Tessa v Thor (Part 4) – The Dark Delight

Thor confronts Tessa over false misgivings.

Tessa Fields walked happily to the steps leading up to her condominium, Patrick, her personal shoppers and bag carrier for the day following dutifully behind, as happy as the owner of the bags weighing him down. She’d bought many items that day, treating herself to clothing, new kitchen items, shoes, things she’d planned to put on her wishlist, but Patrick seemed more than eager to beat others to the punch. She generously told him he really didn’t have to, but he was an adamant good boy for her. He paid for 90%, and Tessa had to faux-trance him to keep him from paying for the rest; other boys she may have let them pay 100%, but Patrick often did enough for her that she constantly felt spoiled enough.

Patrick in trailing behind his Mistress always felt exceptionally good. Trailing behind her felt right every time she spoke and he listened, everytime she took a walk in his mind and his avatar followed, everytime he could accompany her somewhere, which was a special treat in itself. He wondered if even the mighty Thor ever got such a privilege; he understood the celebrity thing about it could be tricky, but he could still imagine him begging to do that for her sometime. Just like the weight of the bags, she knew how to keep her boys grounded, and under her.

Tessa unlocked her door and entered her home, thinking of how many things she’d gotten today that she was bound to be surprised at what new things she’d forgotten about, not expecting a slightly older acquisition to be waiting for her in her condo.

“Thor,” she spoke aloud in that signature pleased, tempting voice, automatically, her first reaction to seeing the hero in her abode. Internally, it was a shock to the system of such an intrusion, uninvited though welcomed previous times at her behest, dressed in his full Asgardian battle regalia he was infamous for wearing on Earth, as if it had a purpose to be worn in Tessa’s presence. Only a little surprise showed on Tessa’s face as it did on Thor’s, expecting to catch her off-guard, but not expecting her speaking his name to do the same to him. None was more surprised than Patrick coming in behind, speechless at Thor showing out of nowhere, waiting to see what might happen next has the Thundergod looked almost displeasingly at his Goddess.

“Patrick, be a dear and place the bags of clothes next to my bedroom door, and the kitchen stuff on the counter, please.”

Eyes shifting between the powerful figures, it took a second for Patrick to respond. Any other person’s voice would’ve been white noise to him, but his mind knew no voice better than Tessa’s not even his own. He carefully passed by the taller figure, simply greeting him.

“Hey Thor,” unsurety laced in his voice.

“Patrick,” Thor replied evenly.

“I must say, this is quite the surprise Thor, though I’ve yet to decide what kind it is.”

It was written all over his face that the Avenger had a lot to say, but was unsure of how to say it. His conflicted visage pleased Tessa despite knowing this might not be a productive talk at all. Sighing, she sat herself on her couch and got comfortable, looking at the loveseat he once occupied when he was first invited into her home. She stared at it, and gave him a pointed look. He relented taking her offer to sit.

“You need to stop,” Thor finally spoke to Tessa.

Tessa hadn’t been that confused since the day she met Thor.

“Stop…what, exactly?”

“Messing with my head. With other people’s heads.”

She looked away from Thor as if to consider his words. Really she turned away only to keep from laughing. She’d been given several reasons to react with a hearty laugh, but kept her composure, going over the many responses she wanted to ask. The one she used to respond surprised even her.

“That’s one thing I’ve always liked about you – direct. So very to the point, so succinct, so….’Thor.'”

She saw his face resist having his name spoken like that.

“How is your head by the way? Any nasty bumps or bruises from battle?”

“Just fine. I’m more worried about the innards.”

“Concussion? Tumor?”

“None of those things,” he started to sound impatient.

“Good, no issues then.”

“Except for your meddling here,” he pointed to his temples. Tessa had to keep herself from smiling again, remembering what she did with that part of his body.

“Define ‘meddling,’ ‘Thor.'”

“Taking control of my thoughts, my memories, making me forget things, making me feel-”

Thor stopped himself, realizing he might’ve eluded too much.

“Go on,” she encouraged. “I always want to know if I’m positively or negatively affecting one of my boys.”

“I am not one of your boys, Tessa, nor am I a boy. You can’t just take men off the street and make them into whatever you want.”

Tessa shook her head. “Usually I don’t have to. They come to me with those requests; I just give them what they want.”

“Who would want to revert to being a boy of any kind again?”

“Ummm…” Patrick spoke from the kitchen area, afraid to interfere with the conversation, but it felt like an ideal time to speak up.

“If being a boy again means being Tessa’s good boy, then…heh, oh boy,” Patrick laughed nervously, until he realized no one else was joining in. The only reason he didn’t shrink from embarrassment was the pleased smile on Tessa’s face.

“How do you claim to want what she’s done to you, Patrick? How do you know that she hasn’t made you believe that this is what you wanted, that she wasn’t the one who sought you out and controlled you for her own pleasure?”

Patrick thought he had an immediate response, but he then considered Thor’s words carefully, he tried to remember how far back he’d gone with Tessa, trying to remember if he really was the one who sought her out. It was a clear memory to him, but he couldn’t deny how malleable he’d become as one of Tessa’s eager submissives. He questioned the possibility of Tessa being as devious as Thor now thought she was, how she may have took him by surprise one day and became leashed to her will, unable to think where his thoughts ended and hers began. All of those possibilities only seemed to make Tessa more attractive to him; even if that was programmed in him, one thing or another within didn’t give him much of a conclusion to come to except that it was good. His next words were as simple.

“I’m ok with that, whatever she’s done. I trust her.”

“Even if it’s not your own will?”

“I…like her will. She makes me feel good when I feel hers, so I can’t complain. And I know your next question is going to be ‘how can I be sure she’s not the reason that I feel good,'” Patrick anticipated Thor’s next question. “All I can say to any of that is going to be the same answer – in what I know, Tessa has given me plenty of pleasure and no reason not to trust her, so I do, and I feel happier for it.”

“If you don’t mind my interrupting, fellas,” Tessa spoke up. “To piggyback off of Patrick’s words, this is what I do. I enrich people’s lives, not destroy them, or anywhere in that direction. Trust me, I get requests for that every so often, because you wouldn’t believe the types of things some are into and some are willing to explore. I like what I like, and pursue that mutually with others who are interested. You’re worrying about me or yourself seems very sudden.”

“It’s precaution, for good measure. Heroes with great responsibilities should take great care as to whom they put their trust in, or who they let into their…lives.”

“Has someone or something betrayed that trust or intruded in your mind recently?”


“Who did it?”


“And who would this Amora be?”

“Amora the Enchantress. An Asgardian witch. She…directed her powers towards me. Tried to use me for sinister deeds.”

“How does this Amora enchant?”


“If you’re not going to explain, how am I going to belie-”

“With a kiss. She enchants the hearts of men with a single kiss, and they become purely bewitched by her, able and willing to do anything she desires.”


“About a week.”

Silence rang through the condo, except for a small “wow” from Patrick, learning about this unknown foe of Thor’s.

“So, what connection are you making between her and me?”

Thor gave an exasperated look that Tessa yet again had to keep from openly laughing at.

“You’re joking, right? A woman of immense persuasion toying with the hearts and minds of men for their evil whim. Can you tell who I’m talking about?”

“Clearly, I can. I’m not Asgardian, for one.”


“If that’s where you think the differences end, that’s quite disappointing. Do you remember what you called me when we first met?”


“Yes, but you called me something else. Do you remember that?”


“You called me a ‘keeper of minds.’ I haven’t forgotten about that, mainly because of how cool it sounded. But that right there should be a stark-enough contrast between this Enchantress and me. In your head, she only lasts a week. I just last; I should really get a business card that reads ‘Tessa Fields, Keeper of Minds,’ cause that’s exactly what this enchantress does, I keep minds, Patrick’s mind, your mind, many minds. I keep them safe, I keep them healthy, I keep them for safe keeping while you get to rest and relax. Which now we can segue into the ‘evil’ part of this. How am I supposed to be as evil as this Amora chick? What exactly did she make you do?”

“She forced me to do her bidding, which I fought like Hades against to keep from harming my friends.”

“Looks like two more differences have been identified.”

“What differences?”

“Name one thing I’ve asked you to do that required harming anyone. Yourself, innocent bystanders, your friends, even your enemies. Go on, I’ll wait.”

Thor forced everything he could remember Tessa making him do, knowing he’d fail as he watched the hypnotist rest her hands expectantly on her hips.

“Maybe I can’t remember right now.”

“Maybe you won’t ever remember unless you just convince yourself of a lie.”

“What’s the second difference?” Thor asked trying to keep hold of some command of the conversation.

“The second difference is you resisted her. Not me.”

“Wha-I’m resisting you now!”

“Really. How?”

“I’d call confronting you like this resistance.”

“I’d call it misguided. Do you always make connections like this with people who have even close to similar abilities?” Tessa changed the subject.

“Do you directly blame Iron Man for that Ultron thing since they’re so similar?”

“He IS directly to blame, and I DID confront him.”

“Wow,” uttered Patrick again quietly.

“And have you stopped working with him?”


“So big, destructive robots get a pass and hypnotists don’t get the benefit of the doubt.”

“Hypnotists and spell-casters are more subtle and conniving of their power, making you do things you don’t want to do.”

“Too true, all those ethical hypnotherapists out there tasked with the mental well-being of their patients, such untrustworthy people,” Tessa spoke mockingly, yet still light-heartedly.

“And the ones who do it for their own pleasure, like you?”

“As I said before – mutual pleasure. I’ve helped people as a hypnotherapist, and I help people and myself recreationally, and everyone is happy. Or they should be.”

“Not everything can be as you want it to be.”

“Now, where have I heard that before?” She feigned asked herself. Truthfully, it was something she’d heard from every skeptic she’d ever met, Thor included. She never remembered him saying those exact words, but he didn’t have to. None of them really did. All they were honestly waiting for, hoping for, is for her to prove her claim that it would as she wanted. And just like their first encounter, she loved the parallels she could make between then and now.

“I forget where, but I still find it funny how contrary such a statement is to what we’re told as children.”


“Do they tell Asgardian children like they do here on Earth that you can do anything you want, if you put your mind to it, or something like that?”

“It depends on the parent, but yes, children are given that hope.”

“I’m sure you were given a lot of that hope, being who you are, in your world, and mine.”

Once he got over feeling such entitlement to his birthright and started treating his eventual rule as a responsibility and privilege, he would only silently agree with it. Though like her, he would never apologize for what was bestowed upon him.

“And imagine my surprise when a lowly, geeky girl like me could realize that anything was possible, literally when I put my mind to it. Imagine their surprise when every subject who listened intently to my words that any was possible. Imagine our collective surprise when we found out how good it is to experience this, how it can help people, and be enjoyed casually, and other fun ways.”

“And imagine my surprise when I find what’s come over me is just another manipulation from a beautiful, skilled woman whose intentions are still in question.”

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that beautiful, skilled women all want a shot at you, ‘Thor.’ But it’s still a surprise that my intentions are still a mystery after all this time.”

“Masterminds like you play the long-game.” Tessa and Patrick didn’t miss the small smile he almost concealed, as if pleased with himself that he’d properly used Earth-English jargon correctly.

“Maybe I should be coining a new phrase…how does Mistressmind sound to you, fellas?”

The men looked at each other confused, signaling their polite unsurety at Tessa’s attempt at a new female equivalency.

“Guess not. Mistress should do though; we like the short and long game.”

“Then you admit devious intentions.”

“Besides everything I’ve made clear that seems not to be getting through selective hearing, I admit the following – I’m good at what I do, and people love it and love me for it.”

“And you wonder how I draw comparisons between Amora and Tessa.”

“And you’re still wrong. Her magic goes straight to your heart, makes you lovesick and willing to appease.” She allowed herself a small smile at such methods, thinking of one of her favorite heroines who was really a villainess, but loved her style. “I work the other way, where I get to your head, and work solely there. How you feel after, in your heart, is your own conclusion to how I make your mind feel. If I gave you a headache, your heart would be indifferent or worse toward me. But the only thing you really ache for is me in your head. You’ve proven that again and again. You’re proving it now.”

“I am NOT proving it now,” Thor attempted to prove, stepping up to Tessa, firmly but still gently holding her arm, his other hand gripping the handle of his hammer. Patrick was on the verge of panic as he didn’t know what to do. He knew Thor was a veritable good guy, and doesn’t harm innocents, yet he believed he was wrong about his assertion of Tessa. He would’ve stepped in to help if he really thought she would be in-danger, but then he knew who he’d be dealing with, someone the cops probably could stop if he called them. And through all the what ifs he ran through his head, he wondered why Tessa of all people wasn’t panicking in the slightest, her demeanor and body language hadn’t changed as the Asgardian warrior stepped up to her shorter frame imposingly, making unwarranted physical contact.

Tessa knew better with such a man. She knew him better than most subjects, partly because as such a highly-known, high value submissive, it was in her best interest to know these things. Just as well as she knew boys that gave in easily, she knew resistors too, putting on as convincing a show as they could. But she knew that underneath all that armor and bravado, he was still just a man, vulnerable in more ways than he knew or would admit.

She looked up with slightly lidden eyes, a hint of allure in them.

“Are you?”

Patrick recognized the tone she used to ask her question, enticing him to think about it, aware of where it might lead, not so aware of how she drew the question out a little more than normal.

“Yes,” Thor answered after a brief pause, evident to everyone but him that he’d lost a small measure equal to the one Tessa gained.

“You seem sooo very convinced that evil deeds of mine will come, sooner or later, despite knowing the kind of person I am. Now I’m just stuck with the thought that you want a villainous Tessa.”

“N-no, I wa-”

“I know what you want ‘Thor’. Men charging in like they own the place, just looking for their owner, putting on a great show as to why they should be owned.”

Thor still standing taller, holding her forearm in his firm grasp, now mentally struggling with what to do. What authorities could he report Tessa to, if any? What crime had she really committed? How vulnerable could he be to Tessa’s skills being so close? Could he have been programmed to the scent of the pleasant fragrance she wore? Was just being close to her just enough to tip him over the edge eventually? Could the Tessarack affect him so closely? He dared not look down to measure the gap between them and get lost in her cleavage. It was hard to look down anyway as Tessa looked at him with a curious, ever-increasingly intense stare.

“Sometimes men like to play the hero, and find a desirable woman and make her the sexy evil element to take them down, and old but fun trope of some sort, complete with their inane wish to be treated evilly yet with kid gloves. It’s like you want the perfect combination at your wish when there’s a reason such things might be rightfully separated. Must be one of those grass is greener on the other side.”

No one moved a muscle in the room, barely anyone breathed as Tessa let silence fill the room until a minute later.

“Is it?”

“Is it what?” Thor mumbled a moment later.

“Is it..greener on the other side?”

Thor swore he’d heard that expression before, but failed to fully understand what humans meant by it yet. The only green for his confused mind to fathom was that of her eyes, a bright green even in the dimly lit room, flaring with life and intent, laying out the welcome mat for his eyes.

“Is it greener or that side?”

“Or is it greener on this side?”

Thor unconsciously inspected both eyes wondering which is greener.

“Is it greener on this side?”

“Or is it greener on that side?”

His gaze scanned each eye, wondering which seemed deeper to him.

“How green is this side?”

“How much greener might that other side be?”

His mind asked which eye she meant, but he’d already picked one to compare, though the comparison created more confusion traveling from eye to eye.

“How much greener can one side be if you’re focused on the other?”

“What if the green grows greener when you return to this eye?”

Patrick was ten feet away yet had a mental image of Tessa standing before him, her eyes swallowing his will, holding his mind which was already a willing captive. Thor didn’t exist anymore as Tessa speaking took priority, just as the worlds he knew and all responsibilities left Thor as Tessa continued to speak, roaming the green fields she called eyes aimlessly. It was blur of clarity and beauty between the two, until any consciousness he had left gave up and decided both eyes were the same, and trapped his as sure as any hypnotic skill the mesmerist had ever used on him before.

“Do you know how much you like the green? How much you need it?”

“How you’ll do anything to be allowed, to be this close to see for yourself why you need this green, why the grass is always greener on my side of things?”

Tessa loved how challenging this had been for her. Belying the thrill of fear and uncertainty she felt the moment she stepped in the door, she had to classify her composure as superhuman now. To not scream at the sight of someone who’d broken into their house (thankfully recognizing it was Thor quickly enough), to not show and ounce of capitulation or give an ounce of any advantage at someone dissatisfied with everything she’d done for him. Other men, she was willing to kick to the curb if they were obstinate in any way. Thor was different, as high-profile as he was, the trouble he could cause just by association, but also how after breaking him down the first time, he sought her out, and continued to grow wanting to seek her out as often as she allowed. He was the kind of dedicated sub a femdom like her could appreciate, but she knew she had to prepare for a potential moment like this, when she might be challenged, and the gloves might have to come off.

Such a confrontation was going swimmingly for Tessa; maintaining control of both her boys while focused on just one, turning the tables by letting him come into her trap of her gaze, a way she hadn’t taken many boys before, her hand gently caressing the forearm holding the hammer, muscles giving in to the seductive weight of her touch. It was a good start, but somewhat desperate times called for unbelievably fun measures.

“I bet you love that green so much, sooo much, so much so that you’d be willing to seek out another color if I asked you to, wouldn’t you? It’s oh so easy to find, you won’t even have to look away. Just center your gaze into the center of mine. Stroll lazily from the hypnotic green of my eyes to the deeper, dark depths of my pupil. Find one, and slip in there, deeper than you can imagine, falling into my pupil beyond your control, falling into this delightful darkness, knowing that as you fall, you’ll feel better and better. Easily as rewarding as when you close or eyes and you let my voice take over. Deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, until you find yourself in such an interesting predicament.”

Thor couldn’t tell if his eyes were closed or open. Unable to comprehend his eyelids at all, the Asgardian just knew darkness. The teachings of Odin taught him to fear the depths of darkness, of the unknown. Unbound joy flowing through his veins felt like a terrible lie was told, he wanted more, and a helpful voice he couldn’t identify told him how to get more, which is how he found himself atop a roof in a city, looking so very close to the cloudy night sky. The right roof was easy enough to find – a signal in the clouds led him right to its source, a spotlight perched atop the roof.

He arrived creating a small rumble on the roof top, alerting the two people already present of the newcomer. One looked garishly dressed in a red and green getup with a yellow-gold cape flowing in the wind, Earth-fabled elvish looking shoes, and a face mask that did little to hide the boy’s identity, though he could place the face too well. The other looked to have enough courage for the duo; a woman dressed in a stylish combination of blue jeans and black velvet. The light from the spotlight shimmered lightly off of her velvet boots, but even moreso off of her corset, showcasing cleavage and how healthy it looked to his eyes.

“Well, what do we have here?”

“Who are you, spellcaster?”

She giggled seductively before answering, “You may call me Tessa, Queen of….Keeper of Minds, among many other titles. How may I help you, whom ever you are.”

It didn’t go unnoticed to Thor’s eyes how she eyed him up and down with obvious desire. He was used to looks like that from women in-general, but it was always strange to receive them from women who came up with such titles, even worse if they somehow lived up to them.

“You can help me by giving yourself up quietly, and giving back what you’ve stolen.”

The supposed boy wonder and Tessa exchanged a look between them, and then laughed.

“You think we’re thieves? That we robbed this bank?”

“Why else would you be here?”

“If we robbed this bank, why would we announce our crime to the world with this giant spotlight? And why wouldn’t I be here when my name is on the front of it?”

As he flew in, the letters on the building he saw seemed to mean nothing, until she pointed it out.

“Yes, other titles including owner. Welcome to the Bank of Tessa; would the mighty Thor like to open an account?”

“The only account you’ll be opening is with this world’s authorities when I take you in, Tessa,” he proclaimed.

“They must judge very differently in your world, because here, people have to commit crimes before they’re convicted of anything,” Robin clarified.

“Well said little birdie,” Tessa patted Robin on the head who blushed profusely. “So big man, name our crime.”

“It’s in your title, ‘keeper of minds.’ Manipulating people against their will surely is a crime even in the most lax of places.”

“You’d be surprised, but you have the dynamic incorrect. I am a keeper of those who give to me freely. Those with open accounts have their minds stored away safely, in safety deposit boxes, using only as much as they need to, to operate with not that much to worry about, and to donate to the UTF if they’re feeling generous.”


“United Tessa Fund,” Robin said proudly, receiving another pat on the head for the title he came up with, an achievement after many rounds of fractionated bliss.

“Then I guess your arrest will create new laws for your treachery; there is surely foul play abound here.”

“Where, mighty ‘Thor?’ Where is your proof?”

“Don’t worry, I will find it, after I destroy that light” Thor began swinging Mjolnir by its strap ready to throw, until Tessa stepped boldly in his path.

“Ah ah. You break it, you buy it. And wouldn’t it be a shame if you break any evidence pertaining to whatever you might try to call a crime? If you could really call advertising machinery ‘evidence.'”

That stopped Thor cold in his tracks, moreso Tessa standing in his path, but also how the spotlight was advertising of some sort. He didn’t know what she meant by that until he looked to see what was displayed in the sky. A round moving spiral shape that spun across the passing clouds, it was simply that, yet became more than that. He didn’t know what it was that made it so interesting. At some point after finally paying attention, prismatic colors danced in the black and white of the spiral, bright flashes that had no pattern yet made him want to find one. He could imagine that they had some kind of draw from the ground floor, but standing much closer to those clouds, the allure rose, nearly putting all other thoughts secondary. Before he realized there was some wording somewhere in the spiral, he blinked and shook his increasingly-dulled head to break free of the spell.

“My that hammer looks so big. I’m afraid even those magnificent muscles can’t hold that heavy thing for very long.”

Before he could even find the will to move his throwing arm, it felt forced down and the energy to fight it sapped.

“I bet you’ve been on your feet all day; those knees look like they’re just ready to buckle and sink to the ground, giving your feet a needed break.”

Wobbly legs gave in to the suggestion, and he slipped to his knees, the hammer fallen lifelessly from his numbed arm.

“I think you’re ready to give yourself a small break from reality, as you let Tessa, the keeper of your mind, tell you how you can feel better, and how you can use some of that energy for more charitable efforts.”

His body reacted quickly to her words, throwing him off balance, but a jolt of resistance shook him away from the light. Screaming in defiance, he reached with all his might to summon Mjolnir. Just as it came into his hand, the world around him turned into a bright, blinding abyss. He thought lightning had struck at his command, except his brain was the only shocked, overstimulated part of him. Within the abyss was bands of darkness and light, colors dancing all around him. Laced in each band was a repeating phrase of “Yes Tessa.” Over and over he saw it, then repeated it in his head, then felt his lips move to follow suit. He was asked several questions, none of which mattered except to answer “Yes Tessa” to every one. Inconsequential words gave his muscles energy, repurposed to do something more important than he originally planned, or exactly as he originally planned. A beautiful voice was suddenly all he could hear and he said whatever he could to keep hearing that voice, and it seemed so very pleased when he said “Yes Tessa.” At the end of it, the only thing he could clearly hear her say – “Would you like to make a deposit ‘Thor’?” It was so sexy and sensual a question that he responded with more conviction than ever “Yes Tessa.”

The light in his eyes went away, but not in his mind. It was a much stronger dose than anyone before him had received. Most off the street happen to see it, and found themselves subliminally affected by the spirals and pretty colors caused by diamonds embedded in the spotlight to cause thousands of facets of color to distract. It all inspired them to visit the Bank of Tessa and deposit or donate whatever they thought was fair, surprised in their own generosity. Even an Asgardian would find himself drawn to Tessa’s grand marketing, let alone the spotlight being aimed directly at him. It guided him along with Tessa’s voice to a city museum where priceless artifacts were stored, and three different banks hauling an impressive amount to be deposited in the Bank of Tessa. It was not more than 30 minutes later when goods and bags of money laid down at Tessa’s feet, alongside the kneeling, smiling Thor who knew the keeper of his mind was satisfied with him.

“Well done, mighty ‘Thor.’ You like pleasing Tessa, don’t you?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“You’ve never thought you’d be robbing banks for anyone, right?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“You’re surprised in how you good it feels to open such a substantial account, and give generously to the United Tessa Fund, isn’t that right.”

“Yes Tessa.”

She inspected the piece of jade in her hand that would go to the UTF soon enough, courtesy of Thor and the city museum.

“You love that all this essentially makes you mine, doesn’t it?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“And no other woman, or mind-controller will ever hold as much power over you as I do, right?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“So you’ll believe me when you say I mean you no harm, but will ask me nicely if you want to be ‘harmed,’ yes?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“But I thought you were harmless,” Robin joked.

“But I am harmless, you know that, don’t you boy”

“Yes Tessa,” Thor and Robin chorused.

Musical laughter filled the rooftop, and in the real world where Tessa and Patrick stood in-front of the still literal kneeling Thor.

“So he’ll be convinced with no doubt from now on?”

“I thought he would be already, but seems he requires a bit more effort from me, which should be fun. Even the best subjects need a little trance training. Don’t you think?”

“I just think whatever you tell me to. And I wish you didn’t think wearing this stupid Robin outfit for real would add to the scene.”

“But it did, and you look so sexy in it.”

“I wish I could agree, but-”

“Wish granted,” Tessa told Patrick as he was turned to face her in that velvet corset, oblivious to her speaking as he drooled over the valley of her cleavage, until he said aloud “I’m the sexiest Robin ever, because Tessa says so.”

“I really do have the best good boys,” Tessa laughed.

“Yes Tessa,” her boys chorused again.

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