Sonia Musings – Enter the Parlour

Abandon all will, ye who enter, or find yourself having it willingly stolen from you.

For some reason, my memory was very hazy before I walked through the door. Memories of an entirely different place flashed through my head consistently, even the thought of seeing myself through multiple reflections. The disconnect between there and here seemed stranger than anything I ever heard or seen, but the worry of lost time becomes less important as I walk through the threshold of a mysterious place.

It looks like someone’s parlour, filled with shadows and darkness, normally the kind of place I would be afraid to enter any further into. But there were no internal warnings or thoughts of worse-case scenario here. I couldn’t explain the ease I felt in this place, the allure it held. Strewn throughout the room were many candles of different colors and sizes sporting tall, sometimes dancing flames. Incense burned and left the place with such a sensual air. Vanilla? Sandalwood? Cherry-scented? A combination? Whatever it was made his feet easier to take steps deeper into the room. Past the entrance, the further I walked in, the more comfortable the surroundings became, with softer carpeting, stronger incense, pillows and comforters atop lounging chairs. Whomever owned this place had made a palace of luxury.

Seeing an entrance covered with crystal curtain, I heard what sounded like…purring. The purr of a decidedly satisfied feline, yet I wasn’t even sure a cat could make such a noise, or sound THAT satisfied. Moving carefully toward the curtain, that sound increases in volume and intensity, until I find the source. A table with a man and woman seated opposite each other, a glowing, pulsing crystal between them, the air in the room warm and filled with some kind of aura. As my eyes focus on the woman, I can tell she is the center of the room, the origin and the authority of this parlour I’ve stepped into. The woman is positively witchy, voluptuous, the epitome of sexy to my eyes. Long, raven hair, black and velvety dressing, long creamy legs with heels that keep brushing over the man’s calves, deep dark eyes that even when not directed at me give an open invitation of fall headlong into them. I felt stunned and stilled just by her appearance, my mouth would’ve been wide open just at the sight of her if I could move it. But even if I could, I wasn’t inclined to right now. Despite the voyeuristic actions I was taking, I couldn’t help but watch and wait to see what unfolded.

The witch’s lips didn’t move, but her movements spoke clearly enough to the man. Her hands drew circles on the table, and on the back of the man’s hand. His eyes seemed deeply focused on the crystal between them, and I couldn’t blame him, even from a distance it was having an effect. Candle light glinting off the crystals of the curtain into my eyes set off a colorful showcase amidst and seductive one. She was so insistent with her motions, brazenly stroking his leg with hers making it seem like this man was….claimed felt like the most accurate word. I wondered if the man was even willing to fight the claiming of himself, when the rewards thus far seemed word diving into servitude for. I caught myself looking at the crystal ball closely, wondering if there was some kind of pattern to the pulsing, but I got lost in it too just long enough to miss how the woman moved behind her supplicant.

She was kissing his neck, making his body writhe in pleasure, making me feel something like phantom lips against my skin, becoming deeply jealous of the seated man. I saw her nails caress his neck, circling it fully, leaving a filmy trail of power around it, until it solidified into some kind of collar. The tingling around my neck suggestively made me want to feel it too. Her fingers slipped between the collar and gently tugged at it, making him gasp in pleasure, and her purring like the Cheshire cat might.

Whispering something inaudible from where I stood, I understood it anyway as the man slipped out of the chair and down at her feet. He kissed the exposed tops of her feet, the black heels she wore, and deeply kissed the rest of her foot when she removed them from the shoe. My lips puckered as I watched someone else get to fulfill my fantasy of pampering a woman’s succulent feet with kisses, sucking their toes like he was doing. Desire burned in me to want to be this man, to obey and please this woman. That beaming smile she bore could make any man do her bidding.

“That’s right,” I heard her audibly say for the first time, but her mouth didn’t move, and I heard it with crystal clarity in my head. She spoke it somehow as she looked in my direction too. That shook my consciousness a bit, making me ask how long she’d known I was there, what kind of power did she have, particularly over me and this other guy, and what plans did she have for both of us?

She smirked amusingly at me like she was reading my thoughts, directing her gaze downward at the prostrating man below her. I looked down with her to the man I envied and wondered if I should fear for him and myself. He’d been given the least attention out of anything or anyone in this place; he barely mattered to me as he seemed more like a display of her magic at work, but his significance hit me hard once I paid attention to his face. My face, to be exact.

The gasp of air I took in was so loud, I’m surprised it didn’t shake him, me, from worshiping her foot at least for a second. It only seemed to make the witch giggle sensually.

“Yes, that happens to be you below me now. Your body, at least. At most, perhaps it’s a race between your mind and body, to see which can find itself deeper under my spell.”

She spoke directly to my brain again, like whispers that didn’t register from my ears but reverberated in my subconscious, playfully, eagerly, lustily.

“I could feel a part of you still wanting to resist, to try to foolishly remove yourself from my parlour a piece at a time before it’s too late. How silly of you to think you could resist. It’s such a small part of you anyway, what seems to think it doesn’t want me. It is very much outnumbered by the parts of your mind, of you altogether that want me. All of your senses are in-tune to my every move, my very essence and desire. It has been very intriguing to see most of the women in your life come in flashing thoughts, comparing them to me, watching all of them come up short to the marvel you consider me to be. The part of you that resists is more unsure than anything else. Unsure of what it wants. I asked it to think of something pleasurable, and low and behold, entering my parlour was what came up into your mind. Your body already obeys me below, while your mind strolled through the experience of my lair, the sights, smells, and the source of your enchantment.”

She stood so confidently over what was my body, speaking with a tone of surety reserved for someone who’s already acquired what they wanted. Every second past was an inch closer to agreeing with her.

“I make no qualms about what I want. I want you, all of you. My toy, my plaything, a slave to my body and will. You wonder why or how you found yourself to come here, denying the simple fact that you want the same. You’ve searched for a woman like me for so long that your aura is like a beacon, ever searching for whom you want, an aura a magical woman like me could see coming from miles away. Maybe many women could pick that up as well; you should consider yourself lucky. You found a woman whom was tailor-made for you, as I found a slave so eager to fulfill my desires. I’ve seen your future, and I see such good fortune and stimulation through it. Your body knows this as well, just the sight of me cast a spell upon you. Even your aching cock throbs in unison with the pulsing of the crystal ball. Your happiness, your destiny lies right here at my feet, you know what you must do.”

I looked down at myself, beholden to a future I knew I wanted, wondering how or why I could resist this.

“Kneel and obey,”

The voice whispered deep inside me, heating my whole body. I fell to my knees in-front of my body, and watched it become opaque as I consciously began kissing her feet, feeling whole, fulfilled, knowing my purpose and longing to obey.

“Good boy,” I heard and knew I was doing right.

My hardness got even harder and more needy as I began moving higher of my own accord but without my immediate knowledge. My kisses raised higher, and so did the sensitivity of my cock as it brushed against my magical mistress. Higher and higher as I pleased her body and will, thrusting my hips, knowing that it pleased her.

Finally standing tall in-front of her, my hardness laying at her throne like I knelt before her, waiting patiently for permission to enter. She held me, grasping me, like the collar around my neck, possessing me. I was hers and happy to be so. I wish I was still outside my body to see the dreamy smile I must’ve had, curious as to how I looked while feeling spectacular. I got to see her smile instead, and the pleasure just increased.

She leaned in to kiss me, pushing me over, even falling with me. A small bit of worry came over me about the fall, but I was happy knowing I would take the brunt of it while keeping her safe. We fell into a soft surface from out of nowhere, and I felt the plunge I’d taken into my Mistress, moaning in pleasure, her slick temple sheathing my cock. She cried out as her hips moved of their own accord, rocking into me more and more. I kissed her neck and felt her pulse point, rolling her over to begin pressing and thrusting into her as deeply as possible. Her arms wrapped around my neck, occasionally tugging at the collar, exciting me, superfluously yet sublimely communicating who was in control. That knowledge made us move faster, and faster, and faster, and faster until I couldn’t take it anymore. Kissing her deeply I released myself into her, into her control.

There was no more doubt to be had, no more cares or concerns outside of my loving Mistress. After a bit of rest, I picked her up and held her in my arms, feeling the caress of her hands on my face. Just her touch made my eyes nearly roll back into my head, blinding me with bliss. I carried her to her bed; that she was willing to share it with me warmed my heart like nothing else.

“Obey Sonia,” last command I remembered from that night, and my life’s mission since then.

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