Sonia & Preston – Mistletoes

A special twist to a holiday tradition.


Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through their house
merely two creatures were stirring,
from earlier attentiveness under her blouse.

The stockings were hung,
on her exquisite feet with care,
in the hopes that her mercy
would let him do more than stare.

Her pet mentally nestled
while she rested in their bed.
Visions of stroking, stockinged feet,
endlessly danced on his head.

Only seeing Sonia’s unmoving hose,
lying flat with no thinking cap,
he assumed their brains were settled
for a long winter nap.

When out in the distance
arose a snapping of fingers,
eyes sprang from drowsiness,
responsiveness to her will ever-lingers.

Away from or further into deep sleep,
mind racing quickly for a dream,
shuddering deeply from pleasure
just staring at that silky seam.

The moon like her breast,
shining brilliantly, making knees buckle.
Highlighting all and especially her foot,
giving him the urge to suckle.

Like a comet strike from cupid,
donnered control to an infatuation blitzen.
Teasing dashes of dancing, prancing toes
digits and the dependent owned by the vixen.

From the tips of her toes
to the forehead of her thrall,
the magnetic distance was closed,
thoughts dashed to her beck and call.

And then, in a twinkling
He heard an echoing moan
and a chorus of silent smiles
from a purring queen and her drone.

As he drew his head up
lips ecstatic at what they had found
down came more even livelier feet
that kept him thoroughly bound.

Dressed in all soothing silk,
from her ankle to her toenail
covering powerful, unblemished skin
poising her above every male.

Treating each toe like jewelry,
he licked and sucked and nourished
sweeter than any holiday candy
knowing his true self flourished.

Thoughts and time stuck in twilight
his existence begging for a standstill
until he could satiate his need,
an impossible task to fulfill.

She eventually pulled his treat away
her pet expressing whines and woes.
But they both knowingly understood,
He always submitted as he should,
allowed one final, traditional kiss under her mistletoes.

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