Sonia Musings – Leading Role

When a timeless beauty leaves one defenseless…

Throughout the known history,
since time had meagerly began,
there have been an elite kind of male,
an alpha, a dominant, a societal man’s man.

You’d find this man leading somewhere
a pillar of his community.
A man of action, a man with a plan,
always active, wasting no opportunity.

Rarely now would you find such a man
in any women’s section without angrily grunting.
The ones that aren’t showing that displeasure,
there’s a good chance that they’re hunting.

“Hunting for what?” the uninformed would ask
curious as to the prize.
Even the most ignorant would know and equally desire
a target very easy on the eyes.

In a makeup section of a department store
such an alpha would surely have his pick.
Beauties of all varieties, skirts of all sizes,
and lines for all that made him sound irresistibly slick.

And though pickens weren’t ever slim,
there was always one to stand out.
One that you’d never call a harlot,
one that was secretly everyone’s starlet,
one that carried her own regal clout.

The tried and true alpha approach to her
the male version of a charming barrage.
Her reaction may seem unknowing at first;
a smart woman’s camouflage.

But what if she maintained that look,
what if she remained looking unknowing?
Would he be unknowing of her intentional unknowing?
Would he realize the cards she played weren’t showing?

She might stand calm and poised,
looking at him but barely aware
Laying the perfect trap for male eyes:
one or many reasons to stare.

The classily-dressed cosmopolitan lady
his current epitome of chaste appeal,
made the world around him blur and swirl
the clarity of her increasing his hunter’s zeal.

A small, raven, cropped mass of hair
pearls circling her slender neck
an innocent allure in her eyes
lips he was more than happy to inspect.

The way she touched them up with lipstick,
a slow, smoldering application,
as if making him wait before the hunt could commence,
thoughts of all that they could do was his fixation.

Coating with a rich dark color,
a slight pucker for full effect
moving as if to say something
a word with a meaning he could barely dissect.

Her other hand held a mirror
The writing on the back fancy yet clear
“Obey Sonia,” that made is innards chuckle
asking whom was supposed to adhere

Then the alpha realized what she’d been mouthing
the subtle shapes her full lips made
realization set aside by the beautiful movement
missing yet not missing the meaning conveyed.

Like a dancer’s wanton movements and grace,
shimmering darkness in the captured light
silent words formed like a spectre at his ear
not even hearing what his innards began to recite.

Obey is what she said, obey is what he heard.
Obey is what she mouthed, obey is what he followed.
Obey is what she meant, obey is what he understood.
Obey is what she served, obey is what he swallowed.

A shift occurred at some point,
her body finally facing his squarely.
It didn’t stop him from speaking the mantra,
Nor did it stop the victory she claimed, fairly.

Just below her lips, “Obey Sonia” came into view again,
his ever-repeated single thought amended.
A beautiful name added to his doubled vocabulary
finally being told whom to obey felt absolutely splendid.

The sight of the words began to fade for some reason
but within him they remained firmly imprinted
more of that faded feeling came over him,
he felt fresh, anew, changed, and freshly minted.

The satisfying click of her small vanity mirror
hit the man’s man like being exposed to ammonia
He was shocked awake, yet still seeped in that faded feeling
in a beautiful limbo accentuated by the sound of “Hello, I’m Sonia.”

She smiled the way Venus would smile,
when she knew she’d easily caught a new prey
He knew he was but one of many admirers
and meeting her meant for once, it was his lucky day.

He knew he was supposed to introduce himself then
His usual opening being I’m such and such from Catalonia.
But for some reason even his name escaped him
as if unimportant compared to responding with “i Obey Sonia.”

Her deepened smile validated him
gave his alpha self immediate justification.
She merely had to point at the shopping bags next to her,
for him to know he would then fulfil her every shopping expectation.

Dragged along by an invisible leash
Loving the glamorous way his new owner flaunts
A sophisticated woman’s control making him grin stupidly
Ready to acquiesque to whatever Sonia wants.

Throughout the known history,
since time had meagerly began,
there has been one special kind of woman,
a goddess, an ethereal dark queen, a societal tamer of man.

Should you ever come across her presence
know that you’ll inevitably give in.
No matter how you may persist,
in hundreds of ways, she’s impossible to resist.
Once you Obey Sonia, you’ll find you both win.

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