Sonia & Preston – Kismet

A man meets a woman in a bar that changes his world forever.


A Wednesday night at a hotel bar was the last thing I was expecting this early in the week. Since I’ve started working, I’ve almost religiously worked weekdays with no exceptions and saved anything fun for weekends. Lately though, things were compiling into becoming a shitty month and beyond, with my scientific dream-projects being put on hold based on bullshit office politics. With very little desire to work on anything, I’d decided to head to the bar near me inside one of the nicer hotels in the city, and get some people-watching in.

As a quiet person, it used to be my favorite activity as a kid other than science projects. People at one point were as interesting as studying periodic tables and biology formulas (to me of course; I know that would bore the hell out of most others). Over time though, people just got more predictable while science got more interesting, hence spending so much of my time in it. And when I say predictable, I got pretty good at reading people and correctly guessing people’s actions before they’d do them. I used to frequent the bars closer to me than this, but it seemed to get way too predictable in those kind of places, which often gravitated me toward some of the more “hip” nightspots, and more lively and interesting people filling them.

That night at the bar, a guy seriously trying to pass himself off as suave and “not” drunk was hitting on the most attractive prospects for himself that night. From what I’ve seen in bars, he lasted longer than most guys, but still got turned down, until the second-to-last woman he’d spoken to looked visibly shaken by whatever he said to her. He knew to move on immediately after that.

It was the last woman he’d spoken to that really caught my attention. Once I looked where he was heading, I’d seen the most beautiful woman at the bar that night, or any night I could try remembering. Instead of just one thing, she was a combination of elements that I liked. Her business-like attire was more attractive to me than the other blatant bar outfits worn, she had a confident, yet sort of solitary sense to her that I could sense from across the room, and her first reaction to the “suave” man was much like mine – highly amused.

She’d offered him a seat to my surprise, which made him very happy, but then whatever conversation was going to be had was taken over by her immediately. I could tell he was barely able to get a word in as she seemed to speak to him with an intent look, and several strange gestures using some jewelry and hands. After a few minutes, she kept her confidence, and he looked lost and stuck in a listening mode. He nodded his head a few times, and I wished I knew at what. The end of the conversation was as strange as the rest as she tapped his hand with her finger once, and he’d moved toward the woman that he’d upset before. Both their body language suggested he was trying to apologize, surprisingly. It looked like she was accepting it too, up until the slap he received, signifying the end of his attempts that night.

After watch the guy walk out of the bar, I turned back toward the beautiful brunette who for some reason was looking at me. I could only assume she’d noticed me watching the whole account, so I just tipped my glass in her direction to signify “well done.” I turned toward the bar, grabbed a napkin, and started writing on it. Instead of anything scientific, I actually started writing poetic prose about the woman; I wasn’t often inspired to do that, but I couldn’t help it tonight. I tried to finish writing my thoughts, but my cell-phone suddenly rang, and I realized I was expecting an important call from hopefully someone who’d still be a colleague next week.

I’d paid my bill and headed home, and got in a small conference with my team there before conking out four hours later. As I started to drift off, I was surprised at how easily I’d forgotten about the woman at the bar, but once drowsiness set in, she was mainly what I dreamed about all-night. I’d vividly imagined myself the guy she spoke to earlier, doing whatever she was doing, followed by the compulsion to kneel in-front of those amazing stocking-clad legs and lay my head against them. I would’ve gotten the courage to ask to kiss her feet, but the damn alarm clock woke me. It was the first time in a long time that I’d wanted to break an alarm clock.



The next day was just as uneventful, with unfortunately no telling of where my group’s work stood. At this point there was no work to be done once I got off of work, so I felt compelled to return to the hotel bar for more people-watching. Admittedly, a good chunk of the compulsion was in the possibility of seeing the brunette again.

Taking the same stool and ordering the same drink as the night before, I settled in for hopefully an interesting evening since it was a little more crowded. It took some time for me to realize what I’d left at the bar before I was called away; I asked the bartender if he’d possibly saved something a random patron scribbled down on a napkin, and got the most logical answer of “no.” I nodded my head in understanding and went back to my drink, barely noticing at first the voice next to me speaking:

“Brunette hair, gorgeous face
Confidence and creamy skin
Beautiful body that attracts men
Men who think they’ll win”

I turned to face the owner of the beautiful voice.

“She looks, speaks, gestures
they listen, they follow
Persuasion comes easily to her,
leaving them hollow.”

She gestured with her hands for effect, a deep smile on her face as she recited my scribbling, word-for-word.

“Silky legs, lovely feet…”

Her words brought my vision down a view of her cross-legged pantyhosed legs, sexily displayed, almost gently swinging. Something made me look back up, to see an amused smile. I turned away for a second, slightly embarrassed for staring (or being baited to stare), and noticed her set the forgotten napkin on the bar. I’d almost wished the bartender would’ve thrown it away before she found it.

“‘Her’ name is Sonia, by the way.”

“Preston,” I replied back, shaking her hand. Being so close to Sonia was hard as it was hard looking in her direction; as striking as her looks were so close, it would be hard to look away or not get lost in how good she looks once I started.

I had no idea what I could say to her that couldn’t be easily turned to my embarrassment for being enamored and fascinated with her appearance. She made it easy for me and started with a different topic of her own.

“Did you enjoy the show yesterday, Preston?”

“Well, to be honest, you were the last act yesterday. Before you it was a comedy of watching the guy try to pick someone up before last call. When he got to you, I was sort of surprised he even approached you, even moreso when you let him sit with you.”

“Oh, why’s that?”

“You looked too…”

Sonia’s eyebrow raised in deep interest. “Too what?”

“I guess, too smart…for a guy like him. No offense to the other women though, but you seemed out of his league.”

“Interesting way of looking at it.”

I’d thought about what I said for a second, and tried rebounding. “Not that I’m in your league either, but you at least weren’t putting up an ‘interested’ vibe.”

“Why do you think I came to talk to you if you’re not in my ‘league’?” She asked.

“Friendly chat, and maybe you felt like explaining to another patron what he saw happen between you and the guy.”

“Are you always this direct, Preston?”

“I’d have to say I am most of the time, Sonia. I find myself being pretty honest around beautiful women; better to be upfront and not create some sort of illusion that she’d see through soon enough anyway.”

“That’s certainly one way to charm a girl,” Sonia said. The smile she used seemed strange. Most every other beautiful woman I’ve met has heard this kind of honesty in our first meeting and found it an apt warning. Sonia took it as an invitation to engage and look into me further.

“So…from yesterday, that was…kind of impressive what you did to the guy, or what it looked like you did to him.”

“What did it look like I was doing?”

“It looked liked you played some kind of magic trick on him or something. What exactly did you do to him?”

“He was my entertainment too last night, and figured he might make his way over to me some time. Once he did, I sat him down and persuaded him to make amends with the woman he visibly upset before me.”

“Persuaded with…hand and body gestures.”

“Plus sensible words; he did seem very receptive to me.”

“He looked susceptible to you from here.”

Sonia smiled as if she was pleased with my choice of wording.

“I suggested to him that it would be a good idea to apologize to the woman he’d spoken with before me.”

“Just like that?”

“I tend to be persuasive, maybe as much as you seem to be honest.”

I could only nod in agreement at that, even though it definitely felt like there was more to it.

“What were you writing down earlier?” Sonia asked, changing the subject. “More poetry?”

“Heh, no. Just a note to make for work.”

“Do you work in advertising?”

“No, why do you ask?”

“I hear some ad guys get some of their best ad ideas from picking up or observing women in bars.”

“Well, that’s not me. Sorry.”

“What do you do then Preston?”

“I’m a scientist.”

“Wow, what kind?”

“At this point, saying what kind is kind of classified.”

“Even if I asked you persuasively?” she teased.

“Yeah, even if that Sonia. Besides, I doubt you’d be here to ask about something classified AND boring.”

“Maybe I’m here to seduce you,” she teased again. She didn’t even look in my direction when she said that, but she obviously got me to look in hers, with her absently provocative leg-crossing.

“What I used on the drunk guy yesterday, the “hollowness” you wrote about, wasn’t magic; well, not really. It was hypnosis.”

“Hypnosis? That works?”

“Sure it does. Do you not believe in it?”

“I…well, I’ve never really given it that much thought.”

“Hypnosis is actually a pretty common occurrence. In layman’s terms, it’s like really focused concentration that leads to a really relaxed state of mind where you can be suggestible. Often, a lot of people expect to be led by a hypnotist, when in-fact a lot of times someone will induce themselves one way or another.”

“And yesterday, was the guy even aware of what was happening?”

“I doubt it honestly. He was certainly drunk enough to not notice some of the ‘not interested’ signals some women were putting up, and I must admit I did help him along, allowing him to see the error in his ways, and suggested he should apologize to the woman he’d talked to before me.”

“Wow…and got slapped for it.”

“Whatever he said to the poor girl before, it was probably justified.”

“So is that your forte, hypnosis?”

“I’ve done it for work sometimes. I’m a consultant.”

“Ah. Sounds…vague.”

“About as vague as yours,” she countered with a smile. “I’ve had a variety of different kinds of work. I seem to have many useful talents, more than I expected to be able to make money off of.”

I shook my head at that until I realized what that sounded like. But I didn’t know how to pose the question without being slapped, so I didn’t say a word.

She’d read my expression and said “No, I’m not a hooker or callgirl or what have you.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that. It just sounded like it could be, not that that would’ve made you a bad person or anything. It’s just…”

“Your foot’s not in your mouth Preston. Some guys’ eyes light up when I say that, thinking they’ve stumbled onto an opportunity. Thank you for not making those assumptions or judgments.”

“You’re welcome. Thank you for being merciful with me about that.”

I breathed a deeper breath than usual, and her smile made me smile while taking some of the nervousness away.

“You do corporate consulting?”

“Often enough, yes.”

“And you can do the hypnosis thing to anyone?”

“I’ve done it to many different types of people, in many different ways. No one has resisted me yet.”

I didn’t say anything at first, as my mind automatically thought of variables where someone could resist.

“Do you find it hard to believe?”

“It’s…well…under any circumstance?”

“Yesterday wasn’t enough proof?”

“I’m sure yesterday was an impressive feat, but could you replicate it again?”

“How do you mean?” she asked before her cellphone went off. It looked like someone had sent her an important text.

“Preston, how about we continue this talk tomorrow, around 8?”

“Sounds good. Nice meeting you Sonia.”

“Pleasure meeting you as well,” she shook my hand before walking out of the bar.

As she left, I noted to myself how long it’s been since I’ve anticipated meeting someone again on a social level.



Being the beginning of the weekend, the bar was a little more crowded than usual. And it was almost 8pm, meaning it would definitely be hard to have a conversation without yelling sometimes. “A shame,” I thought to myself, as I enjoyed hearing her voice on a normal speaking level.

Right on the dot, she arrived at 8pm, as if she set her watch to making an appearance. She looked similar to what she wore yesterday, except with different heels, and her hair was down to her shoulders in beautiful tresses today.

“Good evening Preston.”

“A good evening to you Sonia.”

I ordered our drinks from yesterday, and we clinked glasses and enjoyed our liquor.

“How was your day today,” she asked.

“Interesting,” I said, almost without thinking.

“Interesting how, in the context of confidentiality?”

I smiled at her as she made it easy for me to explain my day with only specific details, and she smiled back.

“In your consulting, have you ever worked a job you liked at first, slowly grew to resent, but was told that you were on the side of the angels?”

She gave some thought before answering. “The first two things, yes. But can you paraphrase ‘on the side of the angels’?”

“Where you find you’ve been working for something you really believe in?”

“Ah, then yes to all three. But it is sort of surprising that you weren’t aware of what you’d be working toward.”

“The nature of the business sometimes; confidentiality and need-to-know stuff. And you’re right, it is sort of surprising.”

“Promise me you won’t develop something faulty that needs to be recalled in a week or something,” she eyed me with mock concern.

“That…I can promise you.”

We clinked glasses again.

“And how was your day? Any interesting consulting?”

“Not really, unfortunately. Most of what I’ve been thinking about all day is what you meant by ‘replicating’ yesterday.”

“What I meant yesterday was able to do the same thing you did Wednesday night, hypnotize someone in a public place, under maybe a unique circumstance.”

Before answering, Sonia took a good glance at the room around us, noticing more foot traffic and people coming in every few minutes. “Well the stakes would be much higher tonight. And yes, easily.”

I had to admit how much I liked her confidence. I took my own look around the bar and noted the increasing lowering chance of repeating the same type of performance.

“Tell you what Preston, to make things interesting, I’ll let you choose who and how I do it.”

“Ok, the booth behind me with the woman sitting alone. And use your…” I looked at her from head-to-toe, trying not to get distracted by the nylons and heels, and decided “…your hair. Is that fair?”

Sonia looked past me to see who I was talking about. “Yes, that’s fair.”

I turned and watched as she headed over to the woman sitting in the booth. She looked pretty, red hair, dressed for a night out, obviously waiting for someone. Sonia approached her, and the woman looked up in surprise. She smiled a bit, as if maybe she’d been given a compliment. The woman gestured to Sonia and allowed her to sit, quicker than I expected. Sonia gestured to the woman’s hair, a friendly smile and very specific body language, all meant to put this woman at ease. And it was working; she seemed as surprised to be engaged at by Sonia about anything, like I was yesterday. The woman touched her own hair, shaking her head back and forth; I imagined her trying to gracefully disbelieve that her hair was pretty. She seemed to gesture to Sonia’s hair in how pretty it was. Sonia’s modest expression suggested “You really think so?”; it was fun watching her manipulate the experience, but my focus really increased once Sonia started twirling her hair in her fingers.

It started out very casually, but her timing seemed to become more and more methodical. Seductive, yet controlled. I’m not sure if the woman could tell from where she was sitting, but Sonia’s gesturing altogether became much slower, instilling a different feeling in the red-head. One look at the red-head though suggested she seemed barely aware of anything except Sonia’s hair probably. Both women’s breathing were synchronous. Sonia spoke, and the woman nodded her head gently, and she leaned back into the booth cushion and rested her head, closing her eyes. She looked directly at me and gestured a hand and her captive, showing off her work with pride. She seemed to say a few more things that the hypnotized woman agreed with, and then make a knock at the table that woke her up.

The red-head came back to herself like she’d accidentally fallen asleep. Sonia smiled at her, and she smiled back. Sonia seemed to watch with glee as the woman left the booth and approached a well-dressed businessman who looked happy to see her. He obviously didn’t expect the deep kiss that followed, but he soon went with it. Coming up for a breath, she whispered something into his ear, he nodded, and they both left the bar with big smiles.

Sonia sat back next to me when it was all over, and just admired the wide-eyed expression that wouldn’t leave my face. I couldn’t find the words to describe how amazing that was. She “hollowed” out the unsuspecting woman as easily as the drunkard, proving her charisma was much more intoxicating than anything the bar was serving.

“Any questions?” she said. I didn’t need to look in her direction to see the smug smile on her face. It was one she deserved for shattering my expectations.

“…under any circumstances?”

She gave me a mock-shocked face. “You still need another demonstration after that?”

“This one might be more of a challenge for you.”

“Oh? Well now I’m curious; let’s hear it.”

“Ok, your nylons and heels and-” I was interrupted by her snickering.

I looked at her covering her own mouth, trying hard to not laugh.


She set her drink down and shook her head.

“Preston, why don’t you ask me to hypnotize you?”

“Wait, you think I-”


I looked back at my own drink, shaking my head, trying to show denial, but she wasn’t buying it.

“‘Silky legs, lovely feet.’ Sound familiar?”

I didn’t say anything or move, but that was enough of a ‘yes’ for her.

“Look, I’m not trying to judge here, I’m just making an observation, one I’m flattered with and enjoy seeing in you. I know you have an interest in hypnosis, and do believe in it more than you let on, but I know you have an even bigger fascination with my legs and feet.” I had to will myself not to look down to prove her right, but this time she didn’t move them to bring my gaze downward. “I’ve gotten that kind of attention and comments from guys before, some who’ve had absolutely no manners at all. Since I’ve met you, you shown an obvious liking to them, but you’ve remained a gentleman since I came up to you. Whenever you look at me, you actually look at me, and not just what you want to see. It is nice to see more guys who think of women as more than just ass, tits, and legs.”

“You are way more than that Sonia.”

“I know that’s what you think Preston; that’s why I like you. And that’s why I’m fine with you looking if you want.”

In my peripheral vision, I noticed that was when she decided to direct me; her hand subtly, trailing down the side of her torso, to her hip, and slightly caressing the stockinged leg, resting it on her knee. I wanted to look there longer, but I brought my gaze back up to her face, and her sympathetic smile.

“I can see it in you; you want it, but you’re afraid to overstep any gentlemanly boundaries. You seem like a very sweet guy Preston, and I’d like to offer you something.”

“What?” I said, almost muttering.

“An opportunity. You, me, my legs and feet, and the opportunity to indulge in them.”

“Sonia, this is..a lot to take in; you’ve only just met me.”

“True, but I have a sense of you. And I think you have a sense of me; you know I wouldn’t be offering this to you if I didn’t want it too.”

She reached her hand over to cover mine, trying to reassure me that this was legitimate.

“I would very much like to share that moment with you.”

She and I probably both knew what was going on in my head. She was right about me, every last detail. I really did want it, and it seemed scary to think that she wanted nearly as much as I did. Her signals were all giving me a green light, and suddenly the image of her two hypnotized subjects before me popped into my head to remind me she could probably subvert me into this if she really wanted, if she was interested. That thought alone was the last push to shifting my hand under hers so they gently gripped. I’d given in. Sonia asked for our checks, and I payed for both as we left.

When we got to the elevator, doubts and questions started to pop up in my head, some of which I felt worth asking.

“Do you have a boyfriend, or husband, or anything?”

“No, I’m not attached to anyone. And I assume correctly that you don’t have a girlfriend or wife or anything, right?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“How nervous are you Preston?”

I undersold it and said “Very.”

By the time we made it to her suite, I was looking for any sign that this was an elaborate hoax, or something that would disprove this miracle was about to happen to me. She casually strolled into her room and set her evening bag in another room while I stood in the center, looking around, almost afraid to move. She made her way to the couch, and motioned for me to join her. I moved toward it, and for the first time tonight, noticed her heels, and really how high they looked to me. I sat next to her as she crossed her legs to put on display for me, to further drive the point home that this was happening. Reaching for the first relevant thought I could turn into something to say, I asked if her feet were ok.

“Do they look ok to you?” she asked seductively.

“Yes Sonia, they look great. But…do those heels hurt to wear?”

She looked down at her feet and reached out to take one foot out of the heel to rub them. “I really like these heels, but they can hurt if I’ve worn them for a long time, and today has been a long day.”



“Would…you like me to massage them?”

“That would be wonderful. Thank you.” She removed the other heel and placed both in my lap, purposefully feeling my growing erection. She let them rest there for as long as it took me to realize that I’d offered to massage them. I came back to myself after a minute and began with the left, gently rubbing and trying to feel any tension in her foot to know where to devote the most attention. Feeling the silk of her stockings against my hands got my head a little drifty and made me harder, which Sonia’s right foot took note by squeezing with her toes. We both moaned in pleasure.

“Mmmmm. This feels wonderful, I can’t remember the last time someone’s done this for me. Do you do this often?”

“No, the last time was with my last girlfriend a few years ago. She let me massage them every now and then.”

“She LET you? If you were this good when you were together, I’m surprised she didn’t ask for this often.”

“Well, she knew a little about my foot…fascination. She wasn’t into it much, so I think she was afraid that it would lead to something further.”

“Ah, something like this,” she stated as her foot moved out of my hand to brush across my face and lips, my nostrils filled with her aroma. I froze and years of fantasies and dreams and reason rushed through my head. Sonia, reading my thoughts again, pressed her whole sole against the length of my face from my forehead to my chin. I felt lost again, but heard Sonia loud-and-clear.

“Preston, you’re a scientist. You collate, calculate, theorize, and reason. You do this with your work, and with everything else in your daily life. But you are not a scientist now; you’re a subject. My lovely feet have you, and want to allow you to rest and give in, but most importantly, to feel. Let your body and mind feel for me Preston.”

I took the deepest breath of my life to take in the scent of her feet like it was precious air. Her sole slid down my face until the toes reached my mouth, and I felt myself involuntarily react and take her toes into my mouth, gently sucking. Whatever resistance I thought I could have left, the life-long fantasy of sucking a beautiful woman’s nylon-clad toes broke something in me, separating me from my rational mind, and filling the gap with nothing but Sonia.

“Yes, Preston. Good boy. Feel the pleasure from sucking on my toes, embracing the pleasure and submission, feeling the bliss as my toes wiggle in your mouth.”

In hindsight, I could tell I was pretty much a goner. Calling me ‘good boy’ like some kind of pet, not only did I not stop and protest the insinuation, but there was a sliver of shivering pleasure that ran through me for hearing her say it the way she did, letting me know she was pleased with me. Her foot moved from my overstimulated crotch and found its way into my hands. “Feel the pleasure you give me as you continue to massage and please my feet. You love pleasing me, and you will love it more and more as you continue.”

My body worked in tandem to follow her commands, my mouth and hands working to obey. With my resistance gone, my consciousness rapidly followed, allowing me one last willful response. “Ynn hynntnz mm.”

Sonia noticed that I was trying to speak and removed her foot. “What did you say Preston?”


She smiled sexily as the massaged foot was pressed against my chest, pinning my lethargic body back against the couch, her other foot still so very close to my mouth. To further the tease, she rotated that foot circularly, making my head follow and get dizzy, driven only by my lust for her feet now. The circles felt like they were going on forever before she spoke.

“You like it, don’t you?”

She slid her foot back into my mouth and let my worship answer ‘yes’ for me.

For the longest time after that, I could only feel the strongest of sensations. Sonia’s silken feet and legs brushing against my body, her words like silk in my mind, my body writhing against the surface. My dream came true, and yet that dream was exceeded with a woman like Sonia at the helm.

I awoke sometime later on the floor next to the couch, my mind still partially hazy, but clearing. I felt sluggish almost to the point of not wanting to move. Sonia was above me, watching me, teasing me with her legs and feet draped over the couch. I was already hard, but everything she was doing was just making me harder. One of her feet playfully tugged at my nipples, eliciting a loud moan from me.

“Mmmm, I think he likes it.”

I looked at her as she brought that foot to my face. I leaned in with my head to place what I hoped felt like a reverent kiss and said “Thank you” in a deep, pleasured whisper.

“Preston, do you mind if I fully disclose something to you?”

I whispered “sure” to her in-between kisses.

“I would’ve have hypnotized you to get you to this point; I wanted to experience this with you that much.”

“Mmm. Really?”

“Yes, this felt even better than I expected. It’s surprising to think how this is both business and pleasure.”

Of all the things that would get me to stop kissing, hearing “business” was one of the few. I looked at her, and her expression told me she wasn’t done disclosing things.

“To explain what I mean by business, our meeting at the bar wasn’t chance Preston. The latest company I do consulting for has had their eye on you for some time, ever since you turned down their recruitment last year.”

“What…wh-what company?”

“Bason Tech.”

Of course, it had to be my company’s direct competitor. I tried to move, to shake the lethargy from my body, to get away from this seductress and whatever she had intended for me, but I couldn’t budge. Whatever she’d done, she’d done well to me. The news left only my mind in confliction, but my torso and limbs remained relaxed, and I couldn’t believe I was getting harder.

“So that’s your consulting work? Espionage?”

“No, not espionage per say. Your creative and inventive skills are known to both Bason and WinTec, Co. I suspect you only work at WinTec. because the CEO was a college friend, yet somewhat of an asshole from what you’ve told me.”

“What did I tell you?”

She smiled, “A lot, but only some of that had to do with business. Bason doesn’t really want things you’ve worked on at WinTec, but they certainly would like the first shot at new ideas, inventions, etc. that a rising star like you make, which they believe could be plentiful. And it actually sounds like good timing for everyone right now. WinTec is undergoing layoffs and cutbacks, so they can’t invest in your dream projects like you originally thought, meanwhile Bason can fund your projects, and your ideas can be out there to probably do some good in the world.”

“Only for the right price with Bason.”

“The way that sexy mind of yours works, better some price than no price because your work never gets developed.”

“And all this would make you, what, my Bason ‘supervisor’?”

“No, in truth, you’d be my co-consultant, working independently alongside me, under me. And I think by now we both enjoy you under me,” she emphasized with her feet squeezing my erection gently, subverting my mind to the pleasure for a second.

“I can’t fucking believe this, all this-”

“Hush,” she told me to silence my voice rising to screaming.

“Like I said Preston, SOME of what we discussed while you were blissed out was business. The rest was of you, and how much you enjoyed tonight. I didn’t program anything in you involving working for me, for Bason. I promised you a night of indulgence, and that’s what I’ve given you. I only felt it a courtesy to tell you what’s next. From this point, it will be your choice what you do, but I do feel confident in what you will choose.”

I tried speaking, and it took Sonia a second to remember her own suggestion. “You can speak now, but please don’t raise your voice.”

“Why? Why me?”

She reached down to touch my cheek with her hand. “Because you’re special, creative, passionate, a gentleman, and you know how to pamper a girl. I like you very much, and would like to continue this.”

“…of my own free-will?”


That was the last thing I remember her saying before drowsiness took over and I faded into what felt like natural sleep.

I woke up in my apartment in the early Saturday a.m., wearing Friday night’s clothes, remembering everything that went on before last night, triggering a morning erection.



From the time I’d woken up back at my place somehow to the early Saturday evening, my thoughts were plagued with nothing but Sonia. Plagued was a conflicted way of describing it all; she outright told me where she wanted things to go and was confident things would go her way, even against my own will. She demonstrated how she could easily take me, and yet being aware of her ability possibly gave me a better edge to resist. That thought didn’t hold water though, for the experience of being at her feet overwhelmed me. Subverting my employment, my career, and my hopeful creations should’ve been what I was concerned with the most, at least in rational thinking. That soul-igniting memory of her silk, her legs, her feet, how she used them and that she loved it as much as I did – it was too strong to ignore.

My love for science and my love of beautiful female feet and their accessories had been with me for years, and I couldn’t tell you which came first. Planned or not, it was incredible how both loves brought me to a crossroad named Sonia, for better and for worse, and with her skill, possibly unavoidable. Everytime I tried to focus on what else was at stake, the sensation of where I’d been touched drove me crazy, and prompted the need for release. I spend a whole morning and afternoon thinking, then trying to think, and pleasuring myself to release because I couldn’t help myself anymore. I couldn’t remember being that sexually energized since…ever. Not one sexual encounter or fantasy in my life matched the night before with Sonia, and that scared me. Her confident but calm approach toward all of it made it feasible, and her sincerity despite the manipulation was believable, which was even scarier.

Avoiding Sonia altogether, never going back to that hotel was the best logical option I had available. It was something I tried to keep in-mind, until I checked my pockets to see if anything was missing. I might not have noticed it right away if it wasn’t from a note Sonia wrote and left in my pocket.

“You were too out of it to drive, so I sent you home in a cab with suggestions to get you safely into your apartment. Your car is still at the hotel, and I have the key. Come and get it when you need to.

-Silky legs, lovely feet.”

After the prompt to pleasure myself again just from the end of the message, I found my car keys gone from the key chain.

I did give serious consideration to outright abandoning my car, for safety’s sake, but that wouldn’t have meant Sonia couldn’t find and corner me later. To make matters worse, as if aiding her proposal, The latest email I’d gotten from my boss about my latest proposal, which I was sure would be approved after it was modified (less ambitious, yet still financially viable) wasn’t just shelved, but outright rejected. My CEO and friend Sam stressed how he did all he could, but the board wouldn’t go for it without sacrificing something else important (out of spite).

Succumbing to the definitive fool’s errand of my life, I made my way up to her floor to get my car key back. It wasn’t a confrontation I was looking forward to, which made the walk to her room slower, and made me turn back a few times, attempting to convince myself I could do without a car for a while. To my surprise, her door opened, and a woman stepped out – the red-head from Friday’s demonstration. She walked by me with a satisfied smile on her face. I couldn’t help but ask “Hey!”

She turned to face me.

“What did she do to you?”

“She hypnotized me again.”

“Is she manipulating you again?”

“No, I wanted it this time. It felt even better the second time.” Then she looked at me pensively. “Are you the guy that picked me out for the demonstration yesterday?”

I nodded in shame a bit. “Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. I should be thanking you. No one’s made me feel that good about myself in a long time, not even my boyfriend.”

I couldn’t say anything to that. On the off-chance that she wasn’t part of some elaborate plot, what was there to say? Sonia had given her a gift, and she happily received it. I almost envied her as her gift came with no strings attached, meanwhile Sonia would have strings wrapped around my body and mind like a puppet. It was damning enough to imagine those strings being used hose that my senses wouldn’t mind being tied up in. I shook that thought from my head and tried to steel myself as I stepped up to her door and knocked.

“Come in,” Sonia said calmly.

I entered, and felt my resolve pushed back against as I saw her again; last night’s outfit, still as sexy as ever.


My eyes helplessly drifted over her whole body, and stayed at her legs for a while. I shook my head to bring the resolve back, and she giggled.

“Good evening Preston.”

“Is it?” I asked frankly.

“Oh, I think it is. We enjoyed a wonderful night of silken worship last night, you made it home safely after the fact. I kept your car from being towed last night, I just met the lovely subject from yesterday who happily and willingly wanted to return under my power. And now, my favorite subject has returned to me, safe and more eager for tonight than he’s letting on. It’s a very good evening for me.”

“And what’s it supposed to be for me? The end of my free will? Some of my life’s work going toward the competition whose ethics are very much in-question to me, which is why I refused their recruiting the first time.”

“First of all, it would not be the end of your free will. You would still be yourself, with me taking pleasurable control here and there, and not all of your work would be going toward Bason.”

“Why can’t where my work goes be my call?”

“Because I want the final say in those; and to be honest-”

“Woah, woah. You want the final say? So now you’re not just a hypnotist for hire?”

“You said it yourself Preston – I’m way more than that.”

“Way more than the sum of just your body and clothes, but now you’re more than just a consultant too? Whose side are you on in all this?”

“Mine, and quite frankly, yours too. I think you have more faith in this industry than I ever could. You don’t see it yet, but you’re truly a Tesla of sorts, in an environment full of Edisons. At least with me knowing the players, you’ll have someone in your corner who can navigate and avoid very problematic circumstances in your line of work. Even your employers at WinTec are taking you for granted I bet; did you know that they’ve consulted me in the past too?”

“Wh…consulted how?”

“Nothing too dissimilar from this honestly, the difference being they wanted more low-level recruitment. They needed a ‘special cog for their machine’, as they put it which meant hiring a very arrogant fresh-out-of-college genius who was ripe for the picking, and had trouble thinking he was anything but God’s gift to women. Even though it was only one night, I couldn’t wait for that job to be over. WinTec may be ‘on the side of the angels’ as you put it, but their hands aren’t any cleaner than the questionable Bason.”

Assuming she was truthful, my opinion of WinTec had reached a record low, shattering the one set earlier that day from Sam’s email. But I didn’t feel like helping along Sonia’s reasoning.

“So now I’m a long-term investment to you?”

“Yes, but in a much better way than you think. You already know it’s not wholly business with me,” she said while trailing a finger down her legs, making me follow the trail again.

“Have you been following me? Is that how you found me at the bar Wednesday?” I asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yes, I’ve followed you for a little while, noting the places you frequented. You really don’t get out that often, do you?”

“No, why should I?”

“Visiting a bar three straight nights must be a record for you. I can take a little bit of pride in making you more social then.”

Sonia pulled out the napkin of poetry I’d written. “Did you mean those words that you wrote?”

I took up my right to remain silent.

“Preston, what happened to the ‘beautiful women make me pretty honest’ side of you? That should be an easy question to answer.”

“Maybe you’re so beautiful that I’ve moved past honesty,” I tried saying sarcastically, not catching on right away to the compliment I’d given.

“Aww, how sweet. I guess you moved into ‘speechlessness’ then,” she mused. “But I know you still have some questions, and I’d still like some answers for you.”

“Even if you already know the answers?”

She smiled demurely, “It is quite pleasurable hearing them from you.”

Instead of answering, I moved on to my next question. “How much did Bason pay you for your services?”


My eyes went wide at that. I had no idea if in consulting/espionage terms that that was a standard rate for her or a special amount, but the idea that someone paid that much for someone to simply guide me said a lot about either Bason’s desperation, my value, or Sonia’s skill.

“Was last night special for you?”

I narrowed my eyes at her frankly stupid question. “You know it was. What the hell makes me special, or a favorite?”

“In my work, despite the money being good, the clientele and the subjects are often not very likeable. There are assholes abound, more than I ever expected, maybe just in their reaction or judgment of me. Many of the nicer subjects are already taken, and I have no need to disrupt a perfectly good relationship. You, on the other hand, are very unlike what I’m used to. Cordial, friendly, appreciative of me as a woman and a hypnotist, and you have a deep passion that runs deep enough in your attraction and adoration to have inspired me. I look at you and honestly see a bit of a kindred spirit. You’re very good at what you do, like me, but often nothing like the people we work with or for.”

I was starting to hate how convincing she was.

“How much did you think of me last night after I sent you home?”

“Too much,” I tried to say with disdain, while trying to fight off the erection for just thinking about it. “What’s your end goal in regards to me?”

“Frankly, to delve deeper into your mind and growing desire to be in my presence, give me pleasure, and receive pleasure from you that I will also enjoy. To keep in constant, close contact with you to explore your submission and to inspire your wonderful ideas, be it inventions or flattering poetry. I see this as the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Oh, and one more question before we get started. My feet are aching for another lovely massage.”

In the summary of it all, what she was proposing was possible. That’s as much positivity as my mind wanted to give it. My body screamed something different as I looked at her. Sonia was inviting me into a life she was going to force me into one way or another. Her confidence in all of this made my male pride strike back in it’s own way.

“Where’s my car key?” I asked expectantly, signaling the end of the quid pro quo and saying ‘no’ to her offer.

Sonia knew exactly where my mind was going, and probably knew that my body was on her side. She sighed, and then her smile changed from that of sympathy to an accepted challenge. She seemed ready for the moment of fight or flight as she pulled it out of her pocket and held her hand out for me to take it.

I walked to her, trying to maintain my focus on the key, the key to my freedom, despite the lovely trappings surrounding it. Conveniently for her, as I reached for the key, it slipped between her fingers and down near her silky legs crossed one over another. I hesitated as I saw where it was, somewhere it that irresistible sight of looking down around her legs.

“Could…could you pick up the key, please?”

“I don’t think so Preston; I’m quite comfortable where I am. Would you mind picking it up for me?”

I really tried to move carefully down, but my knees started to buckle just for moving an inch downward. The fear of my body maybe wanting to fall helplessly in front of her made me close my eyes as I fell onto my knees, almost painfully. I could feel the heat of her body, and could smell perfume wafting from her legs. I could barely breathe to avoid the sweet smell while blindly searching the floor with my hands for the key. Even the sound of the fabric of her pantyhose was helping to make me hard.

“Oh, I almost forgot, I had one more question for you. You poetry describing me – why didn’t you finish it?”

Her question made me stop to think about what she was actually asking me.

“Your last stanza was incomplete, and ended on ‘silky legs, lovely feet’. Was there more to it?”

It never occurred to me whether I’d finished my thought that night of if there was more to say. I know I told her what I thought of her, but why was she asking this?

“I’ve wondered if there was more since I read your napkin, obviously your first impression of me. At one point I came to a conclusion – you couldn’t write anything else.”

What did she mean by that?

“Just like where you are now, what else is there to think about when my silky legs and feet are on your mind, in your presence? Maybe that’s the be-all, end-all of your thoughts, because you cease to think past this point. There’s no need to, no desire to, not consciously anyway. Your unconscious mind will think in this state though; it will think and feel, and react to whatever is affecting it. And I love that.”

Her soothing, convincing words were getting to me, making me forget I had hands that were searching for something.

“I love how you feel your way into my influence. I speak and move my body, and you act on everything, for our mutual benefit. Your lovely poetry continues not only in your written words, but what you feel and how you feel, and how you express it with me. It makes you feel so good; makes me feel so wonderful, to have you snuggled so deeply into my control, doesn’t it?”

Falling into Sonia’s spell felt so close, but I had dwindling yet existent glimmer of hope in resistance. But the moment my fingertips brushed against the key on the carpet, Sonia’s foot brushed against my face, right under my nose. The surprise of it made me take a deep breath in, and I felt immediately softened as my resolved was silenced and the hope was snuffed out. I took several deep breaths without thinking, forgetting the key was in my grasp, or that there was a key. Sonia’s foot actually began to support the weight of my head as I leaned on it.

“Good boy,” she whispered the sexist whisper that’d ever graced my ears.

The encouragement made me open my eyes and come face-to-foot with my surrender.

Not even to resist, but to make the obvious observation that would’ve been resistance moments earlier, I told her “you…’re…hypn…o…tizing…”

“And you like it, don’t you,” came the affirming sexy whisper.

She interpreted the yes out of my gripping her foot in my hands and languishing kisses all over it. The intoxication of her feet came rushing back to me like it was yesterday. The knowledge of my life course had changed, and I placed it’s direction solely in her hands, happy in the condition that I believed she would care for me and hollow me out and fill me with bliss, and allow me to remain her ‘good boy’.

“God, I love this power you give me.”

I loved it too at that point; anything that made her happy, and me lost in her.

“It’s amazing how this specific part of my body commands all of your attention, and leaves you so suggestive. Lie down flat on the floor.”

It was so easy to obey her words. The carpet became a cloud for me to rest on. Listlessness was all that kept me from reaching up to caress her feet again, but they came down on their own to further claim me. One foot revolved over my head, brushing my face as I tried kissing it. The other foot made it hard to keep my lips pursed to kiss, as I moaned loudly the way her toes idly brushed my growing arousal sometimes, and assaulted it vigorously from top to bottom.

“I’ve had many men and women in my power, Preston. Some even under my feet. One detail or another has kept me from them or I being able to engage in anything long-term. And very few who came close to that have been as interesting and lucky as you. I meant what I said that you were special in my eyes. There’s ample reason to keep you in my presence, but what may have surprised me the most is how everything adds to having control of your arousal. I could’ve made a sub like you with all the ones I’ve met, sure. But you’re just the right concoction of intelligence and sweet submission, as if you’re made for me.”

I couldn’t tell anymore if it was her words or her voice that were making my head swim, and I didn’t care anymore.

“You’re the kind of sub I’ve always wanted, and I won’t be letting you go. Having a good boy like you at my feet, under them, like it was part of a spell I cast over you, the thought is so sexy and empowering. For you it must feel like you’re being brainwashed, being filled with so much love and need for them that they’ll become irresistible to you. I brainwash you with every kiss you reverently give me,” she stated as she lowered her toes to my mouth, giving me the chance to kiss each individual one, “and with every moment my feet play with their new toy,” she said, her other toes gave my erect head a good squeeze.

“And guess what’s going to make you cum soon.”

I couldn’t guess, it didn’t feel like a command.

Her foot that was at my crotch moved back to where her shoe was, and put her toes in it to lift it up while letting the heel dangle. The sight a foot fetishist like me considers sacred, less than a foot in-front of my eyes, coaxing me into deeper hypnosis and stronger arousal like she suggested.

“Good boy, just watch it swing. Just think about the delicate balance I command; the beautiful shoes hang on my sexy feet like your mind hangs on my spellbinding words. But the inevitability of cumming and falling totally under my control is unlike the shoe potentially falling. There’s no question of your descent, but will the shoe fall? Will I allow it to fall? Does making it swing back and forth like this make it easier to fall of my feet? And if it did, would you fall fast and cum deeply if you saw my feet?”

Of course, Sonia’s toes flexed to release the shoe, releasing my cum and mind in the process. I just lost everything and held onto Sonia’s power which I knew was all around me. I stayed that way for a long time. She asked me questions, and my mouth moved on it’s own. I was a passenger while Sonia drove me to do everything she asked. It was like that throughout what was left of the night, and I could only express happiness for all of this to continue into tomorrow.



I woke up in my bed, after sleeping really deeply. My muscles ached, like I’d overslept, but parts of me felt like I came in my sleep. I couldn’t remember what kind of wet dream I had, no matter how hard I tried. Trying somehow reminded me to check my closet for something.

More than the shock of a pair of woman’s heels next to my sneakers was the bliss that slid down my spine as I looked at them. “Those are someone’s heels,” I told myself. Next I checked my drawers and noted my t-shirts folded next to a vacant section with only a pair of black stockings laying in the center. I grabbed them and felt the fabric in my hands, savoring the feel of them.

This was all too surreal. Women’s attire arranged neatly in my bedroom like someone else was living here. Something I always wanted but couldn’t figure out for the life of me who else would be here. I stepped out of the bedroom to find my answer. Sonia, my new roommate. God, she was sexy. I’d met her at the hotel bar near me, and we hit it off amazingly well. She told me she was looking for a temporary place to stay, and I couldn’t help but offer to take her in. My two-bedroom apartment had space to spare, but no one to share it with in a long time. We checked her out earlier in the morning, and arrived at my place with just a small bit of luggage.

Sonia smiled at me and urged me to join her on the couch. The first thing I felt like doing was kneeling in front of the couch and kissing her gorgeous bare feet. I had no idea that I would act on that desire so easily, but Sonia didn’t seem to mind; she actually encouraged it.

“Good boy,” she told me, and I reveled in that new pet phrasing.

“Did you have a good nap, Preston?”

“Really good nap Sonia; thanks for suggesting it to me.”

“It’s really my pleasure, I like being around someone who can take suggestions well and makes me feel good.”

“I…I’m not sure what we talked about Sonia. I was kind of surprised to find your things in my bedroom.”

“We talked about how good it would be to have my things so close to you to help me with. I noticed how well they fit there too, and I’m sure they’ll be plenty more space available for my things, won’t there?”

I smiled back at her, “Of course Sonia, mi casa e su casa.”

“There you go making me feel good again; good boy.”

“Sonia, I’m glad you’re here, but I really can’t remember if there were any specific terms to you being here. I haven’t had a girlfriend in a long time, and never a female roommate, so-”

She silenced me with her index finger pressed to my lips.

“Not to worry, we don’t have a set or defined relationship here; it’s all about convenience and pleasure with me. This can be whatever we want it to be. Isn’t that nice?”

The way she put it, it was like every guy’s dream to have this kind of woman so close in their lives. I loved that and how close I was to her. The fact that it was all about pleasure means there would be opportunities to always please her.

“What do you have there in your hand, Preston?”

“Oh, I think these are yours?”

“You’re not sure? What if they’re yours?”

I thought about that for a second; “I’ve never worn stockings before, have I?”

“I’m just kidding Preston, they’re mine. And guess what you get to do for me everyday when I’m here?”

I thought I couldn’t be that lucky, to have a roommate with sexy legs who’d let me put her stockings on for her. But she put her feet on my stomach as I still knelt before her. I felt the blood drain fast into my arousal and my head sort of blissed out.

“Of course you can Preston. I want you to.”

That was all I needed to hear as I quickly, yet delicately kissed her foot and began to roll the stockings up her leg, smoothing it out as well as I could, kissing every smooth section when I was done. I did the same for the next leg, while her hand rested on my head, rustling and caressing it. This was like heaven.

“See what good boys get to do for Sonia?”

“I love being your good boy Sonia.”

“And I love hearing that my good boy.”

After I was done, she let me rest my head in her lap, as her fingers continued to play with my hair and face.

“This really was convenient,” I thought as I remembered more of Sonia. She said she was a consultant, who often helped guys like me with great ideas but little-to-no guidance in the industry. She was willing to help me with that, and I was willing to let her live here and be of service to her. I was primarily working for WinTec, but that could change over time. I probably wouldn’t work for some companies like Bason, but I know Sonia will take care of me. She cares for me deeply, and I believe everything she tells me. And she inspires me like some kind of muse, even enough to jot down spontaneous poetry that she likes.

“Maybe you have some more lovely poetry for me to read later, right?”

“Of course, whatever you like.”

This is what I need in my life now, all of my desires fulfilled.

“Thank you Sonia,” I whispered in content pleasure.

“You’re very welcome, my good boy.”

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