Sonia & Preston – My Life Laid at Her Feet

The budding arrangement between Sonia and Preston continues to bear fruit.

Opening my eyes from sleep to stare at the side of the bed instead of the wall wasn’t as surprising as it should’ve been for me. It’d been pretty common of late to wake up under a soft, plush comforter and pillow placed on the floor for me, instead of the bed. I still sleep there, but my roommate wanted the bed to herself last night, and far be it from me to not oblige her. She always made it easy on me though, making sure I was sleeping on or in some equivalent of a comfortable sleeping bag. That was sort of Sonia in essence for me – loving to show off her dominant position over me, while making mine as comfortable as possible in our custom-tailored relationship.

I leaned up from the pillow stretching my arms and torso, and notice she’d rested her head on her pillow still, facing me with open eyes and a happy smile. I couldn’t help but notice the mischievous gleam in her eye, and figured I was in for something interesting coming later today.

“Good morning, roomie,” she said sleepily and seductively.

“Good morning, roomie,” I replied with an enamored tone.

Calling a live-in temptress a ‘roomie’ seemed like the strangest thing to call her, but despite what went on between us, it still loosely defined what we were, and she loved using the phrasing, so I quickly got used to it. Sonia leaned up from the bed and stretched, as did I from the bedding on the floor. She looked like a kid on a Saturday morning, happily waking at her leisure for a fun day ahead, even if it was early. Her outlook was almost always seemed positive and optimistic, as if things would be good one way or another. Her beauty and creativity certainly contributed to making the world a more positive place to me; she was at least the best thing about my day.

I often would wake with morning arousal, and it used to be annoying; Sonia makes it all the more interesting if I sleep near her. This morning she noticed it tenting my pants and swung her legs off the bed toward me. One of her bare feet pressed against my hip, rooting me there, while her other moved so close to my manhood, brushing the air around it but somehow never coming into contact with it. She teased me with such vigor, making me harder, desperate to feel. It would’ve lasted longer if the alarm didn’t go off.

Sonia reached over to silence the alarm and moved her feet away to make their way to the bathroom, leaving me dazed for a second before she said “please get a black set ready,” as she headed to shower.

Knowing exactly what she meant, I got up and retrieved a pair of black sheer pantyhose from a drawer and a pair of black heels from the closet, both places had space set aside exclusively for her, and I was happy to give it to her as some older clothes of mine were taken to charity. Once she was done with showering and dried herself off, she dressed herself while I waited at the foot of the bed to complete her wardrobe.

She said nothing as she sat down on the bed and pressed her feet against my legs, waiting to be served. I could smell perfume she applied to her legs, something sweet and bold, making my head swim even more than just having her so close to me. I first took her left foot in my hand and placed a reverent kiss on it, and began rolling the stocking up from her feet. I was careful to be as gentle and careful with them as possible, but the smell and the sight of her increasingly silky legs created a strong need to give them attention as I serviced. I kissed and licked her feet and up her legs the further I rolled the stockings up. With her eyes closed I could tell she was enjoying this treatment, as she always did most mornings. After attaching the stocking properly, I moved to apply the stocking to the right one, showering the right with chaste kisses for variety’s sake.

Once her legs were completely silk-encased, I was allowed to slip the heels onto her feet, as gently as I did with the stockings. Sonia looked incredible as always in the silk stockings and heels, and couldn’t help but hug her legs and place one last kiss on them before she told me it was time for me to get ready for the day.

I’d showered quickly, shaved, brushed my teeth, and dressed for the lab today. Another mundane day of checking other people’s research and experiments to look forward to. Despite the company finding itself unable to fund new projects like they used to, I felt my ideas were wasted there. Sonia knew how frustrated I was, so her encouragement to go ahead and get started on my own projects at work felt like a good idea. It turned out to be a great idea, as everyday I could sneak in at least a combined hour in to actually develop things worthwhile, at least for blueprints.

I met Sonia in the kitchen; she made herself some toast and was doodling something on a blank piece of paper. Boldly, I took her drawing hand in mine and pressed my lips to the back of it.

“Thank you for this morning Sonia.”

“You’re very welcome, roomie.”

She set the toast down on a napkin and placed her other hand on my shoulder. I almost felt like sinking to hmy knees of my own volition, but I waited for my enchanting roommate to apply the pressure and place me where she wanted, where we both loved me to be.

In the high kitchen chair she sat in, it was high enough where I was eye-level with her heel, dangling off of her toes, flooding my head with a pleasurable fog which only her nice-sounding words could cut through. I found myself kind of in-and-out of consciousness for a minute, swaying, thinking about kissing the exposed heel, but it felt equally good to stay where I was and just listen. By the time she was finished, I felt even more motivated to get to work to do a good job for myself, and for her. She helped me up to my feet, and waved good-bye to me as I left my apartment.

The studies I’ve read of pets increasing quality of life for their owners made sense, but maybe in my case, being a pet of sorts could make living all the sweeter. The little annoying elements of waking up and getting to work are easily counteracted by images of Sonia. The long drive to work, being stuck in traffic, didn’t seem nearly as bad today with the thought of her exposed silken heel that I wanted to kiss, and might have an opportunity to later. It was easy to keep that mental image all the way to work, watching other people become extremely frustrated by road construction, thinking calmly how I used to be like that every day.

The image faded slightly as I walked into work, ready to get some work done. Sam noticed how much happier I seemed the last few weeks as opposed to before, when I explained to him in private how much scaling things back like he was was a mistake. I wondered if he thought I was right, but just glad that I seemed to be more accepting of his decision now.

Sitting at my desk, I spent a good two hours on a primarily company project. Something tedious and child’s play, but necessary to Sam and the brass. After putting that work in, I opened my own app and brought up a table for a new side project. The two hours of tedious work felt justified for the hour of great progress I made in my real work. With this new project, I thought about taking this directly to Sam and asking if this could be worth moving forward on. He was probably thinking in conservative-mode still, but my work was shaping up to be a potential stroke of genius. As I thought about it though, the image of Sonia’s heel suddenly popped back up in my mind. It dangled sexily at me urging me to follow it and stare, until I found myself looking up her legs and to her face from my kneeling position. I saw those beautifully dark-painted lips form a smile, and maintain a smile through speaking words I couldn’t hear, but it was distracting enough to watch her lips move, and I suddenly came back to myself. I ended up concluding to wait on it, and develop it further. I didn’t expect Sam to do anything like steal my idea, but maybe now wasn’t the right time yet.

I had my lunch at my desk like usual. I did have the occasion to visit an art gallery Sonia recommended where we could meet each other, but she was busy today, so I ate alone. Today was a quick ham and cheese because I needed a bit of time to prepare for the meeting coming up. I was about wipe my mouth off with the napkin in my bag, until I noticed what was already on it. It was a doodle of Sonia’s legs in stockings, probably what she was working on that morning. It trigger a bit of momentary euphoria in my body, as well as the dark lipstick imprint and the text “Have a good day.” I closed my eyes to let the sensation soak in, and then tucked Sonia’s napkin neatly in my pocket and used a tissue from the box on my desk to wipe my mouth on.

“Press, they’re starting the meeting a little early. It’s in five minutes,” my co-worker Kim told me from the doorway.

“Thanks, Kim. I’ll be right there.”

As she stepped away, I noticed the nylons and heels she wore, and how similar they were to Sonia’s. It was practically the standard attire for most female scientists that I worked with. It was always a lovely sight that I couldn’t partake in, at least before Sonia. Glimpses here and there, but had to suppress my desire to stare, at least out of respect for the ladies cause they’re more than what they wear. Thanks to Sonia, the quick looks I get now end up inspiring me to write thoughts about them down. It ends up being something Sonia loves to read, so it’s a constant part of my note-taking besides problem-solving and equations.

With everyone seated at the meeting, I could tell this was going to be a long, boring one for me. Some people needed to pay attention, but I’d been over damn-near everything covered. The only joy I used to get from these things was reading people, sometimes guessing with one would show the first sign of almost keeling over from drowsiness. Other times I’d be running through a problem that would put me a few hours ahead of everyone else. Now, with several ladies dressed for the lab like Kim, a few glances gave me some ideas. Another co-worker, Susie, tapped her shoe in a way that seemed really light compared to how heavy they looked. It was that thought that got me writing something.

“The weight of submission
Her sexy stiletto heels weigh 29.5oz.
The silk of her hose weighs 1.9oz.
Each heavy breath she makes me breathe weighs 650ml.
Her hypnotic words weighs 79kgs, my exact weight as I listen to her.
The total weight is inapproximate,
for her heels take me deeper, her hose send me further,
and while each breath makes me lighter,
her words make me sink into her power,
where I float and weigh and wait for her.”

Often, my poetic side sucks, but at least she finds it interesting to read, especially when I write spontaneously. Earlier in the week Sonia sat next to me on the couch and placed her heels right in my lap, crooning to me that she wanted them played with and pampered. It was hard to start because I was noticing the weight of her heels and feet, and how heavy I was under them. The thought of that plus the sound of Susie’s heels clicking put Sonia on the forefront of my mind, instantly making me hard. I actually had to pay attention to Sam’s boring speigl to circulate blood back to my head, at the risk of being hit by drowsiness again.

It was another hour before the meeting was over, and I was able to leave work to run some errands and input my new work into the main blueprint at home. I picked up Sonia’s dry-cleaning as I had a feeling she’d be back around tonight; but was surprised to see her already there early, sitting on my swivel chair and reading something, watching TV. She saw me in the doorway carrying her dry-cleaning and complimented me sultry “good boy,” making the blood rush right back to where Sonia seems to like it.

She asked if I felt like playing (which translated to being played with). I told her I’d love to, but wanted to get a little bit of work out of the way first. She knew I’d meant my own inspired work, so she encouraged me to take care of that first. If there’s one other thing Sonia was besides a seductress, it was a muse. I’ve never been around someone so interested in me, being interested in my own work, certainly not family members or ex-girlfriends. Sonia was one of a kind for me. I was efficiently quick in adding the new work to my database, and made my way back to the living room where she was reading my poetry from earlier. She’d mentioned off-hand how she’d just been paid for another consulting deal, a considerable amount, enough that she volunteered to take care of the rent by herself for the month. All of my objections were overruled with a cute “don’t worry about it roomie” assurance, and caressing my cheek for good measure.

I watched her go back to reading my writing with an amused smile on her face, till something caught my attention on the TV – a news report featuring a rumor about my company’s competitor soon to be touting some new innovation. It was becoming more of a neck-and-neck rivalry between Bason and WinTec, with Sam’s competition happily being more boisterous about whatever they plan to introduce to the market next. Problem was, something in their details ran eerily familiar to an older personal project I’d worked on. The more the tech analyst talked, the more it felt like I knew what he was going to say verbatim. The anger and surprise slowly grew within me until Sonia’s hand started caressing my cheek again. I wanted to tell her to wait, but she directed my face to look down at her beautiful body.


My mind just felt blanketed by what I was seeing. The details of the news report battled against Sonia’s body for my attention, and the valley of her cleavage with her hand suggestively placed there to unbutton and show off more was winning. The skin of her neck and the sexy ponytail she wore kept me off guard, but of course my eyes were finally drawn to her crossed, silken weapons of mass distraction she called legs.

“The weight of submission? What lovely and interesting poetry” she spoke as she ushered me toward the couch.

“My sexy stiletto heel weighs 29.5oz.
The silk of my hose weighs 1.9oz.”

She pressed my face against her legs, allowing me to kiss.

“Mmmm. Each heavy breath I makes you breathe weighs 650ml.
My hypnotic words weighs 79kgs, your exact weight as you listen deeply.”

Sonia was all I could hear. I briefly remembered the TV was on, and something was on it, but it wasn’t important when Sonia was speaking.

“The total weight is incalculable, and irresistible,
for my heels take you deeper, my hose sending you further,
and while each breath makes you lighter,
my words make you sink heavier into my power,
where you float and weigh and wait for my commands.”

“Submit your attention to me and nowhere else. Just my hose, my voice, my will.”

“Yes Sonia.”

I indulged for as long as she let me, as the concerns of my day vanished and refocused on Sonia, happily, mindlessly hers again.

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