Sonia & Preston – Dangling Modifier

A simple, feminine gesture takes root deeply in an ever-programmed mind.


“On rested knees, a sight totally captivates.”

“What the-”

Preston was reluctant to open his eyes, or lift himself out of his sleeping position, kneeling and head resting on the couch cushion. But he did so anyway, out of some strong compulsion from a smooth voice. It no longer seemed strange as he caught a glimpse of who else was on the couch.

His speech didn’t work, nor did his muscles, except for keeping him in place. His eyelids were as open as his mouth, wide and fascinated.

Sonia’s new pair of heels, Louboutins she called them, looked so beautiful on her feet, at least the one that wore them correctly. The other hung so haphazardly against her toes, on the gorgeous edge of her silky toes, he thought they would surely slip off. Like anticipating an accident, her dangling heel held him there. The clarity of it was even more beguiling due to everything else beyond her foot, her body, became lost in the haze of trance.

Sonia’s fingers stroked her leg as if to appreciate the hose’s softness, as that foot slowly moved, tempting the shoe to fall. He knew he was being teased with her stroking, remembering how smooth the fabric felt against her nylon-clad toes, marveling at how the red-bottomed shoe still hung, even in motion. What he was learning was how practiced Sonia’s foot and toes were at holding a sexy shoe up, and holding a mind hostage.

“Steady breathing, the motion of a body almost perfectly still.”

The still processing part of Preston’s mind didn’t know the answer, but Sonia knew each time he inhaled or exhaled it would take longer to do so.

“Frozen in place, but growing hotter because of it.”

The contradiction of her words wasn’t lost on her, but it was very amusing to see his pants tent and throb a little to show he was neither completely still or chilly.

“Worshipped toes and feet, among the number of things that would please me so.”

Preston’s facial muscles shifted from docile to needy, and Sonia knew internally he wasn’t just mesmerized anymore, he also needed to expose himself to her femininity. And her expertly-dangling foot was getting closer, whether he was reflexively leaning toward it or she brought it closer to him.

“Lips against silk, this is my command.”

His hands were freed into the willing captivity of Sonia’s silky ankle and heel. His touch was as gentle as she could ever remember, and his eyes refused to close to give his other senses more energy to appreciate his worshipping. His lips pressed deeply into the arches, and he captured what toes he could into his mouth, all of his efforts at just the right pressure to please her and not have the shoe fall.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa might as well have been a perfectly vertical structure compared to the balancing act he was looking at now. He could only wonder what might happen if that shoe fell.

“Falling to the floor, you know who follows.”

Sonia’s toes flexed in that way that always drew his attention, and the shoe fell. It seemed to happen in slow motion in Preston’s eyes, and his body started to fall before her shoe even hit the floor. He indeed followed the path of the shoe; it, his body and mind were now all under Sonia.

“Hoping to satisfy, you find yourself moving upwards.”

Preston’s eyes remain shut and the subspace he floated in merely waited for thoughts from his sensual controller. After receiving them, his body was on auto-pilot. He knew her foot was close and she obliged in him finding it. His kisses were much more passionate as he now had a clear road northbound.

A trail of kisses and licks from her sole to her inner thigh in a straight line caused her to lean back and gasp, automatically lowering her soaked panties for him. Sonia’s gasp translated as its own thought in his mind that told him to keeping going and produce more of that sound. Kisses and licks turned almost exclusively to licks, deep inside her well of pleasure.

Neither knew how long it took for her to reach a climax, but her scream left Preston’s body awash with pleasure and the satisfaction of fulfilling his given command. He gave her a few more gentle licks, and reverted back to kneeling a little ways from her without being told to do so, waiting for her to fully recover.

“Twirling heel, a new path to be followed.”

Preston opened his eyes to the familiar sight of the dangling shoe, but now Sonia was rotating it circularly. Her foot expressed boldness and skill, like she knew it would only fall when she desired it. His eyes took on that same docile stare, and his neck made it so his eyes only had to stare forward. Sonia’s heel became a sensuously-shaped dancer, dressed in black and red, prancing to the rhythm that made his head go round and round,

“Stroking for me, a natural reaction to my body, my control.”

His hand freed his arousal and began stroking, already slightly lubricated at the leaking pre-cum. His hand matching the speed of his spinning head. She mercilessly made his mind spin and his cock beg for release; she let herself get lost in her sexual control over him, until it looked like his breathing was becoming labored. At that point she let her foot and his head become still, even though he still stroked.

“Dangling heel, something that stops you in your tracks, never lets go, and makes you instantly mine.”

His low groan sounded just as good as an audible “yes” to her.

She finally lifted the shoe over his head, and let the edge of the stiletto touch the tip of his nose, and he fell helplessly to the floor.

“Sonia, the one to whom you must comply.”

Sonia smiled wickedly down at him. This was a routine she’d performed three consecutive times before, amusing herself on a day with no set plans, exploiting and enhancing a lovely part of Preston’s fetish for feet and shoes, nearly exclusively for Sonia’s feet now. She wondered how far she could take this, wondering if six more times would be too much. He was already very well conditioned and reshaped how she wanted, but the idea of literally taking him 10 times deeper was so tempting.

As often as she idly made that gesture, Preston was bound go much deeper over time, at different times of the day, taken by different styles of sandals, slippers, stilettos, anything that could dangle from those powerful toes. Looking down at her pet, she decided to play it by ear. Maybe after a few more rounds of conditioning, she’d finally let him cum.

10 minutes later, Preston became aware of the light pressure on his knees, and his responding to the sound of her voice again.

“On rested knees, a sight totally captivates.”

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