Sonia Musings – Stage Delight

A young couple attend a stage hypnosis show in Las Vegas.

Matt and Polly sat in their coach seats in giddy anticipation. Their interaction had steadily beginning to become giddy the more they spent time together. After knowing each other for years, one spontaneous kiss led to something that even their families thought made sense before they knew. Hanging out and being in a relationship was better than either expected, as their mutual attraction could be acted on with no qualms now. On a whim, for their vacation, they decided to head to Las Vegas, cause neither of them had ever been. Matt had the money saved up to go, but kept putting it off for various reasons. Fortunately, he ended up saving enough for both of them to leisurely enjoy themselves.

Polly leaned into Matt’s shoulder, wishing the armrest wasn’t there to separate, or wishing the flight attendants wouldn’t throw a fit if they shared the same seat, sitting on top of his lap like she liked to. She tilted his head away from the window to bring their lips together, liking public displays of affection, and loving that Matt would always respond in kind.

Matt kissed Polly back, loving the feel of their lips together. He might’ve been hesitant with any other girlfriend, but it felt natural with Polly. Matt loved how different she was from any other girl. She was certainly beautiful like the rest; dark, silky hair, beautiful face, great figure, and liked to dress attractively. But Polly was quirky, which her past boyfriends didn’t care for that much, but set her apart in a good way. She was friendlier than most, she liked to use her body to tease, and liked to spontaneously change her looks up every now and then (lately with colored highlights in her hair). She was even comfortable with Matt always calling his nickname for her, “Polly,” cause she’s loved and often owned parrots since he knew her from grade school.

After their exchange, she reached to the back of the seat in front of her, to look for brochures. Neither had planned to really play this by ear, but it might be a good idea to see what the town had to offer, even for Vegas which probably had a bit of everything.

“Did you have any money set for gambling?”

“A little bit,” Matt said. “I was planning to do some at one point, but maybe I can put it toward one of those cheesy lover’s suites instead.”

“Awww,” Polly said, stroking his face. “Don’t worry, it’s not like I really need the paraphernalia to get me going,” she winked.

He loved that teasing side of Polly. She always had it, but reserved it for just a few people, including him, before they were even together. Knowing she was really half-teasing and that she might actually be even more affectionate than usual this weekend got him excited just thinking about how she might turn a plain hotel room into some kind of sex chamber. Polly couldn’t help but look down to see his pants reacting to his growing fantasy. Fortunately no one was looking in their direction to see Polly’s palm pressing down against it or the kiss she gave him to suppress his moans.

“Sounds like what I said really got you going too,” she said before kissing him again. “Patience baby, we’ve got a long weekend ahead of us. But for now,” Matt felt a stack of paper being pressed against his chest, “maybe you should start planning places for us to go.”

He looked down to find Polly’s hand holding brochures of Vegas attractions. He smiled and took them from her hand, unfolding one and letting it fall to his lap so no one could see him recovering as he checked see possible activities. None were any he had in-mind now, but he figured they might as well take in the sights while they could, since they were traveling. Browsing through several of them, he started listing possible attractions.

“Let’s see, besides gambling, this month, there’s going to be a few musicals, some concerts, that circus thing.”

“Circus thing?”

“The guys and the tiger.”

“Siegfried and Roy.”

“Yeah, those two.”

“I pity that tiger always having to do tricks like that.”

“I pity them when the tiger gets fed up and hungry for something else.”

Polly chuckled at that.

“Do you like shows?” Polly asked.

“Uhh, some. What kind of shows?”

“Hmm,” she though. “Maybe something like that.”

At hearing “that,” Matt felt a finger pressing against the brochure in his lap, also pressing into what was a previously deflating arousal. Her hand and his lap jumped at that, and Polly buried herself in Matt’s shoulder to keep from laughing out loud.

“That show is private.”

“True, but I’m happy to see it anywhere. But I meant what I was pointing at on the paper Matty.”

He looked down at where she meant to point and saw an ad for a hypnotist’s show.

He looked at her with a strange, disbelieving smile. “Really?”

“What, it sounds fun.”

Mark read the show’s explanation quietly enough so it was between them.

“Looking for some exciting fun? For a chance to really let go and be yourself? Consider yourself invited to the most infamous stage hypnotism show in Las Vegas. You won’t believe your eyes (but we’ll help) (wink).”

“I guess fun recently turned into a synonym for cheesy recently.”

Polly wrapped her arm around him. “I can’t convince you you should try it?”

“You know you can convince me when we’re this close, but do you really expect the show to convince you it’s going to be worth whatever the price of admission is.”

“With this one, I’m willing to risk it? Remember those once-a-month shows back at State?”

“Yeah. What about them?”

“One of them was a hypnotist show that got canceled. Before it was canceled, I found myself really looking forward to attend. It could’ve been cheesy, but I was more interested to see what happened if it really worked.”

“This was before I came to State, right?”

“A year before. You would’ve remembered because I would’ve tried to bring, or in your case, drag you along. And you may have remembered dogging a bullet when it turned out to be canceled last minute.”

Matt thought about what Polly described, being dragged to a stupid show by a good friend, and imagining his relief when they may have showed up to the college center to see canceled plastered over a flyer. Polly shook her head at the sly grin on his face.

“Well, you won’t escape this time darling, because there’s a show listed tonight, and we’re going.”

Matt’s smile disappeared as it seemingly relocated to Polly’s face.

* * *

After arriving at their hotel, and a bit of fooling around (Matt advancing and Polly teasing mostly), they began to get dressed for the show. Matt simply changed into another pair of jeans and a t-shirt to get ready. Polly had come out of the bathroom absolutely ready for a night out, dressed in a velvet top, skirt boots over dark nylons. Her hair and make-up were done up nicely, and she posed for him in the bathroom’s doorway, letting Matt stare for several minutes.

“I guess hypnosis really does work,” she joked, letting Matt come back to awareness.

“I….think I’m under-dressed for this.”

“No, you’re fine Matty. I just decided to live it up a little tonight.”

“Yes, yes you did. But you should’ve warned me about dressing like that tonight.”


“I haven’t done enough push-ups for all the guys I’ll have to fight off trying to hit on you or take you away.”

“Aww, don’t worry. We’ll be fine. If it comes to that, I’ll just french you right in front of them, so they’ll know where my affections lie.”

“Can you be charged for indecent exposure if your dick is just hard in your pants in public?”

She got her jacket off the bed as she headed toward the door.

“We might just find out tonight.”

Matt thought that his girlfriend just might be too awesome for him.

* * *

Matt felt lucky that they decided to attend the show first instead of getting dinner first. They made it there early by cab, but it was full soon after that. He didn’t imagine such a show would be filled like that, even by other tourists. He would’ve guessed that a lot of locals were attending the show too, if the audience’s attire was any indication of what a tourist typically looked like.

Polly was among the prettiest of the crowd, and certainly got a few glances, making Matt throw a few back just for posterity’s sake. He was happy that she paid them no mind, but trying to downplay how happy he was as she teased him. Seated next to him, she crossed her legs over another, letting her boot occasionally brush his leg.

“You did hear them when they said the show would start any second, right?”

“I guess a girl can’t enjoy a pre-show,” speaking in a sigh as her foot leaned against his leg and rose around his knee as she uncrossed her leg. It was arousing how dare-devilish she was tonight, but that thought was put on hold as the lights dimmed and an announcer’s voice rang through the room.”

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Delight Club, and welcome to the premiere show of the evening. Tonight, for our hypnosis show, we have a very special guest. A lovely, semi-retired hypnotist whose never lost her touch, and can’t seem to stay away for long, and who can blame her? Please give a warm welcome to the wonderful, the enchanting, the mind-bending Ms. Velvetine!”

Ms. Velvetine stepped onto the stage and some of the audience audibly gasped at the beautiful woman. Matt could’ve biasly admitted that Polly was the most attractive woman there tonight, but Ms. Velvetine was quite the competition, he had to admit. The female hypnotist wore a long, strapless, velvet dress that hugged her slim torso, and slit the dress down near her thigh. Her hair was a combination of silvery-light grey with some shiny sparkles and black streaks, an exotic look sometimes found in medieval fantasy novels. Her top hat and cane helped to complete the showy persona, the end of her cane reflected her hair with a light-grey, glittery draw. She gracefully took the mic from the exiting announcer and gave a warm smile to the whole audience.

“Good evening everyone.”

The room was filled with a low and seductive voice. Matt even heard Polly utter “wow” under her breath.

“Thank you all for coming to my show. Our lovely host was right that I am semi-retired. I’ve certainly tried fully-retired, but full, splendid crowds like you do keep bringing me back. And honestly the other thing that keeps me coming back is the trade.”

She set her cane aside, and impressively flipped her top hat off her head, twirling it between her hands.

“I admit hypnosis is a trade I can apply anywhere, and I love how I can do it anywhere, but there is something glorious in stage shows like this, where I can share it openly with so many, be they true-believers or disbelievers. Either of which pay me the greatest compliment as they walk away from my show thinking or telling me it was ‘unbelievable.'”

Matt and Polly didn’t know whether to watch her hands or the hat as she performed more tricks with it. She actually made it look like the hat disappeared for a few seconds, surprising everyone who caught the illusion at first.

Ms. Velvetine looked out at the audience to see how many had caught that demonstration and smiled.

“For those of you who caught that, that was a little bit of a magic trick that I did with my hat. Hypnosis could almost be seen in the same light, an illusionary trick played on the mind, or actual real magic. Some might choose to look at it all like that, but here’s one thing I will confirm for all of you,”

She flipped the hat back onto her head easily, and pointed at her temples.

“The real magic is all right here, and for those truly interested in it, the journey, the ride there is best experience by just having fun and going along. Trust me, you’ll find yourself enjoying tonight before you know it, more than you ever thought. If you can think.”

“Now I’d like a set of volunteers please, 8 people please. Who feels intrigued enough to try out this out for themselves?”

A few hands in the audience rose, Velvetine pointed them out and asked them to come to the stage. Matt heard a whisper in his ears “do you dare?”

“No, I don’t think I do.”


“Yeah, I think I might have stage fright.”

“I bet you I can break that.”


Polly whispered something into his ear, and wasn’t totally shocked to see his eyes widen and his hand nearly rocket into the air. Polly concealed the laughing with her mouth as the hypnotist asked the “very enthusiastic man” to come up.
Matt walked nervously up to the stage, questioning by the seconds if Polly’s offer was really worth it. Polly watched as he made his way to the stage, thinking his offer may have caused that awkward pants-shifting walk. As soon as 8 chairs on stage were full, Ms. Velvetine asked for a round of applause from the crowd. The participants certainly got it, with Matt noting a familiar whistle amongst the noise. “At least someone is enjoying themselves,” he thought. While Ms. Velvetine was asking the other volunteers a few introductory questions, he thought to himself that he should’ve got her proposal down as a written agreement. She was a woman of her word, but then he agreed before the ‘when’ could be determined. He almost uttered “fuck” under his breath until the dark-clad performer finally reached him.

“And what’s your name Mr. Enthusiasm?”

“I’m Matt.”

“Are you really eager to be up here, having fun?”

“Well, I was really kind of….nudged up here.”

“I’m guessing from a significant other?”

Matt nodded his head shyly, looking out to see Polly trying to feign innocence. The hypnotist looked out and saw Polly and just smiled.

“Well, we all need a good nudge now and then. It helps to spice up life a bit, to try new and amazing things. And I can assure you Matt that this will be one of them.”

Matt just shook his head in agreement, trying not to look nervous or give much more information about himself. As she moved on to the last person, he watched her smile change a little, brighten as she stood in front of the last volunteer.

“And you sir…look awfully familiar. Is this the first time you’ve attended one of my shows?”

“No, I’ve been to a few.”

“Forgive me if I can’t remember, but has this been your first time on stage with me?”

“No, it’s not. I loved being up here the last time.”

“Oh really? And if I held your gaze for a few seconds like this,” Velvetine lowered her voice and leaned her face towards the man. The audience got a good view of her shapely ass, while the volunteers and especially Matt had an unobstructed view of her full cleavage. The stares toward her bosom didn’t last long as they all fixated on the two looking at each other. It was wild to watch the guy’s features get softer and softer and her face and peering eyes radiated confidence, literally draining him of any of it.

“…how would you say you are feeling?” she finally completed her question.

“Softer…” the microphone was between them and the audience couldn’t see but instead heard how soft he was getting.

“Anything else?” her eyes widened a little more, letting the audience get a taste of a tone some could mistake for lusty. Matt could see how inviting her eyes looked, even when not directed at him. “Polly’s eyes are like that,” he thought, wishing from then that she would express acute seduction the way this woman could.

“Deeper…” his voice was clearly fading as his stare got blank.

“Wake up, please” the grey-haired hypnotist intoned with a suddenly cheerful tone.

The man shook his head and came back to himself.

“Yes, you have been up here before. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you be my assistant tonight? You can help these fine newcomers as I guide them to a place you’re familiar with. And while you help me out, your body will still feel active enough to assist yet really good on the inside while I work. How does that sound?”

“I can’t refuse that, can I?”

“Of course you can, silly, but do you want to?”

“I….would like to help out.”

“Wonderful. Everyone, please give a round of applause to my new assistant.”

Everyone clapped as he gave a nervous bow, and stood near her side.

Turning her attention back to the others, “Now, who on this stage was a little spooked by that?”

Matt wanted to raise his hand, and saw others considering saying yes, but no one responded.

“It’s ok guys. Truth be told, I was a subject before I was a hypnotist, and I know how freaky that might’ve been to see hypnotism live for the first time. But I can tell you that it’s a very pleasant experience no matter where you feel it, including the stage. If you listen closely to me, and trust me, you’ll be surprised how much you like it.”

Her smile managed to be very reassuring, and put them slightly at ease as she walked across the stage near the first volunteer she spoke to. She carried that smile for everyone there, yet didn’t even have to direct her attention to them for the desired effect to take place.

“Now gentleman, I’d like to you hold your hands straight out in front of you now, palms facing down. There’s no need for your arm muscles to feel stiff or rigid in order to keep them out; they are casually held out in front of you, and this won’t last for very long, so you can relax.”

Eight sets of hands were held out facing the audience, looking like silly seated versions of Frankenstein. Matt looked out at Polly and saw the feigned innocence replaced with excitement painted all over her face. It was like she wasn’t looking at him, but more of what was happening to him. He wondered for a second if she knew he was looking at her, but his attention went back to Ms. Velvetine as her voice filled the room again.

“That’s good. Very good. As your hands are held out, the only other thing I’ll ask you to do is to slowly begin to close your eyes. No need to do it quickly, just very slowly, like you’re pretending to fade away to sleep for someone.”

Velvetine saw most of the seven volunteers do as she asked, and a few disobeyed and just immediately shut their eyes. There were always one or two who did this whenever she used this technique, but it was also their last disobedient act once she got started. It was funny to see her assistant-for-the-evening be unsure of what he was supposed to do; away from the mic, she whispered near his ear “do what feels right,” and loved the smile on his face and the way his eyes slowly closed. In sync with the obedient eyes slowly closing, the stage lights were cued to dim from bright to a dark amber light.

“Good. Now remember, those are the only two things I’ve asked you to do right now. I may have one or two more things to ask of you later, but you’ll notice as time goes on that everything else that happens will be quite natural. The sensations in your body, your breathing becoming even and slow, even listening to me feels easy to do. And why shouldn’t it be when I’m the one with the mic?”

That got a few laughs from the audience, and a few chuckles on stage. It never even occurred to anyone there how her voice had lowered the same way the lights and her subject eyelids had. It was much more gradual than when she instantly turned it on for her assistant.

“But from here on in, it’s all a matter of feeling now. Feeling good, feeling comfortable, simply feeling is enough. As a subject, I have found your position so interesting to be in before. Your eyes are closed, and you cannot tell where you are now. And even if your memory reminds you of the last place you knew you were, that might fade away every now and again to a place you’ve always wanted to go, or if you just like to enjoy the nothingness.”

Subtle movement took place in her listeners eyelids, among them was Matt.

“Your hands are held out in front of you right now. They won’t be like that for very long, so they have a chance to fully relax, even more than the amount of relaxation they should be feeling just being held out like they are. But while they are held out, I do wonder if some of you are wondering if you think you are reaching out for something. Is there anything to reach out for? Might you be dreaming of something wonderful, something within reach that you get closer and closer to. You can see it in your mind’s eye, and you want it, and soon it will be yours. Maybe what you’re reaching out for is that deep darkness, like that perfect restful night’s sleep.”

Some of the fingers of the outstretched hands looked like they were trying to separate as if grasping whatever they were reaching out towards.

“Whatever you’re reaching for now, it will help you to feel good. And soon this feeling will grow with in you. It’s a light, pleasing sensation that begins in your hands.”

Velvetine carefully walked across the stage, her boots making a delicate click on the stage floor, using the long, dark fingernail on her index to trace straight, gentle lines across their skin.

“The sensation lingers in your hands for seconds if not longer. Unseen by your eyes, or even your mind’s eye, tranquility manifests itself into a silvery wafting wave that surrounds your hands, silver like the color of my hair, from the tips of your fingers to your wrists. Even if your eyes were open, the faint sight of this tranquility would not match how good it makes you feel. But your eyes are closed, and your mind’s eye is focused on what you want and desire to be in-front of you to touch. You don’t need to see this feeling to know it’s there. Your hypnotist can do that for you.”

Velvetine looked to her side and saw outstretched hands looking like they were floating in a loss of gravity, telling her how deep her assistant had already gone for her. Finger nails tracing along the back of his hand made them quiver just a little, making him look like he might moan.

“Yes, Ms. Velvetine, your hypnotist, sees this amazing sight, surrounding your hands, radiating peaceful energy into them, complimenting what you are touching in your dreamy minds. It sees this silvery energy circling your hand, like a bright comet circling your hands over and over, leaving a trail of silvery dust that turns into a film and covers your whole hand. The brightest part of it that leaves a trail, sometimes has a playful mind of its own and trails directly across your skin.”

Velvetine walked along the row of volunteers to outline the trail of that bright silver point with her fingernail. Whomever knew that it was her fingernail running across their hands at first, their minds fully took to her suggestion now as they literally felt the bright energy touch them leaving a film she exactly described. From Matt all the way back to her assistant, her practiced hand and fingernail drew across increasingly sensitive skin, softened knuckles, and nearly limp wrists that were still held up as they imagined touching what they desired. Her steps were practiced as well, the soft sound of her boots intentionally became rhythmic, not dissimilar at all from a metronome.

She glanced out into the audience through her routine, and was glad that her seating arrangements were met. Prior to the show, many of the audience wondered why their seats looked like the space between them resembled business-class on an airplane, with more space between them. But the number of people who’d taken to Velvetine’s words, the silken voice that filled the room, the clicking of her boots was certainly more than the eight on stage; several audience members’ hands outstretched easily in front of them, much to the surprise of some of their neighbors. Some were extending their arms with their eyes wide open; she guessed that her hair even in the dim light sparkled nicely enough to distract them while her voice slipped easily into their distracted heads. None of them needed the touch of her nail against their hands; their desire created a want in them that fulfilled the illusion of her touch.

“This flickering light looks so lively, so playful, happily sharing its energy with you. It’s loved how good it has made your hands that it wants to move further. The trail continues gracefully up your arm, past the wrists, up your forearm, your muscles become tingly yet still. Up your arm and to your shoulders, reminding you of the last time you visited a masseuse, or the best fantasy of visiting one. And what’s even more amazing, that light can make more of itself. Another equally bright light moving to relax another part of you. Both lights moving all across your body, but for each individual, they want to relax the parts you wish were most relaxed. Wherever you want to feel a touch, you will feel a touch.”

The hypnotist intoned the word “touch” with a depth to it, signifying it’s importance without giving detail to the suggestion. All of her intended and unintended captives felt that touch, but one of the eight would literally feel it against the back of her hand, and any other place they wanted to feel it then.

“This energy feels so happy and touched that it’s so welcome to easily roam your body. And it can be any kind of touch you like really. A friendly touch, a soothing touch, a numbing touch, even a lover’s touch if you felt so inclined.”

Velvetine and a few awake yet captivated audience members heard small sounds from those who went under, ranging from sounds suggestive of a pleasant daydream, or the beginnings of a sultry wet dream. Whenever she performed, she always wondered exactly where people wanted her touch to be. It was maybe a third who sounded sexual; part of her would’ve wished for more, but it was nice enough knowing everyone would be feeling that if that was her aim.

“As I am familiar with this wonderful energy, those of you who can feel its power should know that when it reaches your forehead, the crown of your head, you’ll feel it circle you once and your whole body will slowly become lazy, liquid, and luxuriously sleepy. The silvery energy will touch your forehead,”

Velvetine touched the middle subject of the eight first, and watched him become helplessly slack in his chair.

“You’ll will fall easily and safely into deep hypnosis for me.”

One after another, volunteers feel back against their chairs, their torsos leaned forward, arms limp an their sides finally.
Her standing assistant was given a whispered command to remain safely still, and to just allow his arms and head to fall forward while standing with no discomfort. He didn’t really need to be touched to feel it, but she knew he would enjoy.

Matt was the last to go down and is eyes slowly opened and became slight slits his last bit of consciousness sought to see his girlfriend out in the audience, before the light reached his crown and tranquility took all of his thoughts away.

* * *

The next time he woke, it was to the sound of heavy applause from the audience. He blinked and did several double-takes as he looked around, as confused as the rest of the subjects, expect for the assistant who was grinning like an idiot. Velvetine bowed gracefully and all of her stage volunteers followed suit, a post-hypnotic suggestion none of them would remember until later.

“What the hell happened up there?” Matt asked Polly incredulously.

“It was really hot Matty. You all looked so zoned out up there, but kind of smiling when you did. Even some of the people around me went under; Ms. Velvetine had to wake them up before dealing with you guys.”

“What did she make us do?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” came Polly heavily sultry teasing response.

“You’re not going to tell me, are you?”

“Well, I can make you beg in ecstasy for it, or you can buy the video that was made of tonight’s show. Your choice.”

Matt pretended like he was really giving it some thought. “I’ll take a choice and a half.”

That confused Polly, as he was hoping it would. “How would you do that?”

“I’ll show you when we get back to the room.”

Polly pursed her lipsticked lips, and leaned in to almost kiss him, but pulled away just in time to frustrate him a little, and grabbed his hand to pull him toward where the videos were being sold.

* * *

“No charge?”

“Of course not, Mr. Enthusiasm. You being a part of the show, you shouldn’t have to pay,” Velvetine told him in a friendly voice.

“And I think you should be thanked too, miss. That was quite the nudge you gave him.”

Polly blushed a little bit at that. “That was an amazing show Ms. Velvetine; I’ve always wanted to see a hypnosis show, but this really exceeded my expectations. It’s kind of sad that you’re semi-retired.”

“Thank you, I’m happy to exceed anyone’s expectations. I’m still happy to do stage shows occasionally, but full time can honestly be more taxing than I ever thought possible when I tried it.”

“You must’ve been in high demand, or still are.”

Velvetine shrugged a little letting the dress made of her namesake make a soft sound.

“It’s always nice to be needed.”

Matt heard felt his hungry stomach about to make a loud noise and tried to drown it out. “Well, it was very nice meeting you Ms. Velvetine. Would love to talk more, but don’t want to take up all of your time tonight.”

“Oh, it’s no problem at all. I hope you both have a great time together. And sin responsibly.”

“You bet we will,” Polly murmured from a deep smile as they left the dressing room backstage.

Polly pulled Matt’s hand toward the exit.

“I know what you’re hungry for dear, but can we get some food first?” Matt pleaded. He never expected trance to heighten his appetite.

“Are you sure Matt? I won’t be making it easy for you as we eat.”

Matt wondered what tricks she had in mind for pushing him to take her over food, lamenting the tug of war between his stomach and erection.

“You know how much more vigorous I can be when I actually have energy, right?”

“Good point. Food first then.”

* * *

Polly and Matt nearly fell into their hotel room as the frenched and felt each other up. Their exchange felt especially passionate tonight; it took Matt’s strained will for them both not to collapse on the floor and her to have her way with him. At dinner, Polly was absolutely merciless in teasing him, sitting next to him rather than across from him in their booth, her boots constantly brushing against his legs in the booth, leaning against him as they shared a pasta dish, feeling him up and leading him to a kiss before pulling away playfully. She brought him to a new level of frustration, one that put him in the exact frame of mood she wanted Matt in tonight.

Her efforts bore fruit as she felt herself being lifted and nearly slammed against the wall, Matt returning the favor of frustrating her with touching every erroneous spot he knew, maybe making some new ones if he felt her reacting well.

Polly left him bewildered for a second as she pushed back against his body with her hands, gently. He’d wonder if he’d done something wrong of if something felt wrong for her. Her smoldering face contradicted the push, but she leapt out of his arms and back onto her feet, pushing his arms away and leaning to whisper into his ear.

“It’s going to be a little different tonight Mattie.”

He grunted what seemed enough of a ‘yes’ to her.

“Call room service for me, order something special, while I prepare something else nice for us.”

She nibbled on his ear a little bit as she said that, leaving it hot and stimulated as he reached toward the phone.

He fished the number out of his pocket, and dialed as he watched her walk to the other end of their room.

“Hello, room service? Yes, um do you have any….”

Polly took out the DVD given to them by Ms. Velvetine, and sashayed to the player in their room like an exotic dancer across a stage. She bent over to give him an eyeful as he spoke to the room service woman on the other end.

“Oh, uh…yes. Do you have any chocolate-covered strawberries? You do? Some of those and a bottle of champagne as well. Yes, thank you.”

The hotel phone fell absently from Matt’s hand to the cradle, luckily landing into its rightful place as he moved to the bed where she sat, looking at the screen, looking at him. She felt like someone privy to a live painting of a model, even thought it was a recording and the subject was out of his pose. She reached out for his hand, and had him sit next to her. Polly tossed her hair back to have her slender neck exposed, and Matt was more than willing to start kissing the creamy skin. She sighed wonderfully and gripped the back of his neck with a hand, teasing him with her nails.

“Mmmm, do you know how hot that show made me tonight?”

“I’m…starting…to…get the..gist” her lover answered between kisses. He kissed her pulse point deeply as he glanced at the TV and watched the hypnotist interact with him, and felt a similar sensation flash through him, but this time it was the nails of his girlfriend at the back of his neck. As he watched, he stopped momentarily to ask.

“It didn’t bother you that it was another woman doing it?”

Polly moved her hand and his head to face directly in front of her.

“I know you are always true to me, and basically me. That’s not what I meant though. It wasn’t the who, but the what. What was happening.”

“You mean the trance turned you on?”

“Yeah, it did for some reason, and seeing you in trance was just a little bit more hot for me.”

She looked so sincere about that statement, a twinkle of excitement in her eyes.

“You’ll have to tell me why sometime.”

“When I can figure it out, I will. But just enjoy what it’s doing to me for now.”

A knock on the door shook them both out of their reverie. “Room service,” a voice called from the other side.

“I got it,” Matt laid her against the bed and sprung up to get their treats. He opened the door wide to let some with a tray in, but what entered was a voice that whispered in his ear.

Polly leaned up from the bed, hearing a strangely faint sound at the door, to see Matt blankly back into the room, surprisingly in the tow of Ms. Velvetine.

“Matt, what’s this?”

“It’s a touch of velvet,” the hypnotist answered for Matt. Her answer made Polly deeply sigh and fall back onto the bed, being willed into the most comfortable position available to her. Matt had that answer whispered into his ear, and the most comfort he could manage was leaning against the wall, standing behind their guest.

Velvetine looked at both her current submissives and what was playing on the television, and grinned playfully. It always surprised her when her subjects unconsciously made themselves more pliable for her.

Since being on that stage, Velvetine kept an eye on both Mr. Enthusiasm and his muse. It didn’t surprise her to see both of them tranced from her vantage point on stage. After the show was over, and Velvetine saw the couple in her dressing room, she tested some post-hypnotic suggestions she’d spoken into the mic for the whole club to hear, testing their mind’s acceptance of her voice and words. Matt fell easily, and Polly didn’t need much coaxing to get over the shock of Matt tranced instantly before she joined him. They only remembered receiving a video from her, and not the business card Matt mistook for the room service number. Neither remembered the talk she and Polly had as she was always curious to hear how an audience member felt themselves being pulled under. What Polly had to say intrigued her enough to plan this post-show rendezvous.

Velvetine was still wearing her stage outfit, but now wore matching velvet gloves, touching Matt on the check and Polly on the forehead, giving them a literal ‘touch of velvet,’ which their minds remembered was supposed to take them deeper. The couple’s conditions changed from docile and comfortable to drowsy and completely open-minded to the ever-charming woman. Soon they were both on the bed, resting and waiting for words or feeling velvet against their skin.

“Matt, listen carefully. You must listen carefully to any and everything, every voice, every word, every sound. When you hear something, your mind will go deeper than you already are. You feel so good already, don’t you?”


“Wouldn’t you like more? Wouldn’t you like to go deeper than you already are?”


“Very good, then slip down to bed. You shall only come back to awareness when someone asks you to, do you understand?”



Velvetine turned her attention to Polly now.

“Polly, feel my velvet gloves on your shoulders, pulling you upwards. You feel the need to help me, to slowly bring your body back up to sitting up straight. And as you come up, you’ll find yourself rising to a lighter, more aware state of mind. You’ll still be compelled to do as I ask you to, but you’ll be more cognizant and easier to speak your own mind.”

Polly felt the hypnotic fabric gripping her shoulders, and being pulled up, light creeping back into her mind and vision. She felt herself being vertical again, able to see Velvetine and her exploits on the television.

“Polly, earlier tonight, the last time you felt this good, we talked about what you thought of hypnosis.”

She visibly shook at being reminded how good it felt, closing her eyes. She felt velvet fingers brushing against her eyelids.

“Open your eyes sleepyhead. Come back to Velvetine.”

She did as she was told to see her controller amused.

“Do you remember our talk Polly?”


“Good. I asked you how good it felt to want to be apart of my show from the audience, to still feel the pleasure without ever having to get up or sit having so many eyes on you. Many people say that can make them very nervous. Do you remember what you told me you felt?”


“You told me that none of that would have bothered you at all, but the most exciting thing for you was watching your boyfriend become totally, helplessly entranced and controlled. You marveled at how he looked, so ready to do anything I told him. Before you left my dressing room, I gave both of you my card. If either of you would have called me, I would pay you a special visit. It was worth the trip, because you two do seem special. So in love with each other, and so open to each other. I would think he would do anything for you, and you for him.”

The small, content smile Polly bore told Velvetine she was thinking about Matt, confirming her prediction of them.

“I’m going to ask you something, and I want you to be very honest with me. In your light trance, you are able to think about your answer. In fact, you won’t be able to provide an answer to my question until you are very sure. My question is this: would you like to control Matt, to be able to hypnotize him as I do?”

There was no waiting as Polly felt herself over and over saying yes to the question. Polly’s eagerness reminded her of her own feelings when she started getting into hypnotism.

Velvet fingers caressed Polly’s jawline.

“Shh, dear, it’s ok. You have given me your answer. I know how much you want it now. I will help you get it. You’ll have what you want soon. But rest your mouth and voice for a little bit. It’s time to listen, to simply listen to my words and take them to heart. And while you do that, look up at me. That’s right.”

Polly looked up at Velvetine and found her eyes so big and beautiful. Velvetine helped her with concentrating as her velvet gloves held her face. Velvetine spoke many words, and Polly took all of them in. She knew they were important to hear, and that they would change her in a very positive way. Her skin started to feel different, like they had any aura around them, something radiating off them that would affect others. Her vocal cords soothed and felt like Velvetine spoke, as if her own voice could produce a touch of velvet. Polly was changing, opening up to a new version of herself, and happiness turned to ecstasy for her as her eyes closed and she could dream of what she was capable of.

* * *

Polly opened her eyes gently, making herself sit up off the bed, noticing Matt sitting next to her, motionless. Polly wondered how she slept and why Matt hadn’t woken her up, until she saw him staring at the screen, watching the show again, glassy-eyed.

“Holy shit, he’s tranced again,” she whispered.

She remained still, watching him watching the TV. Thoughts ran through her head of how easy he seemed to go under, how easy it was for him, how easy it might be to anchor him to her.

She knelt on the bed behind Matt, held him from behind in a soft embrace. Her fingers teased his nipples through the clothes, imagining them hardening. The back of his head rested against her cleavage. His expression changed, feeling more wonder come over him. The memories of Velvet’s hypnotic touch and Polly’s sultry touch swirled and joined together in his head till they felt indistinguishable. He could hear Polly’s giggling, and felt his subconscious and heart tugged toward thoughts of her.

“Can you hear me baby?”

Moaning was a joy to hear from him, but she wanted more.

“Answer me Mattie. Can you hear me?”

“Yes Polly.”

“Mmmm, that’s a good boy.”

“Was it fun being on stage tonight?”


“Were you nervous up there?”


“Did you start to feel good up there instead?”


“What helped you?”


“Oh, right. Ms. Velvetine. She was good. I found her very pretty, didn’t you.”


“Do you find Polly pretty?”

Polly turned his face away from the screen to hers.

“Oh yes, soo pretty.”

“Ooh, I love to hear you say that.”

“Polly is pretty.”

“Oh yes Matty. Pretty Polly.”

“Pretty Polly.”

“Do you like Pretty Polly?”

“I love Pretty Polly.”

“Pretty Polly makes you feel so good.”

“Pretty Polly makes me feel so good.”

“You would do anything for Pretty Polly.”

“I would do anything for Pretty Polly.”

She leaned in and gave him a sultry kiss that he fully participated in despite his trance.

“Such a pleasing boyfriend I have. Close your eyes now; I have a treat for you.”

It looked like he was fighting against the suggestion, wanting to keep his Pretty Polly in his sights.

“Close your eyes now Mattie,” she said in a sing-song tone. “When you close your eyes, you’ll be seeing me.”

That made it much easier for Matt to obey, a peaceful smile covering his face.

“You won’t just see me sweetie. You’re going to relive tonight’s amazing show. But this time, you’re up on stage with Pretty Polly now. She’s the hypnotist tonight, dressed sexily and for show. And the best part, you’re the only volunteer I have tonight, the only one I want or need. All of my attention is given freely and solely to you, and in-turn, all of your focus and concentration is clearly given to me.”

The scene was nearly crystal clear for him, looking like an after-hours presentation. He was the only one in the room filling a seat, all the spotlights shined down on the brilliance of his hypnotist. She looked unbelievably sexy, the kind of woman every guy pinned for. That she wanted anything to do with him, for manipulation or sexual gratification, made him grin like an idiot.

“She holds your face so possessively, letting you know you are owned in some way, and the knowledge of that only drives you deeper into her hands. There’s nothing you wouldn’t do for her. When she asks for, requests, or demands something of you, there’s no way you can refuse her. She could tell you to extend your hands out again, and you would, just like that.”

He saw himself putting his hands out like he did at the first hypnosis show.

“With velvet gloves, you would see her placing her index fingers on the tips of your middle finger, and then moving them down the hand, past your wrist and across your whole body. And despite still feeling those fingers start to trail across your whole body, Pretty Polly’s hands would come in-front of you and start waving her velvet fingers hypnotically in your face. You would feel velvet on your skin, see velvet in front of you, mind bending to the velvet, to the power of Pretty Polly.”

He stared slack jaw at the display of thrallingly waving fingers behind Pretty Polly’s beautiful face.

“You’d swear I was casting a magical spell on you, the way my fingers move, and the way you’d try to follow every movement of them. It is a spell Mattie, a hypnotic spell. It’s the only explanation for seeing my fingers and feeling the velvet fingers like they never left your body. If it feels good to your senses, you can notice each finger turning into two fingers. Maybe now they’re running all the way down to your torso, and legs, now as two fingers. When they circle up from your soles, they will become three fingers. My velvet fingers love caressing the skin of a good, obedient boy. That’s what you are, isn’t it Mattie? Aren’t you a good, obedient boy?”


“And who are you an obedient boy for?”


“Oh yes, and you could see that wicked smile between those fingertips momentarily before they capture your attention again. You know how much I’m enjoying this, just as much as you. And you’ve become so obedient for me, you feel my whole hands, fingers and flat palms, covering every inch of your body, bathing in the velvet of my gloves, and the velvety sound of my voice. You make me feel soo good Mattie. ‘Do you know how else you can please me?’ I would ask.”

“How…can I…please Pretty Polly?”

“Mmmm. The desperation in your voice turns me on so much. I can hear how much you need to obey me, to do things for me. ‘Pretty Polly wants you to kneel.’ You’d slip out of that chair and to your knees, eyes never leaving the fingers while I take your seat. And suddenly, you’re only focused on the fingers of one hand, and that’s all you need to focus on, even as it leads you down to something else, down, down, down, until you’re ready to meet a friend of mine.”

“‘Meet Pretty Polly’s pussy,’ I’d whisper as hotly as lava, and you’d dive deep into that slit like a homesick traveler, kissing the ground you’ve missed so dearly, kissing the mound of the woman you please so intently. And while you are pleasing me there, those velvet fingers have found themselves wrapped around your cock, gently stroking you, working you up to a delicious stiffness as you give me pleasure. It will feel so good when I allow you to cum. Think hard about that as you give me pleasure now. Mmmm, you’re soooo good at that. Just…yeah…oh yeah…more of that…there…yes…yes….yes…..yes!”

In the real world, Pretty Polly’s screams grew as her fantasizing boyfriend was actually led to her pussy and drove her crazily into orgasm. She woke him sometime after her orgasm, coaxed a condom onto his eager, throbbing cock, and mounted him for another, using the velvet gloves neither of them realized she’d had before. Simultaneously deepening his trance and orgasming bound him to her mentally and sexually.

Ms. Velvetine watched from a seat nearby the whole time. She stayed there to coach Polly through whatever trouble she might have being a hypnotist, but she was amazed at how she’d taken to it so well. It was like watching someone spring forth into a skill they were born to use. Polly had such a feel for inductions, visualization, and gentle manipulation, she unconsciously had treated Velvetine to her own hypnosis show that night. Even though it was mostly driven by raw sensuality, with something already very receptive to her, she had to admit the girl had potential.

As Polly and Matt came off her second and his first orgasm, the patient hypnotist finally intervened between them, bringing them back into her power. She helped both remember this as a pleasant night, and a wonderful revelation into a new facet of their relationship that they both could revel in. She especially helped Polly come a little more into the new perception of ‘Pretty Polly’.
She left the champagne in the room’s refrigerator, and the chocolate-covered strawberries near it, hoping the sexual heat in the room didn’t melt the chocolate already. It’d be interesting to see what kinky things they’d use them for. And lastly, she stuck another card into Polly’s purse, very much interested in talking with or meeting Polly again, helping her blossom into a wonderful hypnotist. As she left, she heard sounds of them starting up again, smiling at the closing door.

* * *

Velvetine arrived back at her own hotel room just after midnight, a sleeping form stirring in their bed as she turned the light on.

“Good evening Ms. Velvetine.”

“Good evening my lovely assistant.”

She started taking out the white highlights in her hair, and sat on the bed as she started to finally disrobe from her costume.

“How’d it go with that couple tonight?”

“Very well. She has a real talent for hypnosis.”

“As much as you?”

“I’d say nearly as much as me when I started, even though I started young. With a bit of guidance from me. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next Ms. Velvetine.”

“Wow. Will they remember anything that happened to them?”

“I doubt they will, and if they do, I don’t think it will bother them.”

“Is that really true here? Whatever happens here stays here?”

“Sure it’s real. But in their case, it’s a little different. They’ll be leaving with a new dynamic, but how it came to be will always stay deep in their minds.”

“If she becomes half as good as you someday, he won’t ever be the same again.”

“And knowing how good I am, that’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

“She slipped under the covers, and her hand held his cheek as her eyes effortlessly seized his again.

“i obey Sonia.”

“Good boy, Preston.”

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