Sonia Musings – Distant Screeching

A significant sound that draws you.

She borrowed my body,
sung my will a lullaby
swallowed my mind whole
casting a siren’s cry.

I heard it off in the distance
a place where her sounds could reach.
Primal, unrelenting, devoid of inhibition
She’d become like me, a shared condition
Moans and whimpers had become our speech.

I saw her visage clearly
behind eyelids locked shut
Tresses gripped and head leaned back
fingers touching where my lips had been
those succulent parts that made me her slut

Vibrations rang through me
Gauging her reactions my sole priority
A mutually-accepted tempo
Her conducting my performance
My face filled with her authority

As the ride soon ends
the final loop which can’t be compared
Though always a higher caste
It’s good to know our mindset can be shared.

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