Sonia & Preston – Without Words

A classic Christmas tale told from a hypnotic submissive’s perspective.

T’was a night not unfamiliar,
nor uncomfortable, nor dire,
A night of two people,
Whom lit each other’s fire.

She walked in the living room
decadently-dressed, as if on her prowl.
Conditioning zeroed his senses on only her,
every element a reason to primally howl.

Darkness sprung to life from her appearance,
smoky eyes matching the hair, matching the dress.
Obediently vulnerable to all that she was,
he was beyond a need to confess.

Pursed dark lips remained silent as well,
body language concocting a seductive tome.
There was already a captive audience at hand,
eyes helplessly made to roam.

The way she carried her gorgeous self,
the way her fingers casually held her heels.
The way they shared the same breath,
the way the amethyst shimmers, telling him how he feels.

Deep dark eyes watched him carefully,
observing submission in multiple degrees.
Upon closer inspection, she saw more
A willful flicker amidst inertia he couldn’t ignore.
His way of asking, begging “Please.”

Intuitive seductress that she was,
She acknowledged his request.
Merciful woman that she could be,
The amethyst gestured to the submissively-possessed.


Her offering was sweet and bold,
playful feet moving with eager hands.
Kissing, licking, worshipping with initiative,
and still acquiescing to their commands.

She rested back blissfully content,
massaging fingers arching her back steeper,
while soft feet stroked his face,
and stroked his mind deeper.

Hunger built as time passed,
measured in moans, kisses, and purrs.
Dedication trailed up her calves and thighs,
for pleasure not exclusively hers.

Breathless gasps joined the chorus,
Responding to his native tongue.
A thirsty man nearly finding nourishment,
hot, juicy liquid from which it sprung.

Such was their understanding,
Their wordless, breathless shorthand
Indulging in seconds or thirds
Their waltz without words,
Rising to meet whatever Mistress Sonia may demand.

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