the listening. It became an opportunity for me to talk about anything I wanted, to lead any discussion I wanted, and they were just all too happy to listen and let me lead.”

“Eventually, I put it together what people were trying to tell me, that like clouds, I could sap energy or the need to do anything from just speaking to someone, that I had a voice that people just responded really well too. The ebb and flow became as simple as I speak, and everyone else just listens. Like they have nowhere else to go, and just happen to stumble across a cushy, comfortable seat custom-made for them, where there minds were set to resting and absorption. Relaxing their bodies, still aware and absorbing anything they hear that’s of any importance or satisfaction to them – my voice. No matter what I say, in so many ways for me to say it, it just comes over people, hangs over them and gives them time to rest before the sun comes out. It was even funnier to know that this happened on cloudy days, especially.”

Tessa sweetly used her whole hand to guide Thor’s chin to the nearby window, showing the overcast sky with no clearing in sight. His jaw seemed as relaxed as the rest of his body looked. He was almost a stupefying sight to her, as much as her words to him, for how easily she led him back to this state. Everything about him this morning, and the mornings where he was close by but unnoticed wanted this again, has missed it since his first taste, and was practically stalking the chef for another. It was to be expected, for how impactful their first meeting was. Tessa suspected he didn’t just want more; he wanted deeper. He was fortunate to have a good hostess to liked giving her guests what they wanted.

“Doesn’t it come over us rather easily Thor? Don’t clouds have this ability to just sneak up on us, so subtly and so quietly that we’d never know that they hung above us until the lazy sensation they produce just comes over us. And of course, the clouds have an extra special meaning for you. Everyone likes to listen to me, have the clouds hang over them. But of course, there are those I consider very special, who grant me a place above them, that allow me to show them more of the clouds. Above the clouds. The ones that have this deep desire to listen to my words as often as possible, will find a higher place, above the clouds. The domain of the Mistress, the Goddess of Clouds; my domain, Thor. You remember being there, you remember it well. You’ve looked forward so much to return here that you would hope to run into Tessa, easily dreaming about the idea just by being near her some. Tessa, the Goddess of Clouds, is quite happy to have you here Thor. Her domain is very inviting of your submissive self. It’s such a joy to set everything else aside and rest on a cloud of my choosing, conforming exactly to your form, letting Tessa hover above to be exalted and adored. Can you think of a power greater than hers?”

Tessa meant to continue, but his open, honest mind responded “yes,” shaking Tessa completely out of her trancing groove.

“Yes? Really? What is it?” she asked in a normal, reactive voice.

“The Tesseract.”

“The…what,” she couldn’t believe what her ears heard at first.

“The Tesseract,” he said again, unbidden, deep in trance.

Tessa took his face in her hands and leaned his head back to recline on the high back of the loveseat, touching his forehead, whispering “Sleep for Tessa.” She bared could get it out, as she had to cover her mouth from laughing. With Thor out completely, she moved to the next room to release the laugh she wanted. No matter how deep Thor was or wanted to be, she couldn’t trust her laugh would be measured enough to not wake him. Hopefully the neighbors wouldn’t complain either, as she nearly giggled and laughed herself to tears, trying to interpret some Asgardian power source as a pair of breasts that may closely resembled hers. She knew it had to be something else entirely, with just a funny, relatable name, but Tessa gave herself nearly 10 minutes to get it out of her system. The thought of Thor eagerly grabbing the power source with both hands made it 10 minutes instead of 5, but it also gave her an idea for when she mostly got herself under control.

The next thing Thor was aware of was a pair of hands gripping his face, pulling his head forward, and an ethereal voice asking him regain awareness of his body, holding is own head up, and his surroundings, deep in the cushions of a cloud, and nothing but silvery clouds as far as his eyes could see, and a glorious female form standing proud and tall above him. She smiled down at him, and he knew even without being told that he was before the Goddess of Clouds. She was the definition of radiance and awe to him, by default since there was nothing else in his mind then. The sight of her in a corset, caressing the fabric just below her generous cleavage helped a great deal.

“Hello, Thor,” she crooned to him, her voice purring but still laced with child-like glee.

“Goddess,” he whispered, wanting to reach out to touch her.

“Yes, Thor. Your Goddess of Clouds has a question for you.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“You mentioned the T-,” the Goddess caught herself before she snickered, “the Tesseract.”

“Yes, Goddess.”

“Goddess would prefer to hear, ‘Yes, Tessa.'”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Good Thor,” she said, as if regarding his name like a pet’s. “Describe this power source for me.”

“Yes, Tessa. It is a cube shape containing a wealth of raw energy, able to do incredible things for those who possess it.”

“I see,” she smirked, to still keep from laughing. “Very interesting. Would you believe there is another such power source, maybe even more powerful? A Tessarack?”

“I…have..not heard of another…”

“Maybe not heard, but surely you can see with your eyes what I speak of.”

Thor’s eyes easily followed Tessa’s hands as she caressed her cleavage, enjoying the velvet she ran her fingers across, occasionally across the tops of her breasts, letting Thor stare at the sight not only in awe, but growing infatuation. It seduced him to his very core. This was so different from the power source he found and bled for to keep out of dangerous hands; it’s shape was much more appealing than just a cube. It seemed malleable and hypnotic, increasing in value and power the longer he stared. It was a wonder that he wasn’t blinded by their beauty being so close.

“Yes, you do see the Tessarack, don’t you?” she smirked.

“Yes, Tessa.”

“You can see its power, its beauty, how it overwhelms.”

“Yes, Tessa,” Thor said, almost leaning up from his cloud to get a better look.

“So powerful that it pushes you back against the surface you rest on. The force and influence keep you comfortably, firmly pinned down, only able to stare and move as you are allowed.”

“Yes, Tessa,” he breathed out, resting back against the cushion like he was suggested to.

“You know the Tessarack is a part of, is the property of the Goddess of Clouds, yes?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“You know it’s one of several immense powers that make up your Goddess, yes?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“You know it exists, that it has you firmly in its power, placing you deeper into my power.”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“At the sight of Tessarack, at the sound of my voice, you are open, submissive, mesmerized, and compliant to each and all of Tessa’s wishes, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“No resistance you can muster stands up to the Tessarack, does it?”


“There is no need for it when it emits the powerful relaxation and bliss you’ve come to know from me that I bestow to you. The Tessarack takes hold of you; not to be touched, too powerful to be touched, only to be graced with your gaze and your subconscious.”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Do you obey the Tessarack, knowing its power over you?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Do you obey the Goddess of Clouds, knowing she is the key to you having any power, and the power you long to be exposed to?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Do you obey Tessa, who you know is harmless, worthy of your trust and obedience?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Good Thor. Now sleep for Tessa.”

Thor felt his forehead touched again, and his eyes dutifully closed and the world went away.

The next time he woke, he found Tessa sitting nearby, reading a magazine, noticing he was finally awake.


“…happened?” she finished.

He shook his head, acknowledging and still trying to wake up.

“I think you fell asleep. I’m guessing your jog left you a bit tired. You kind of faded out as we talked, so I kind of let you; seemed like you needed the rest.”

“I…guess so.”

“You looked so peaceful and happy to rest, I didn’t want to disturb that, though I kind of suggested you keep sleeping. That smile you had on your face was a little cute.”

“Cute?” The Asgardian prince thought, something seemed off. He briefly thought of her dressed differently than she was, but that thought was discarded easily. He was still happy to see and be around Tessa, but he couldn’t remember what made him so tired.

“Did you do something to me while I was sleep?” he asked in a joking matter.

“Still trying to accuse me of things? I’m shocked Thor. You know I’m harmless.”

Thor wanted to continue joking with her, but the last word hit him in a way that halted his speech, but made it easy to repeat “harmless…”

“That’s right Thor. Tessa is harmless.”

“Harmless…” he breathed out, unaware of what was happening or why it felt so good to go along with it.

“Good, I’m glad you realize that. And sorry to say, but I actually have to run. Some errands and things to take care of.”

“Of course, sorry. I did not mean to inconvenience you.”

Tessa waved off his apology. “No inconvenience at all. It was nice having you here. Thank you for helping me earlier; the foot feels good now.”

“I’m glad,” he said smiling, slipping on his hood and preparing to leave.

“Did you need a ride somewhere?”

“No that’s fine, I can get to where I need to be on foot.”

“Okay. It was a pleasure having you here. If you’re ever in the neighborhood after a jog, and need a place to nap, or talk, or for anything, don’t be a stranger.”

“Thank you Tessa. I look forward to the next time,” Thor said as he closed the condo door behind him.

Tessa smiled and went into the next room to scream joyfully into a pillow, knowing Thor was sincere and would be back.

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(Part 3) Man of Kneel –>

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