Tessa v Thor (Part 3) – Man of Kneel

A harmless hypnotist dominantly amuses herself over a long-time mortal fan, and an immortal Avenging submissive.

Patrick sat in the lounge chair of Tessa’s condominium, lost in a world of her creation, eyes closed as there was nothing to see expect what Tessa showed him in his mind’s eye. There was much to hear with a pair of stereo-headphones covering his head, letting her words slip deep into his already pliant mind.

He’d been one of the few who had the privilege of meeting Tessa in-person, being exposed to her skills with mind-control, and allowed to keep seeing her regularly for his respect and willingness to abide by her rules, without ever needing to be persuaded to. She didn’t have many rules, barely any that were considered unreasonable, but not everyone seemed enthusiastic about what she was capable of, or was polite about it. Tessa could change both in a person if she wanted, but she preferred to stick to those that already pleased her, acting like proper gentlemanly submissives.

Eyes slowly blinked open as Patrick woke from his induced slumber. He felt like he’d been asleep for hours, even though the recording being just a half-hour long. Reluctantly-opened eyes scanned for Tessa’s presence, but came up short. She was probably off in another room, doing something else. To his knowledge, most of her clients never went past the living area close to the entrance; the rest of the condo was strictly her private dominion. He always had fantasies about what it might be like to be led deeper into Tessa’s domain, to please her in a way he hadn’t thought of. But she was clear about her boundaries, and was adamant in explaining how this was one of his favorite places in the world; his own little bubble of isolation to shut out the noise and only have Tessa to listen to. From that, Patrick considered it a step above any exotic, expensive beach resort any plane could reach.

He let the headphones slide off his head, still resting against the lounge chair with Tessa’s voice echoing in his head. Some of the suggestions from the recording looped in his head, until a knock at the door interrupted him.

“Pat,” Tessa called out from behind a closed-door somewhere. “Can you get the door for me, and let him in, please?”

“Yes, Tessa,” he called back, surprised at how strange it sounded to say that so loudly. His voice didn’t often get above a whisper to say it.

He was still light-headed as he walked to the door and opened it. Much of it went away as he faced who was knocking – a taller, more muscular man in a grey hoodie hiding blonde hair and shorts.

“Hello,” Patrick said.

“Hello,” the man spoke back in what sounded like an Australian accent to him. “Is Tessa here?”

“Y-yes she is. Please come in,” Patrick said. He felt some animosity toward letting this man in, fearful from knowing next to nothing about him. Coming off Tessa’s voice and having been given a command, he wasn’t in a position to resist. But he wasn’t at ease with it; despite probably being another malleable client of Tessa’s, he seemed like the kind of man who would barge into a place or kick down the door; his size and the muscles of his legs left no doubt of the damage the hooded figure was capable of.

Both men stood toward the entrance, obviously waiting for Tessa to arrive. They smiled cordially at each other, but Patrick looked a few seconds longer at the face under the hood, and gasped in shock.

“Holy shit! You’re Thor!”

Patrick’s exclaiming was loud enough to shock them both. Thor was tempted to reach over and cover the mortal’s mouth with his hand to keep him quiet, but Patrick quickly calmed himself, but still couldn’t help himself as he stepped up to the bigger man.

Thor felt his hand being brought into a one-sided hand-shake as Patrick nearly babbled.

“I’m such a huge fan of yours. I think you’re my favorite Avenger of the team. It’s a real honor to meet a guy who’s saved so many lives. My life in-fact. You’re a real hero, sir.”

Thor occasionally got these kind of reactions in the most random of places, even without his battle garb sometimes. As often as he got them, it didn’t get any easier accepting rabid praise from people resembling hyperactive children. Most of the time he’d get it after a battle, or while investigating something. It’s why he preferred to disguise himself so often when not working, which made it doubly worse when someone recognized him that way.

“I hate fanboys,” Thor said to himself, hiding annoyance behind the smile, trying to take his hand back.

Patrick eventually let go. His mind raced as he stared, still star-struck. So many questions he wanted to ask, and all at once.

“Wow,” he could only get out chuckling, running his hand through his hair.

He knew what he sounded like, and tried suppressing the impulses that made Thor think he was some kind of obsessed groupie who’d won the lottery. The desire to say something was too high to ignore though, so Patrick tried coming up with a conversation-starter that seemed normal enough. “So what brings you here?” is what he prepared to ask, but that’s when it hit him, remember they both were.

Thor went from annoyed to confused as the man’s smile faded into something resembling a growing sense of shock.

“Wow,” Patrick said out loud again, this time thinking more about the owner of the condo he stood in, and pretty much the owner of him. He never doubted Tessa could have any man she wanted, but obviously her skills went beyond that. He never gave any serious thought as to “what Tessa could do to a superhero,” and yet he had an answer standing tall and in front of him.

“God,” Patrick said with his head turned, almost obviously addressing no one but himself, though Thor’s eyebrow raised as he’d been called that a few times. “Tessa really is…”

“Dangerous” or “diabolical” is what nearly came out of his mouth and what sounded in his mind, but a voice inside him corrected him before he could verbally complete his sentence. The voice whispered a word that became the word he finished his sentence with.

“…harmless,” he whispered.

“I’m…sorry,” Thor replied. “Could you repeat that?” The Asgardian swore he thought he heard something familiar.


The emotion in his face and the tension in his body flooded out of him as he said the word again, feeling the power of the word, remember what he’d been taught of the word and who embodied it. The same effect began affecting Thor just from hearing it.


“Harmless..” Patrick echoed in a whisper.

“But…this isn’t…?” Thor tried clearing his head, reasoning in futility.

“But she’s harmless…” another voice said, low yet confident.



The sound of the word and their own submission echoed in their minds as they’d become their own sounding boards reverberating familiar suggestions.

“Hello, boys,” a clear feminine voice said behind them. Thor and Patrick could hear the happy, endearing tone in her voice, and became happier for it.

“Thank you for being patient with me. I heard Pat’s excitement, so I hope this means you’re somewhat acquainted now.”

Patrick shook his head. “I’m sorry, I’ve lost my manners.” He turned toward Thor, extending his hand. “And sorry for my over-excitedness, I’m Patri-woah!”

He picked up out of the corner of his eye a generous sight he’d only seen in pictures before. His eyes went wide like dinner plates in the obvious shock and pleasure of Tessa in a corset. He’d always commented how good it and Tessa looked when she took selfies with it, but now he was a deer in headlights, blind to everything except the sexy design and the cleavage atop that started to make him drool.

Thor had been exposed to it live before, but just like Patrick, he stood staring as they filled his consciousness without one word spoken. The only thing that seemed weird is that he was looking down at them; the Goddess of Clouds donned the corset before, showing him the infamous “Tessarack,” and she constantly loomed over him as her title implied. The power emanating from her chest sent waves of submission to him, the feelings he was looking forward to since being invited back.

Tessa smiled in satisfaction as she’d chosen her hosting attire well for keeping her guessed occupied and entertained. But she was more than entertained then, wondering how long they would simply stare at her like they were, wondering if her cleavage and corset had stolen the rules of etiquette from their minds to where they would go as deep as she wanted. It was an interesting experiment, worth conducting except for the fact that she liked to use her skills more than her endowments to entrance most of all.

“That’s quite the compliment you’re paying me boys, though most women might not think so.”

Tessa breaking the silence shook both of them out of their reverie, a rare occurrence Tessa thought to herself.

Both men muttered apologies and cleared their throats like most gentlemen would.

“Oh, it’s quite alright. The look is meant to be eye-catching. I always enjoy using it for special people. Some people treat it like the elephant in the room, the thing their manners won’t let them stare or comment on. While I can’t speak for every woman, there is a way acknowledge respectfully and even adoringly, despite being tongue-tied over a woman’s beauty. It’s sometimes insulting enough when some treat this look as something negative, like it’s going to attack them if they make eye-contact. Makes me want to blatantly draw attention south of my head and say ‘they’re not going to bite, you know. They’re quite harmless after all.'”

The word filled the room again, drawn out in male minds despite her saying it in passing.

“I dare say some people’s Puritanical sense of what’s appropriate does more damage on a social level than a dressed up but natural, harmless sight.”

The shook their heads lightly in agreement with her claim, but put more emphasis into repeating special phrase.


“It’s harmless…”

“I’m so glad you guys agree. I might put this on once in a blue moon, or with people I trust like fine fellows like yourselves. It’s becoming harder and harder to find people who don’t perpetuate the idea of ‘beautiful women are dangerous,’ and something I think I’ve taken on teaching as a side profession, proving that at least this woman is harmless.”

“Harmless,” they said in unison, staring ahead at nothing instead of the look she previously referred to.

“So I really have to treasure those in my life who know, beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tessa is harmless.”



“Yes I am, aren’t I?”

Tessa had laid a hand on each of their shoulders, applying gentle downward pressure.

“Don’t you just love that word?”

“What…w..” Thor tried to say.

“Why, ‘harmless’ of course.”

Hearing Tessa say the word reminded the men in the room how much power it bore when the embodiment of it spoke it. Patrick got the message first as his body took the hint and felt his knees contract. Thor wasn’t far behind though, and eventually both found themselves below Tessa looking up. Thor took one knee while Matt rested easily on both. Tessa gave their shoulders a good squeeze, loving the feel of their muscular shoulders, and how they were metaphorically as pliable as clay at that moment.

“I love it too, Thor. It’s definitely one of my favorite words, like second or third if I think about. Is it one of your favorite words too, Pat?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Aww, you knew my first and second favorites. So harmless would be third place.”

“Harmless,” low, male voices spoke in unison again.

“A superb word, nearly as good as the ones that are uttered so adorably after I give a suggestion, a command, or ask you a question. Wouldn’t you agree, Pat?”

“Yes, Tessa,” Patrick nearly moaned, as his eyes closed and he savored the phrase he and his hypnotist mutually loved hearing.

Tessa left Patrick to enjoy the effect the suggestions imbued from her latest recording, and turned her attention fully to her other guest.

“Thor,” she said in her almost low, signature purring of his name. Gazing upwards, the Asgardian found himself happily below the Goddess of Clouds again. Her posture, leading up to a positively-wicked smile, the way she looked at him; every last detail of Tessa told him he was in the presence of his ethereal superior, as dominant as ever.

“I know you arrived here, hoping to see one or two clouds in this sky,” she looked outside to note that the day’s forecast was accurate for once that there wasn’t one cloud in sight.

“Not to worry Thor. It might be a clear day outside, but it’s easy for me to make things cloudy here,” she said, touching his forehead. “The weather never deters me; just because you can’t see my domain doesn’t meant that it isn’t there. Just because you can’t feel it doesn’t mean you’re not there already. Controlling your power, I could make you make clouds for me if it was my wish for you to, but you’re under my control regardless. The clouds I make in your mind, and the many other ways I bring you down deep for me,” she told the hero, caressing her corset as she did the last time he was there.

“I mean it’s not like you stand much of a chance against the all-powerful Tessarack,” she said more in-control of her desire to snicker loudly than before.

“Yes, Tessa. I can feel the Tessarack’s power.”

A small bit of snickering slipped through, to hear him say it with reverence.

“It makes you want to do anything the Goddess of Clouds asks of you, yes?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Oh how your words please me so; and you’ll learn how much they please me very soon. But for now, I want you to begin feeling your eyes starting to get heavy now, growing heavier and heavier as the seconds pass. Your eyes might try to stare at the Tessarack for as long as possible, but you eyelids will shut completely. When that happens, you will simply rest, mind and body enveloped in peaceful cloud, feeling happy, ready to awaken at my command, ready to speak honestly and candidly about anything you might be asked. So eager to do this for me, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Tessa,” he said, already having trouble keeping his eyes open.

“Good Thor,” Tessa praised him.

It was several minutes he kept up the fight, unsurprising for the warrior he was, but the slow descent was enjoyed all the more by Tessa above him, swaying her body, watching him follow before his head bowed, fluttering slits fighting and failing what he wanted against what he wanted more – to obey. He looked like her definitive example of prostration.

Once he was out, she turned back to whisper to Patrick. “Wide awake for Tessa, wide awake for Tessa.”

Sleep faded somehow from Tessa’s command, as he found himself on his knees, seeing Thor nearby in an even more prone position. He’d been indecisive about what was more impressive between seeing the mighty Thor in the flesh, or knowing how Tessa had conditioned him to such vulnerability. There was no contesting the latter was more impressive. He was about to get off his knees, but he looked up to see if that was allowed, asking with an unsure face.

“You can stand, Pat. It’s ok.”

He stood, letting his bearings come to him slowly.

“So…Thor, huh?”

“Yeah, quite the surprise.”

“I’ll say. How did you two even meet?”

“Over a misunderstanding. He thought I’d done something bad.”

“Why would you do anything bad?”

“I wouldn’t. You know that.”

“Yeah, you’re…”

“I’m…” she playfully feigned ignorance.


“Indeed I am, Pat. It took a bit of convincing, but he believed me. And wouldn’t you know, he enjoyed it enough to want more, hence his coming here.”


“Yeah. Well, that’s sort of true. I invited him today.”

“What for?”

“You remember how I said I’d thank you for all of that wonderful Tessember tributing you’ve done?”


“Well, knowing you were a fan of the mighty Thor, like I was, I figure I’d give the two of you a chance to meet. Maybe do a little Q&A.”

“Wow! Really?” Patrick felt the fanboy in him come to the surface, realizing the gift he was given, trying to think of the best questions he always wondered about and wanted answers to.”

“Really, Pat. It’s kind of for both of us, as I’m curious too.”

“Cool. So, when does it start?”

“I’d say in about 3, 2, 1.” Tessa snapped her fingers, leaning down toward Thor. “Wide awake for Tessa. Wide awake for Tessa, Thor.”

Thor’s head raised up, seeing his hostess again, helplessly smiling at her.

“Thor, my dear friend Pat here has some questions for you. Some things I’m interested in as well. I hope you don’t mind staying down there and answering them honestly for me.”

“Of course, Tessa.”

“Thank you.”

They both turned their attention to Patrick, waiting for his inquiry.

“Um…hi Thor.”

“Hello,” was his peaceful reply.

“So…h-how do you like Earth?”

“I like it very much. I didn’t think much of it when I first arrived, but seeing more of it and its inhabitants, I grew to appreciate it, and want to protect it.”

“Where did you come from?”

“From a place called Asgard, my home. A place very far from here.”

“That’s cool. ‘Asgard’ is a nice name for a place.”

“I agree, though probably biasly.”

“How do you make the transition from here to Asgard. Do you fly there with your hammer all the way there?”

“No, we use the Bifröst.”

“How does that work? Like beaming from Star Trek?”

“I’m…unfamiliar with Star Trek, or beaming.”

“Sorry, dude. I meant like teleportation.”

“It’s that, in a way.”

“Have any favorite foods here on Earth?”

“I found that I like coffee, and something Stark calls schw…schwa…”

“You mean Schwarmas?” Tessa asked.

“Yes, that’s it. They’re very tasty.”

“Man, Tony Stark and Thor love schwarmas like I do. Neat.”

Tessa suppressed a giggle, highly amused by this.

“Is it true that you can control your hammer, like where you throw it and who it hits?”

“That is true. It is a very useful and trusted ally of mine.”

“Like some kind of heat-seeking hammer, that’s just too cool. Who’s your favorite Avenger to work with?”


“Speaking honestly, of course,” Tessa grinned at him.

“Yes, Tessa. I like working with Captain America, or the Hulk.”

“Really? The Hulk? That’s….kind of surprising.”

“He’s very strong, and has quite the temper. He makes for a good challenge for me.”

“So you two actually fought before, or fight?”

“When the mood strikes us. Not around other people though.”

“Right. You guys could level whole cities if you wanted.”

“We are more about saving people though.”

“Yes, and thank you for all the times you’ve saved us. Really, with our without knowing we were saved.”

“It is my pleasure.”

“That’s nice to hear,” Tessa said. “I have a few questions of my own, if you don’t mind.”

“Please, by all means,” Patrick told her. Thor almost said the same, but something told him to stick to answering questions and leaving the rest of the talking to Tessa and Patrick.

“Your hammer, Mjolnir, is that the correct pronunciation?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

“Good, I was hoping to get that right. How heavy is it?”

“It’s quite heavy. A mere mortal has yet to even pick it up from the ground.”

“I guess that means Tessa is no mere mortal, correct,” she smirked playfully.

“No,” Thor answered without thinking. “No, she is more.”

“I bet it’s easy for her to pick it up if she really wanted to. Like say Mjolnir rested in your left hand now. Can you imagine that?”

“Yes, Tessa.”

Tessa approached the kneeling superhero, crouching and covering the back of his left hand with hers.

“And all I would have to do is raise your hand, and I’ve picked it up, right?”

“Yes, Tessa,” Thor said as he looked at her, his hand feeling the grip of Mjolnir, ready to guide it like Tessa guided him.

“Wonderful, I was hoping to hear that. You mentioned before that saving us was a pleasure.”

“It is, Tessa.”

“Then I can’t help but ask – what else is pleasure for you? Like what are some of your favorite things, Thor?”

“There are many things I favor, when I think about it. My home of Asgard, my friends on Earth, Mjolnir and it’s balance…”

“Sorry for interrupting, but what do you mean balance?”

“My hammer, to those worthy of using it, find that it has a specific weight to it, making it easy to swing.”

“Ah, I see. Very interesting.”

Thor and Patrick both wondered what she meant.

“By that, I mean I can completely understand about the balance.”

She walked across the room to pull something out of a small box. It looked to be a think chain or string with something glistening at the end.

“This crystal here is probably my favorite toy, for my favorite activity. I thought I had lost it somewhere, but recently found it by accident, and I’m so happy to have it back in my hands. I just love holding it, I’m so familiar with its weight. From the moment I had it in my hand, it was like it was made just for me. It’s such a balance that seems like fate to me. It was meant to be mine. And with that balance comes the swinging,”

Tessa spoke as Thor’s eyes found the crystal was no longer static.

“It’s so nice to feel it swinging, where I have complete control over its motion, and sometimes the impact. I’d like to say I have complete control over that too, but honestly, I’ve been surprised over time how after swinging it, anyone nearby can just see this and be drawn without me having to say one word about it.”

Though she kept her focus on Thor, Tessa knew that her favorite toy did in-fact catch someone else who was nearby, or soon would.

“Maybe a light flashes off of one of its many facets in the distance, and their curiosity carries them to my crystal like the pull of gravity. Maybe their senses lets them know that something nearby is moving, rhythmically, and their compelled to see what it is, and curious enough to follow the rhythm for the duration until they’re lost there. Maybe they just see a pretty woman, dressed in a sexy corset maybe, and become fixated by the pretty object she lovingly dangles in her hands. Quite a few reasons for one to get to this point, many roads converging to one path heading southbound, downward, down, down, falling down.”

“Aw, I know you want to keep looking at it boys, but trust me, this is a special crystal, just like Mjolnir, its impact is just as immeasurable, yet it strikes you so softly. But the weight is very powerful. When it wants to, it lets you know of your own increasing weight. How heavy your body is as you settle into comfort. How heavy your eyelids are the longer you stare. Sleepy eyes fighting the desire to stare. I know it’s all so confusing for you, but Tessa will help.”

Patrick’s body felt the suggested heaviness to the point that he found himself back on his knees, eyes nearly closed. Thor was totally mesmerized as he saw Tessa’s favorite toy swinging in-front of the Tessarack, on the verge of returning to a deep trance with a simple command, but Tessa had other ideas for him.

“I have a surprise for you Thor. Since we’ve met, you’ve become very inspiring to me. It was bound to happen that you would inspire a recording with your sweet submission, but it came to me very recently. Pat has tried it already, and I can only assume all too grateful for the opportunity. But I had it with you in-mind, and I think it’s time you get to hear how you’ve inspired me so. I call it “Mine,” and I’m sure it might become your most favorite thing to listen to on Earth.”

Tessa slowly guided the kneeling Thor to the lounge chair where Patrick rested earlier, placed the headphones over Thor’s head, and pressed play to let the sound of her recorded induction filter into his receptive mind. After seeing to Thor, Tessa attracted Patrick’s attention with her crystal. He watched it swing up-close, his eyes following the movement while the rest of him followed Tessa’s instructions.

Thor sunk into the cushions deeply at the mention of a warm, sensual bath, and how sliding into one was one way to describe what it felt like to be Tessa’s. Slowly, it felt like there were two Tessas talking to him simultaneously, and his interested in every word doubled. The arousal from the thought of feminine control seized over him. The words made him feel small in a world of Tessa’s influence, but treasured and safely in her hands. He eventually felt himself slipping into a depth that he never knew before, even more open to her words, and especially the pleasure of “Yes, Tessa.” Words he loved hearing, he loved saying, and loved how it pleased Tessa to hear them most of all. All of this lasted for an amount of time the Asgardian couldn’t comprehend. The road to consciousness was a long one to take, but his mind made the journey and eventually opened his eyes to return to Tessa’s condo, and to see it and his owner standing tall above him.

“Kneel, Thor,” Tessa told him simply, with a bit more playful domineering laced in her speech.

Beyond the point of thinking resistance was an option, he slipped out of the chair and easily to both knees, saying “Yes, Tessa, experiencing the bliss that Patrick knew for the first time. In a move that surprised him, she crouched to him and held his face in her hands.

“Look at me Thor.”

His blue eyes stared into green twinkling ones.

“Could you really stop me?” Tessa asked, her voice full of curiosity as if she expected him to answer. He couldn’t at that point, but the question hung in the air.

“I mean, if I wanted to be more wicked than I am, could you really stop me?” Silence was still his answer, as his mind only knew of giving her whatever she wanted. Thor’s silence not only pleased her but kept her going.

“Meeting you that day, calling me ‘spellcaster,’ and then me casually showing you what a real cast spell would feel like, if you only knew what you’ve done to me. Never in my life have I felt so, so, unstoppable, so powerful that even the gods fell to me. You have no idea what kind of high that can give a girl like me. My dreams are often unclear and really random, yet since you, I have had some of the most vivid of my life.”

Tessa stood up, and walked backwards near where Patrick blankly stood.

“Just last night, I dreamed that there was a man who was a danger to me and I realized that he had a special ability to put thoughts into the minds of others and make them believe that those thoughts were their own.”

Patrick face changed, gaining life and sobriety, smiling like a predator at Tessa.

“Somehow I figured out how to use that ability and used it against him to render him harmless.”

The assertiveness instantly vanished from Patrick’s face as Tessa gave her own predatory look back, enjoying both men still automatically deepening their own trance by hearing and repeating “harmless.”

“I found that he had taken the minds of many when he met me, but when I took him, those people were freed, and they seemed so grateful to me. Somehow that power got to me as I slowly took them.”

Tessa took a step forward toward Patrick the way a cat takes a slow step toward a cornered mouse.

“Then I began to get creative and starting really pushing the limits of this new ability. I started with small things like free dinners and drinks,” Patrick went into the kitchen somewhere in the condo, and came back with a glass and bottle of champagne which he poured for Tessa. She sat in a nearby chair and sipped.

“And getting out of speeding tickets.”

Patrick put the bottle down and picked a pad and pen out of his back pocket, looking like a stern highway patrolman, until Tessa took another sip and smiled at him. Which made him smile stupidly and rip the paper he wrote on into little pieces.

“But I began to feel the seed of corruption growing.”

Tessa stood back up, glass in hand, holding it out for Patrick to refill, which he did.

“I began to form a group of mind controlled people who had no idea that they were controlled by my ability. They were robbing banks and delivering the money to me.”

Patrick kept his gaze squarely on Tessa while reaching for his wallet and offering to her.

“And sexually servicing me,” Tessa took his wallet and watched him sink to the ground to start kissing the leather thigh-high boots she wore, from the tops of the feet, to her ankle and calf, holding her leg as the kissing continued up her knee and across her thigh.

“All with no memory of me at all afterward.”

Hearing that, Patrick stopped his kissing, and stood up, confused as to what had just happened.

“I’m not sure why I feel like sharing this dream. Well, that’s not true – that was one of the sexiest dreams of my life, that I loved thinking about or having it acted out,” she smiled at Patrick. “But it still doesn’t hold a candle to the reality of how I took you Thor, and how I practically own you, a god, who is currently, hopelessly, happily under my command and happy to do my bidding. Just saying those words and knowing they’re true, I could….but I know you have Jane in your life, and I’m not one to interfere with good relationships. I’m stimulated more by control, really. She can have your most of your heart and body, while I retain the rest, but your mind is all mine. And as the mind holds dominion over the rest of you, I am more than satisfied with my dominion.”

“I think I learned a valuable lesson from that day. It is a good thing that I have no true superpowers, because I’d be a super-villain for sure! But what makes a true superpower is up for debate. When a pendant swing or a finger snap levels those who level buildings, well…I think we should both hope that I stay satisfied with you, and you should aim to keep me happy in any way that I want, lest I get proactive and hatch a plan for world domination.”

She took a long sip of her champagne, and gestured to Patrick to kneel and refill her glass.

“But what am I saying? I’m harmless after all, aren’t I boys?”



“Yes, Tessa.”

Echoes of Tessa’s power echoed sounded through her condo as Tessa sat between her boys, enjoying her taste of what it felt like to be on top of the world. Her world.

<– (Part 2) Age of Awe

(Part 4) The Dark Delight –>

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