Sonia Musings – In Their Shoes

A high-end shoe store receives a special customer.

Harry carried the newly-bought shoes he’d convinced his customer to buy to the register. The young woman followed behind him, happily enjoying her last glass of champagne there, absolutely ecstatic about her purchase. She saw her limo pull up in front of the shop, just in-time to pick her up. As a rich dilettante from somewhere in Europe, probably Sweden, Harry guessed, she enjoyed lengthy periods of shopping worldwide, especially American stores. Harry’s shop was arguably the most high-class shoe store in the city, and gave her the full, ritzy treatment she was used to. She lost count of the number of champagne refills she’d had, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when she went clubbing. She was able to enjoy the tipsy buzz in her head, paying by credit card, not having to worry at all about transportation under the influence.

“We look forward to your next visit, and hope you enjoy your purchase,” Harry called out as the woman began exiting the store. She just looked back, nodding and smiling briefly before leaving. She didn’t say it, but she was absolutely ecstatic about her purchase. She looked forward to trying them on, literally in the limo on her way back to her hotel. She’d never been so anxious to try on new shoes, among the dozens of pairs she could afford every year. It never occurred to her why it was that way, just that she enjoyed and wanted it.

Harry looked on with a smile, watching his latest customer being driven away. Owning arguably the best high-end shoe store in the city definitely had its perks. It was made specifically for the customers that expected that high-end service. Champagne, custom lighting, smartly-furnished, highly-attentive and trained staff, well-stocked with some of the hardest-to-find shoes in the world. Harry made sure his shop also gave a little extra as well.

He certainly looked forward to the next visit of his new European customer, or possibly those coming from her recommendation. Harry loved how much money he made, and saved from much of his advertising budget’s profitable reliance on the word-of-mouth of the spouses of millionaires and a few billionaires.

He was on his way back to his office, leaving one of his younger female aides to watch the main store, when he heard the door open, and saw another new customer enter. She looked young, but not as young as the dilettante minutes before her. Silky dark hair, causally yet stylishly dressed, expensive sunglasses, and a faint grin on her face. Harry appreciated her beauty for a few seconds longer than he expected to, wondering if she was a referral. Something about her told him she was very fashion-orientated, and was probably knowledgeable of his merchandise.

“Good afternoon, Miss. Welcome to our store. My name is Harry Calhoun, and please allow me to assist you in whatever way I possibly can.”

Harry gestured with his hand for her to enter the store. He was a little surprised to have that hand shaken as the woman introduced herself.

“Why thank you very much Mr. Calhoun. Please call me Sonia.”

He graciously shook her hand, resisting the urge to curtsey, not knowing how she might react. “Please, call me Harry.”

Sonia took off her glasses and stepped deeper into the store, finally accepting Harry’s invitation.

“I see this store really is one of the best locales for shoe shopping,” she looked around, shaking her head gently, impressed at all the designer styles on display.

“I’m sure the rumors are kind, but I hope we can live up to your expectations.”

Kathy, Harry’s main assistant promptly brought a glass of champagne for Sonia. “Champagne, Miss Sonia?”

Sonia turned to greet Kathy and accepted the champagne from the offering tray.

“Thank you very much. Quite the selection you have here. Weitzman, Atwood, the Manolos over there, Louis, and some of their harder-to-find styles no less.”

“Somehow I could sense a fashionista in you Sonia. You know your shoes.”

“With the right style, it is quite the interest for me, but I’m sure that goes for any woman,” Sonia smiled in Kathy’s direction and she gently smiled back. It was a genuine smile for Kathy, in part because Sonia already seemed like she was going to be less annoying than some of the more common clients.

“I assume you’re already out of stock of most of your Jimmy Choo, Bennett, Rossi, and Dior. They recently released some nice ones that have been all the craze lately.”

“You sound like you’re in the business yourself Ms. Sonia,” Kathy couldn’t help but say.

“Just Sonia is fine. And no, just an avid fan,” Sonia wordlessly tried to impress upon them that she wasn’t in their line of work despite her knowledge.

“Did you have a specific style or brand in-mind today Sonia?” She turned toward Harry to answer his question.

“Christian Louboutins, I feel like a new pair.”

“Very nice choice,” Harry commented, “Classic and ever-reliable. The red bottoms are quite popular.”

“As they should be,” Sonia commented as she eyed a pair from across the room.

They were among the most common styles, just a simple black heel with the signature red-lacquered base. She had many favorites, but as Harry pointed out, she could always rely on them to exude sensibility yet exotic, eye-catching grace. Her opinion of those heels were identical to most opinions of those who have gotten to know the fashionista.

Sonia looked at the shoes with fondness in her eyes, taking a sip of the delicious champagne.

“I’m guessing a size 6?” Harry suggested, looking down at Sonia’s feet while Kathy and Sonia looked at the display pair.

“Very good. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you have an eye for these kinds of things.”

“Let me see what we have in stock,” Kathy said as she went into the back to look for the right size for her.

“And while Kathy is looking for this pair for you, anything else you see catch your eye?

“Not at the moment,” Sonia said as she seated herself in the plush, comfortable chair meant for customers.

Her eyes scanned around the room, admiring the store’s arrangement. It was a little different from some of the boutiques she was used to. More so when she noticed a sign a few feet away that read “ask about our famous foot massages.”


Harry didn’t have to look at what she saw to know what she was referring to. He gave a short laugh.

“Yes, it’s a little unorthodox, but it is totally optional. Some of my customers’ tastes ran in some highly popular yet also highly taxing heels. One in particular was a fan of McQueen styles we used to have in stock, but tried to hide the fact that it hurt her feet to wear for long or even moderate lengths of time. The one time she couldn’t hide it, I offered her a special massage to help, and it seemed to help her. She seemed to spread the word of her treatment, and then others asked for the same experience. It’d become a staple of my store before I knew it. But like I said, completely optional.”

Sonia looked at Harry, carefully considering his plainly-offered proposal. She almost was unconsciously aware of her own hand reaching for her feet, like she did when her feet ached sometimes. Harry noticed the movement as well, but said nothing.

“I have some time, how much is a foot massage?”

“Completely free of charge, all part of making our clients feel good.”

“Please, no tickling.”

“No need to worry Sonia; all this will do is to help you relax into your new pair of heels.”

Harry gently removed her current heels and set them aside, letting her toes flex and stretch on their own before he attended to them.

“It seems like you sometimes like to wear an almost smaller size than you’re used to, or it’s something you’ve done in the past. As long as I’ve been doing this, you’d be surprised to know what a person feet could say about the person as a whole. I don’t think anyone needs to tell you about your looks, but it’s nice to see someone who takes wonderful care of her feet. And not just the primping and preening, you have very strong, very feminine features. I can tell most of your shoes form well around your foot when you slip them on.”

Sonia looked in his general direction while Harry went on about explaining what he knew, like he was talking shop with someone who understood. She had to admit that he was at worst a good guesser who really had been doing this a long time.

“You have very beautiful feet, Sonia. I wish I could say the same to every woman I service or who accepts these massages, but I must genuinely compliment you. You take very good care of your feet.”

“I do try.”

“You succeed.”

Harry stroked the soles of her feet gently, feeling his way around her foot with the general treatment any masseuse or podiatrist would know of. Unlike many of them, Harry believed that a woman’s foot could be as distinctive as any random person’s fingerprint – each was unique in their own regard. There were always similarities, but pretending they were all the same would just be foolish. And unique traits lend themselves well to unique treatment.

“Such a petite, sublime foot you have. You tend to it well, and often, and yet it feels like there are pockets of something in you. Nothing concerning, but more like untapped potential. There’s an unseen trail within your foot that leads there. It’s been a while since I’ve felt this in a woman.”

“Really?” Sonia inquired. “It sounds like it’s something concerning.”

“I assure you it’s not. Have you been having a good day today?”

“Actually yes, so far. Why?”

“History seems to repeat itself,” Harry mused, partly to himself. “One of my first long-time customers talked about a wonderful outing she took one day where I was her last stop. She met with friends for breakfast at her favorite restaurant; ‘their French crepes are the best’ I believe she told me, and they really are. Afterwards, she visited a spa with one of her friends and received a massage. Her last stop was originally the clothing boutique next door, but she came in here on a whim. It wasn’t her first visit here, but it was the first time she received this special foot massage. I felt untapped potential on her feet too. I’ve been taught to understand feet in a way most salesman wouldn’t bother fathoming. It’s never been about just the sale for me; it’s about making people feel good. The best I can try to describe the ‘untapped potential’ I feel in your feet; it’s like a bubble of pleasure lodged in your foot. On my other customer, it was located around the heel of her right foot. I feel yours around the balls of your feet. And when I press on it like so…”

Harry pressed on the point he spoke of, and heard Sonia inhale and unexpected deep breath. He looked up to see her tense slightly, as if to brace herself for oncoming pain. All that came was a strange wave of relaxation that loosened her muscles, all the way down to the feet in Harry’s hands.

“A month later, that same woman went on a similar outing for a day, but I was her first stop. She told me the last time how good she felt, how that ‘bubble’ didn’t quite burst, but was punctured and released pressure out of her feet, as well as instant relaxation. Her words. She looked so euphoric by the time I was done, praising my magic touch. The ‘magic’ seemed to last all day for her. With every step, she said she felt pleasure. Small miniature waves stretching from the instep to sometimes as high as the crown of her forehead. Eating breakfast with her friends, she constantly tapped her foot and tasted strawberries in her crepes bursting with more flavor than ever before. She seemed to leave the spa feeling like a brand-new woman, as her masseuse worked on her while she pressed the balls of her feet against each other; the combination was like a dream for her. It only seemed to increase with the pair of Louis Vuittons she purchased here; when she next visited next door, the salesgirl said she practically twirled in those heels, and looked beautiful and confident in them. She just felt so good, hopefully as good as you feel now Sonia.

Harry happily looked up to see Sonia’s eyes closed, merely lounging and listening to the story.

“Do you feel good now Sonia?”

“Yes,” was her slow, almost whispered response.

“Did you feel pleasure from my touch, and what I told you?”


“Would you like to continue to feel this good, or even better?”

“Yes,” her voice held more confidence.

“Good, Sonia. Very good.”

Every woman under Harry’s touch, including Sonia, first felt his fingers not only stroking but searching for points that produced the most relaxation. In Harry’s experience and educated guessing, it didn’t take him long to find points for Sonia that had her subconsciously leaning back and breathing deeper and slower than when he started. It was actually a technique learned from his former career as a masseuse, and his former gypsy life in Greece. His real given name was unknown to his clientele; no one could tell which European county he originally came from just by looking at him.

He studied with grandmaster-level masseuses and mystics who knew about bodily vulnerabilities typical medical sciences might never decipher. Selling shoes wasn’t exactly part of a grand plan he had when he immigrated to America, but it turned out to have quite a few perks, a business he could own and transform into his own, and women that were the same way. His special touch got him many loyal customers who would follow him anywhere, and literally would. To the untrained eye, it might’ve just looked like Sonia was enjoying attention she wasn’t used to receiving. Harry knew better once he found that special place around the balls of her feet. He took the teachings he learned years ago a step further and searched for especially vulnerable points per individual. His thumb and forefinger pressed on the opposing ends of that point as his other hand continued the general stroking, and his words helped to assure her of how good she was feeling, and was going to feel.

“Kathy, may I see you for a quick moment?”

His assistant came out of the back room, oblivious to the new woman sprawled out in relaxation. She was concerned more with Harry’s outstretched hand, which she met with her own. Instead of a handshake, Kathy felt Harry’s thumb and forefinger squeezing a distinct spot between her own thumb and forefinger. She stood casually while her eyes took on a very far-away look.

“Do you see our new client, Kathy?”

“Yes, Harry.” There was reverence in her dull voice when she said his name.

“She’s just experience our complimentary massage, and has expressed interest in going deeper. Would you be so kind as to help her in back so she can go deeper?”

“Of course, Harry.”

“Sonia,” Harry said gently. “Please go with Kathy in-back. You’ll feel better with every step, and with every word you hear.”

“Yes…” the raven-haired beauty drawled absently, rising slowly from her chair to follow Kathy.

The two tranced women walked in back, away from public eyes.

Kathy led Sonia to a comfortable red loveseat, just outside of Harry’s office.

“Please have a seat Sonia.”

Sonia did as she was told, resting comfortably in her chair, looking spaced-out and content to stay that way. Kathy had been through this routine more than a dozen times, and almost ran completely on auto-pilot in what to do to take Harry’s subjects deeper. It wasn’t purely obedience that she ran on though. Kathy was among Harry’s first subjects as his employee, taken well under in her first week under his employ, almost nine months ago. He made her feel so good, and instilled in her how every woman could feel as good as she does with Kathy’s help. Her work was easy enough to do, just to fetch an audio player from the back room, place headphones on the seated subject, and press play. The planned recording lasted for nearly 20 minutes, filling their heads with Harry’s suggestions.

Kathy was on her way to Harry’s office but stopped. Her eyes saw the very relaxed, peaceful looking Sonia below her, and couldn’t look away from her face. Something about it seemed very compelling to her. Her features and skin were very compelling, but there was something more there that she couldn’t place. She knew she had duties to tend to, but something in her mind told her that it was ok to take a few minutes and admire the beauty of this woman. She looked like a sleeping angel in Kathy’s eyes, and something about her was so compelling, arousing even. Kathy’s hand found its way under her skirt, fingers tracing her opening, wetting the fabric of her panties. This would have been cause for concern, but that small voice in Kathy’s head grew more audible and assured her that everything was alright, that this was a good thing. It helped that the voice told her ‘this is what Harry wants; obeying this voice means obeying Harry.” That statement alone erased any resistance to these new urgings. Kathy moved as Harry willed her, standing behind Sonia and massaging her shoulders. The key difference is instead of a recording, Kathy provided her own narration.

“You feel so good Sonia, so very good. So pliable, yet so powerful. You are gorgeous and strong. I can feel it deep inside you.”

Sonia sat and felt Kathy’s gentle hands relax her further. Her suggestible mind took in Kathy’s words easily.

“Sonia’s feet feel good because they are gorgeous, feminine, and powerful. Sonia’s shoulders feel so good because you want to feel good. You deserve to feel good.”

Kathy quietly went on in Sonia’s ear, letting the words she was speaking take over her as well.

“It feels so good to be in your presence. So lovely to be able to touch you, to be touched by you. I stroke your shoulders, and I take your trance to deepen mine. I take your trance deep inside me. I take your trance because it is offered to you by me. I go deeper under as you become awake, more powerful. Your awareness rises, my mind falls. Harry desires this; Sonia desires this. I will obey.”

Sonia felt the words affect her, specifically the sleepy feeling being drained from her. It strangely felt like it was being drained out of her shoulders. Her eyelids twitched a little as they slowly started to rise, the vacancy in her eyes falling away as the filled with purpose. Her eyes scanned where they were, not recognizing this location, but having a good guess as to where she was. The hands still at her shoulders and sleepy voice speaking in her ear made her smile. Sonia knew Kathy’s voice would keep going until she made her next move, which now seemed like a good time to.”

“Sleep for Sonia,” was whispered back at Kathy, watching the other woman slump down to her knees, leaning against the chair Sonia sat in for support. Kathy looked as Sonia had minutes ago, angelic and restful. She smiled deeply and snuggled into the arm of a chair like a plush pillow cushion while Sonia whispered “good girl” into her ear. That phrase brought back memories of the night before, memories locked away with only the pleasure of obedience seeping from the mental confinement.

She’d gone to a bar with friends last night, and when they left early Kathy made the acquaintance of a beautiful woman so reminiscent of Sonia. They drank, conversed, and laughed together in a booth away from most of the other patrons. Kathy complimented her on her black dress, heels, and overall fashion sense. There seemed to be a special story behind each article of clothing; it was all interesting to listen to dark-clad talk about them. She seemed to make gestures with her hands as she told her stories, motions slow enough for her to follow. She was as good at story-telling as her boss was. By the time she got to her shoes, the noises all around her faded, and none of the lights caught her eyes except the ones that illuminated her new friend. She dangled her shoe and the girl was fixated; Kathy was told that was a natural response, people becoming fixated when she dangled her shoe. Kathy believed it the longer she stared, the longer soft words flowed in her ears. It wasn’t long before she sleepily leaned against the leather cushions and listened as the stiletto shoes dangled in her mind’s eye.

Once she was under Kathy was very helpful in filling in the blanks for Sonia. Honestly, Sonia trailed Kathy and sought to make contact with her once she was alone. Sonia was a friend of a woman who worked at the clothing boutique next to Harry’s shoe store. Some of the friends behavior became strange to Sonia, and once she got her friend to be more forthcoming, she found Harry at the center of the strangeness. In fact, everyone who worked at the clothing boutique had been taken by Harry. Having some close to Harry like Kathy at her disposal, Sonia heard about how Harry operated with each subject. He did more than make shoe sales. His skills acquired him exorbitant tips from rich clients, any information his clients might’ve been privy to as an employee or wife of someone powerful, or sometimes welcome sexual advances from those who caught his eye. Had Sonia taken up her friend’s advice to visit the shoe store next door, she could’ve definitely been a victim of something she wouldn’t prefer.

She had to give credit to Harry though. He obviously knew his way around a woman’s foot, and could pinpoint places in her foot that did open her up wide to whatever suggestions he had in store. It was risky playing into his hand, but the suggestions she gave Kathy, knowing she’d be alone during the deepening process, she prepped her accomplice sufficiently.

“Harry does have a wonderful talent for pleasing women, doesn’t he Kathy?”

“Yes Sonia.”

“I agree. And he deserves to be rewarded. He deserves to feel as good as we do, doesn’t he?”

“Yes Sonia,” she said happily.

“Listen carefully then dear…”

* * *

It had been 30 minutes since Harry sent Sonia with Kathy to be programmed deeper in the back. It remained quiet back there as usual. He wished the walls separating the back and his office from the display and massage area was more soundproof, but sound wasn’t needed to enslave people. Sonia was less of an open book to him compared to his other customers. She was fashionable and competent for sure, but she still held an air, or an aura of mystery around her. It was easy to detect, but hard to know for sure what secrets she held. He walked back toward the front of the store to put up his “Be Right Back” sign, curious to see what secrets he could unlock today.

Walking into the back, he was shocked to find one of her secrets – turning the tables on someone. His loyal drudge of almost a year had fallen to her hands and knees at some point, the small smile on her face and her eyes closed told him she was content that way. A pair of ankles laid on the back of Kathy’s neck, crossed over each other. The owner of those ankles, Sonia, reclined luxuriously in her chair, treating it more like a regal throne than a tool of sleepy restraint. She opened her eyes to see her former captor staring at the scene with his eyes and mouth wide open, amused to no end, wishing she could have caught it with her camera phone.

“Bravo, Harry. Bravo. You certainly know how to train people. Kathy was so easy to persuade with the work you’ve already done on her.”

He took his eyes briefly off of Sonia to look at Kathy and see she was muttering a steady stream of words.

“Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet.”

She spoke that sentence repeatedly, slowly. It looked like she was taking the meaning of those words deep into her own mind. Near her head, the Louboutins Sonia asked for in her size were already on their new owner, one shoe dangling off the heel as if to taunt Harry.

Harry, for a loss of words, tried to maintain an air of control.

“I happy you feel that way. And kudos to you for temporarily subverting Kathy’s allegiance. She does love that position. She looked just as happy as you yourself did so very recently.”

“Interesting how you’d say temporary. As I understand it, it took months for her to reach this level under you. Subverting control is easy if you use the same familiar triggers. I used something a little different, as you can hear from her testimonial.”

He hated hearing Kathy’s droning, but didn’t let it get to him.

“I believe I can compliment your skill from a first-hand experience, but you really should consider a different approach.”

“Are you sure a different approach is needed? I always appreciate my skill being complimented and enjoyed. I do wonder if that lovely shoe hanging from your foot is causing a small vibration in your in-step. It must feel good as often as you’re doing it.”

“Oh it surely does Harry. It feels so good hearing you take my compliment, feeling that shoe rocking with support from your former slave’s neck. And I’m sure it even looks better than it feels. Kathy found the sight of it irresistible; she can still see it behind those heavy eyelids.”

Kathy nearly moaned as she repeated her phrase, coaxed by Sonia to enjoy the sensations of her suggestions.

“You might be premature with the ‘former,’ Sonia. She’s left and always found her way back to my side, it’s an easy path to follow. The more you walk, or feel that shoe of mine, the more you’ll come to it too.”

“Hmmm, the fact that she’s left your side at all suggests she maybe didn’t want to be there in the first place. That she came back, you can say that about anyone unhappy and employed. Despite your skill, I see you may not have been at this very long. Truly Harry, the more time you spend doing this, the better a feel you get for it. And I would suggest you start paying attention to your subjects much more carefully. Kathy here,” Sonia removed her ankles from Kathy’s neck, whispering to her to stay kneeling by the chair she sat in, while Sonia’s legs and new Louboutins dangled over the edge of the sofa.


“The part of her that loved to submit on some level, I could hear it loud enough that it shook me from your gentle trance. Though she enjoys trance, she was practically begging for something or someone to do it right, to appeal more to her. I let her find what fascinated her so well, and once she found my new Louboutin dangling off my beautiful feet, I let her indulge her need. And now, you can plainly see how happy she is.”

“Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet.” The sensation of soft ankles on the back of her neck lingered and urged her on, still happy to be so near her mesmerizing fixation. It felt as if Sonia’s heel inched back against Kathy’s neck, eliciting a shiver from her footstool. Sonia sighed happily, silently enjoying the seconds Harry lost himself in the sight of the feet Kathy helplessly droned on about.

“I have to ask, what keeps me from walking over there and reclaiming Kathy? How could you possibly stop me from taking her, and taking you?”

“You certainly do have that option,” Sonia said unfettered. “But how many times do you care to underestimate me? You came back here to discover the last thing you expected to see, in more ways than one, and you still doubt what I can do. You’re obviously not aware of where you stand right now, because your situation has changed, and standing is not as easy as it once was. What you know is what you thought you knew, but now what’s known is really unknown. Can you explain how I so easily command attention, and charm anyone to my every whim? Is it magic? A spell easily cast that’s undetectable and you would stand no chance against? Are my words that powerful, or do you just desire what I ask of you? The legs of your argument feel weak against me. They lack poise and structure, so easily fallen at my feet. And what better place for it to fall than my feet? You see what it’s done to Kathy here. What do you think she’s imagining now? Kissing my feet? Licking my feet? Following me on her hands and knees like a puppy as she trails behind her mistress? Could she be flat on the floor looking up at the feet that control her? Would they occasionally sink down to caress her if she was good and obedient for me? No matter what she dreams, it’s always on her knees. She couldn’t enjoy them standing up right. That’s not the way to enjoy my powerful feet. Eventually, once you’ve seen them, they’re in your mind, and they coax you to get closer to them, getting closer to me. Starring at them for so long, a person’s eyes could blink and catch quick glimpses of my feet. Those glimpses become faster and more frequent as the eyelids flutter, easing themselves down into the same state of relaxation the rest of your body feels. The eyelids want to close, to rest, to see more of my feet. As weak as a pair of legs standing for so long, that need to rest, supporting themselves on one’s knees would be a nice compromise, it would be so wonderful and accurate in-fact. Calves feeling unsteady, thighs wobbly, knees buckling, the body is ready to kneel. It’s a position equal to a mind who’s listened to my voice for so long, in between standing full aware, and lying in a deep dreamy slumber. Kneeling is where the mind is blissful, open, receptive, elated, and so close to my incredibly hypnotic feet.”

“Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet.”

It didn’t take long for Harry to be eventually worn down from the shock of Sonia’s power and his shrinking pool of options. His work was being undone at the pace that his mind was, and somehow his mind latched onto the suggestions of both previously hypnotized women. One told him the effects of Sonia’s feet, and the other gave him a reasonable excuse to fall to them. He never admitted to himself his love of having female feet in his hands could mean a general love of them; how he manipulated women post-massages was convincing enough of what they meant to his aware self. But he always had to focus on the women’s faces and body instead of the feet, which he lingered on longer than he should have at the beginning of every trance. Being told to watch Sonia’s feet was a convenient excuse, because he could guiltlessly appreciate the blemish-less skin, the arch, the hint of a silky sole, the perfectly-modeled, well-practiced dangle of the Louboutins that was kryptonite to the foot fetishist within.

Harry’s knees did indeed buckle and he did sink to the floor, reeling from the assault on his consciousness, unprepared for the next one as her feet became the only thing clear in his blurry vision. Beautiful, sensual, as enchanting as any pair to have ever graced his store. The protruding erection and blank expression meant he was primed to go deeper into her programming. And unlike Harry leaving someone else in charge of the deepening, Sonia took on that responsibility herself.

“I know why you choose women’s feet Harry. It’s a very peculiar point for a man to choose, but any man knows how much power is in a woman’s foot. You can see her in your mind’s eye; she stands tall and beautiful with her feet, poised and powerful. A man like you find yourself at a woman’s foot time and time again. You think it’s to have an edge over us, to be able to harness their power and then in some trivial fashion. The truth is, you adore women, you long to be around them, and even serve them. And what better way to serve them than to work on your knees in front of women, making them more beautiful, more comfortable, fulfilling your own desire to be close. And in the depths of your hopes and dreams lies a fantasy, deep inside you that a woman would recognize your need to please, and take you over. You’ve used your skills on so many women in the hopes of being noticed and receiving as good as you’ve been getting.”

Harry’s head nodded along as he listened, feeling ever closer to her dangling heel. The toed-tip touched the crown of his forehead, and ripples of pleasure spread from that point. Sonia’s crooning voice rode the waves as his mind reshaped itself to her liking.

“Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet.”

“I am Sonia, the answer to your prayers. You’ve dreamed about me so long, yet misinterpreted that dream once you found me. You rest down at my feet because you know you belong there. Your place of power, of privilege is right here Harry, where I have the power and grant you the privilege of worship. You love to please me, and your submission pleases me. These shoes you’ve brought me please me. Your need to please me is easy to grasp; I am your mistress now, after all. You’ll find that my power will remain in you, constantly reminding you of me, looking forward to the next opportunity to please me.”

“And I will fulfill another important role to you, I will be your teacher. Your submission to me will spill over onto other women; it pleases me for you to recognize the power all women have over you. It makes so much sense with the work you do, with the pretty company you keep. Kathy and anyone else that works for you directly, the women next door in the boutique, your clients, so much attention to garner, so many ways to please them, and inevitably me. You can’t wait for your first lesson that I will give to you. Anticipation inside you runs high, excited to see what I might plan. It could come tomorrow, next week…”

“Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet. Hypnotized by Sonia’s feet.”

Sonia looked down at Kathy. “Or it could come now.”

“Kathy, you may stop speaking now. Listen to Sonia very carefully. Today is a day of change, new perspectives, alternate positions. Your Mistress has experienced submission and dominance, your boss has experienced dominance and now submission. It’s your turn now. You’ve been in submission for so long, you are very long overdue to find yourself atop someone.”

“Harry, when you feel the touch of my shoe on your forehead again, you know your first lesson will have begun. It’s a simple lesson, easily and eagerly accomplished. All you have to do is go twice as deep into trance, and sink to the floor on your knees and arms, crouching, preparing yourself to be a comfortable seat reserved for females. Are you ready for your lesson Harry?”

“yes…” was his small whisper.

The tip touched his forehead again, his exhale was long and silent, and sank to the floor as instructed.

Sonia shifted herself comfortably, removing her shoes, and directed her to delicately take a seat prepared just for her. Kathy took her seat, Harry felt his body supporting her; both were filled with the satisfaction of doing as Sonia instructed. Sonia loved the scene she instructed a lot, being sure to capture a photo with her phone. She decided they would relive it at least a few more times, making Kathy think they were at another bar, talking causally again. Kathy would subconsciously always feel great and empowered in that seat, and Harry would think of it as a proper place for him – below her. One of many. Before long, the fashionista hypnotist might plan a private party at her art gallery, inviting all the women from the two stores. Harry would be invited too, waiting on everyone hand and foot.

Sonia also decided she would be Harry’s student, and that in time he would teach her all of his techniques, to make her even more powerful and desirable in his eyes. The only sounds she would hear from him during a massage would be his abject adoration for her control and her feet. She turned herself in the red loveseat she remained in for so long, it reminding her of one she owned. She let the heel dangle yet again, pleased to see two sets of eyes drawn to it of their own diminished will with empty smiles.

Nearly an hour later, the “Be Right Back” sign on the front of his store came down. Harry had trouble remembering why it was up for so long. “Things do come up,” he reasoned.

Kathy brought up two new pairs of Louboutins for Sonia, and both Kathy and Harry vehemently refused to accept payment, claiming Sonia was a very special customer, only hoping that she would return soon.

Sonia walked toward the front exit with her shades back on, in her new red soled shoes, happy to assure them “Believe me, I will be back.”

* * *

In the bar where Kathy and Sonia met almost a year ago, the two women shared congratulatory champagne glasses together. Kathy happily relayed to Sonia how much things seem to improve at the shoe store and boutique Kathy owned now. It was certainly lucrative under Harry’s care, but his employees were practically paid slave wages compared to their salaries now. Productivity and morale increased, as did the profits. It seemed more natural for a woman to be running a high-end shoe store, especially one who took more fashion tips from a hypnotic fashionista these days.

Harry remained at the store as a faithful employee, able and willing to continue his work under Kathy, freely admitting to himself and other how Kathy’s business savvy was underestimated, and how she was rightfully in charge of things. He seemed eager to even help more male shoe salesmen learn his trademark massage techniques, as long as they deferred their wills to the likes of Kathy or Sonia, to help steer them toward servility, a much more fulfilling calling than the freelancing and backward profiteering off of female submissives. Sonia didn’t fully agree with that sentiment as she liked submissives of any gender, but never spoke against Kathy’s reasoning.

It was a treat for Kathy and Harry whenever Sonia stopped by. During inventory, they always picked out what they thought was a special pair befitting of Sonia, to present to her the next time she graced her store. Strappy Louboutin Imperas, L.K. Bennett heels, fancy Dior pumps, Sonia had received at least a pair per brand she mentioned loving, though her submissives thought she looked best in her black, red soled Louboutins, hanging off her supple toes, or when she’d tease them with a standing dangle. It got tiresome of Sonia offering to pay for whatever they set aside for her, and was so happy when she accepted them free of charge. Their real pleasure, however, was any suggestion she made to retire to the backroom so they could see Sonia’s dangling shoe yet again, begging to kiss and pamper her feet, and feel her control guide her to whatever she wanted them to do.

Kathy whispered under her breath how she loved if Sonia would accompany them back to the store after hours for some evening foot worship. Harry’s receptive ears picked up on it and physically responded in joy as he shuffled under Sonia’s and Kathy’s feet using him as a foot rest. No matter how weird it looked in public, “he lost a bet” seemed a good-enough explanation to anyone who’d inquire. But if they paid more attention to Kathy’s and Harry’s blissed smiles, and Sonia’s beguiling one, they might know better.

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