The Henchwoman

A retired hypnotic villainess is visited by an old acquaintance.

Note: Inspired by Illustrations by Sue-Chan.


Part 1: Sway

Walking out of a downtown highrise, a man hesitated at the entrance before shifting into the river of people moving further uptown. Long-established muscle memory had him patting his suit jacket for the object of his addiction. That memory was interrupted, only making it as far as stepping off to a corner and feeling the cigarette pack in his suit pocket. He froze mid-motion, hands falling to his sides, staring down and off into space, wondering for a few seconds why he’d stopped. He gasped and blinked a few times, set off gently by not what his eyes saw, but what his mind recalled.

Green eyes. Mind-numbing, breath-taking green eyes. Eyes bolstered by a submersible quality that made them all too inviting to all other naked eyes, they seemingly breathed vitality, coerced initiative, and other things into him, that were his reason for being there. Eyes bearing a rich coloring that practically filled his, convincing him of eyes dulling like shade, somewhere deep inside. Eyes accompanied by a female voice somewhere beyond their brilliance, voicing a reasonable bidding. One of those things had to be stop smoking, because for the life of him, a totally extinguished desire prevented any cigarette from reaching his mouth, exiting his pocket and into the nearest trash receptacle instead. As was her will, he crossed into the crowd flow to go about his day, wondering if she had anything else in-store for him, knowing he’d be helpless to stop himself if she did.

At the other end of the lobby, close to the elevators, a blonde donning an elaborate wrapped bun of a hairstyle and a black suit smirked at her latest work walking out the door, permanently ushered into a healthier direction just after one session. Ten minutes worth of bad habit altering, another fifty of programming and convincing him that obedience and generously giving to his new doctor were good habits. Of course, even a super effective dose of therapy couldn’t constitute a sure-fire cure-all; he would most likely relapse, would need further programming, and would launch himself back on the couch to let her back into his mind again. Cigarettes were now just the convenient excuse.

No matter how many times Dr. Julia Sway beguiled first-timers, the thrill of bending minds stayed inexorably fresh, lowering her custom-tinted glasses and let what they hid wash away comprehension of their watcher in the tide of guileless, persuasive green. Dr. Sway’s hypnotherapy experience and skill notwithstanding, all she really needed was a glance to open people up to profound mental and essentially life changes. Such was her ironic luck, years of studying academically-practiced hypnosis techniques rendered practically obsolete with a spontaneously-developed hypnotic stare. She couldn’t complain too much; little more than a glance wiped out student loans in record timing.

She still found it funny how ‘hierarch’ became the prevailing term that stuck for super-powered citizens rather than the derogatory ‘mutant’ or ‘freak’ terms found in children’s comics, side-stepping subtleties and calling those like Sway outright better than everyone else. To be fair, the phrase was coined only when a handful were known to exist in the world. As more popped up, so did the animosity, but any hateful levied words she found were much tamer in most of America compared to her hometown of Johannesburg, much tamer in their behavior compared to the violence still found there for her kind. Faring with it came easier than for most, with a power that mollified and stole away most any intentions with long-enough exposure, many accidentally. But she decided to not take chances and emigrated to America as soon as she could, finding it to truly be a land of opportunity and higher public tolerance, quickly coming into the company of those who understood and acknowledged her power, and paid handsomely for her services.

Most of the known hierarchs she’d heard about were do-gooders or upstanding citizens trying to be normal, putting on a good public face for the majority. It didn’t matter to the doctor that she only seemed like an upstanding citizen on the surface, or that the only good she did was for her bank account or ego; prioritizing self-interest suited her well for decades, and fate couldn’t have bestowed a better ability.

A cabal of conglomerate heads who took offense to hierarchs in-general sought to oppose the heroes who made their kind look good, and was smart enough to have Dr. Sway as a hierarch-on-retainer, to gather what usable information she could, and to set things ethically questionable at best in-motion. Both the conglomerate heads and Sway knew what they were getting with each other, and were happy to always keep things at a professional distance. She was somewhat lucky that they didn’t take enough offense to capitalize on her mercenary talents. They were supremely lucky that when it came to issues between hierarchs and everyone else, the hypnotist simply didn’t care. “People are people, and whoever I meet is whoever I want them to be,” Julia always reasoned. It was a sensibility she kept even after she “retirement.”

Riding the elevator back up to her office, she was looking forward to her day ending. No matter how much she enjoyed her work, there always seem to be fatigue in an easy day job, creating unsurety of if she was keen on sharing the night with anyone. Maybe her receptionist, maybe someone from a different floor before they left, but having played with every regular in the building, it didn’t sound quite as appealing. Maybe just a bubble bath and night alone was in her future. No thoughts disputed that outcome up until entering her office, to find it not as vacant as she left it.

A strange, defensive smile greeted her new guest.

“Good afternoon. Did I miss an appointment?” A touch of a faded South African accent filled the room.

“Not at all,” a younger voice replied. “This appointment was very much planned, even predestined.”

Sway’s smile dropped its defensiveness with a sigh, realizing whom had invited themselves in.

Sibyl, the vernal psychic and seer extraordinaire, among the youngest to ever enter the hierarch hero game. Her old costume was ridiculous and thankfully forgotten, but she still toted her crystal ball around, functional for psychic augmentation, but still a strange accessory to jeans, a light jacket over a white top, and brown pigtails, still dressing to her hippie upbringing. Sway noticed with appreciative eyes how her old opponent had finally taken a confident posture; she looked so sure of herself, like you’d expect of a conquering hero, making the hypnotist’s domineering advances all the sweeter once eventually employed.

“Still acting like a cheeky child, I see. A shame you’ve only gotten more arrogant, or dumber…or maybe just more millennial; I can’t tell.”

“Still underestimating what I’m capable of. A shame you probably haven’t grown any smarter.”

Seated behind her desk, the black highchair turned toward the city, concealing the smile revealing she enjoyed, even missed the verbal back-and-forth heroes were always good for, at the outset at least.

“I take it my receptionist didn’t invite you in.”

“She still doesn’t know I’m here, though I get the feeling she’s truly oblivious to everything in the world but you, something she never signed up for.”

The doctor turned her chair to face her interloper, toying with the temple of her glasses, teasing her with lowering them.

“This might shock the nonconformist in you, but in corporate America, you’d be surprised at the expectations set for underlings. But when you put it like that dearie, who wouldn’t sign up for such a dream job? And for your information, she did give me verbal consent.”

“You talked her into it.”

“That’s what happens in interviews – people talk. Some more than others.”

Sway appreciated how a wiser Sibyl had more patience for the banter, rather than throwing a hissyfit because one could be twice the smartass she was and not get merely annoyed at her attitude.

“Speaking of interviews, is that why you’re here? Vying to be my new receptionist? My current girl loves her position, so much so that she might fight you for it.”

“The only position that will need filling is yours, once I bring you in.”

“Bring me in?” The blonde questioned with a hand to her mouth.

“Yes. To justice? Have you really forgotten all your misdeeds and suffering you’ve caused?” Sibyl clarified with knowingly cheesy comic book flair, but mystified at why she had to explain this.

“So many hierarchs and the authorities have been looking for you for the longest time. Kudos to you for staying off the radar as long as you have; all the other perpetrators wish they could hide in plain sight like you do. Should impress the hell out of everyone that I’m the one to find you and bring you in.”

Turning on a swivel, giving Sibyl ample view of the back of her highchair again, Sway forced out a hearty chuckle befitting a villainess to hide the more reactive laugh she wanted to give. Still facing the city, Sway gestured toward the pictures hanging on her wall.

“It wasn’t as easy as you’d think, laying low all those years. But when you sit behind a chair all day, as busy as us hierarchs keep ourselves, the days can start to be a blur of what we’ve done. The day begins and your eyes can be just like those green eyes. Wide awake, interested, engaged, ready to take on the world and win. By the end of the day though, those eyes are just lose their luster, lose their liveliness, and those lids are ready to shut and stay down.”

The digital portrait of her green eyes was a matter of convenience for Sway. They had about half the draw of her natural eyes, more than enough to prime them for a glance of the real thing followed by eventual subservience, or just outright trancing weak-enough onlookers when the hierarch wasn’t present.

“You try as hard as you can to keep that lively green in your eyes, to keep your spirits up, your attention high and your concentration strong, before those eyes become slits, a dusk of light and energy, perhaps dreaming of moments when you’re eyes can be that bright, that lovely, that focused, where you’ve earned the right to be tired, happy, even sleepy, so you can sleep soundly and peacefully knowing those green eyes have brought you there. Don’t those eyes look so lively and green?”

Indirectly delivering her induction with a smile, she waited for what would be an induced admission.

“They look guilty to me,” Sibyl’s deadpan voice replied. “Are all your clients made to look at silly pictures?”

She got up from her desk with the grace of a stalking panther that respected her prey and savored the meal to come.

“Art imitates lively green, so as you ‘bring me in,’ why don’t you let me bring you in, just for a little while?”

She finally lowered the glasses down to give full view of her enchanting eyes. They gazed proudly, powerfully into a glassy pair of eyes, or so they seemed glassy only because of the psychic shielding covering her view. The crystal ball also tangibly amplified her hierarch powers, giving off a nearly invisible ethereal energy that carried out her will, including shielding her from the not-so-secret weapon aimed at her.

“Neat little deterrent you have there,” Sway tested it with unworried joy, impressed with the creative defense, but still tested an intense stare against it, to no avail.

“That’s strike two, Sway. Don’t bother going for three; you’ll have more than a while to think about your bad life choices and fowl-ups in prison, maybe be rehabilitated into some kind of decent person.”

“Sorry dearie, I’m way past decent.”

Sway’s smile widened as she concentrated her hierarch prowess to produce a vivid, colorful, masque-like visage around her eyes. Fluorescent shades of pinks, purples, turquoise, and light greens washed over the space around her eyes, like waves, accentuating her look, adding layers of fascination upon fascination. The center of a whirlpool of color struck enough to pierce the psychic barrier, to make the young heroine sink into deep confusion, lost in the tow of Dr. Sway’s stare, unable to fight the physical, emotional urge to let those colors bedazzle her thoughts, to let those green eyes work their magic with no hope of fighting.

“If you really want to talk baseball, this must be what they call a home run, and I’ve knocked your will out of the park. Maybe now you’ll want to tell me who underestimated whom.”

All Sibyl could do was stand still, hold that crystal ball up, feel its power emanating, yet feeling the turning of the tide of control passing to the doctor, a familiar premonitioned posture, and rumblings of the past.






Part 2: Swayer

Four Years Ago

An unconscious Sibyl felt her limp body being carried somewhere. The frail, young woman with her power type usually wasn’t meant for the field, but desperate measures called for her presence on-site, to help and predict enemy movements as accurately as possible. Unfortunately, she was still deep into her training, and couldn’t foresee the surprise attack, or a tranquilizer dart to the neck, immediately taking her out of the mission.

Despite the chemicals shutting down most of her awareness, the psychic awareness faintly remained, informing her of being roughly carried, suggesting that she wasn’t being carried by her comrades, but by someone who didn’t give much consideration to kid-gloves. The where was unknown, but logic dictated it was somewhere where information could be extracted from her, based on what she knew of her opposition.

Sibyl’s instincts were proven right, feeling being sat in a comfortable chair, a soft material like suede or velvet against her skin, the kind of furnishings her group never tried budgeting for. She felt a touch to her face, not gloved and callous like whomever handled her before, but a very soft, almost caring touch, nostrils teased by an expensive fragrance. Sibyl instinctively yet weakly reached out to the mind of that person, feeling their presence, their intent, their essence; confirmation of dealing with another hierarch made her shift worryingly in the chair. Barely enough energy around the eyelids to open them, but she could feel her vaguely. She sensed wanting, assurance, and no intention of using coarse, harmful means to get it. The assurance mixed with something that seemed…persuasive, like her touch, inspiring curiosity in how she might be persuaded.

Sibyl was weak enough to have a hard time fighting the touch wrapping around her jaw, slowly guiding it forward, and a harder time fighting the reaction of elation to that touch. The drug started to wear off nearly the same time that a soft whisper filled her ears.

“Wake up now. Wake for me, sweetie. Wake up. It’s easy to do for me. You’ve rested so well already, you can open those eyes for me. Effortless, so easy, to open those eyes, to listen to me. You feel like you want to, you feel like you must, you feel like you will, for me.”

That voice struck something in her, thoroughly convinced of the possible persuasion. She shifted and made a happy, sleepy noise, her body still at odds with her psychic awareness. But the connection to full awareness grew at the same pace that her eyelids wanted to open for that voice, that touch, that practically endearing regard. The voice sweetly droned on, coaxing her eyelids, until light came into focus, faint, welcoming, green lit.

Even before the lids could fully open, she was already captured by Dr. Sway’s green voids she called eyes; they swallowed her eyes like the expanse of a void, yet they were far from hollow. In an instant, curiosity struck her with their vibrancy, their inviting force pulling her in in tandem with the wanton need to plunge and explore further. They looked like the mythical siren might sing, eroding all else, including memories or accounts of hearing about the enemy having some kind of persuader at their disposal. It sounded to Sibyl like they had a psychic on their side, which made sense as no one had seen or could confirm her existence before that failed mission, or so she thought; Sway, like Sibyl, was an asset better served off the field, to be used for counter-intelligence and to subvert physical encounters. Every far-fetched story came true in the smiling gaze of green.

“Hello, sweetie. Nice to meet you. Nice to see what cute eyes you have, so wide, so pretty, so glassy, starring int-”

Sway hesitated mid-sentence feeling something reach out into her, penetrating the black of her pupils and somewhere past the depths even she wasn’t aware of. The hypnotherapist nearly jolted back as she felt that power somehow filling a crevice between her powers and her mental structure. Outwardly, both remained silent as their stare continued. Inwardly, both hierarchs bore witness to the same scene – Sibyl floating on a narrow stream of color, shades of bright turquoise, rich purples, cotton pinks, sea greens, she could feel each one, sweeping away any cares she had before, unable to focus on just one because the next layered upon the last consistently, incrementally deepening what was with more. Floating along this river, the colors of the world around her resembled what she floated along, the hills of the meadow, the trees, the birds, the sky. The psychic deeply identified with this place, her inner elysium, her hidden sanctuary, where she could meditate and center herself whenever needed.

Normally, it looked no different from a real world meadow with all the appropriate colors. Under Sway’s flummoxing power, hypnotic colors blended and shaded everything, fascinating her to no end. The only unique factor was the color of the sun, a powerfully-hypnotic green, eliciting the exact opposite reaction of what every child is told to do in regards to the sun. She had to look at the green sun, enjoying the freedom to do so. And to her delight, the more she stared the more the sun drew closer and closer, as if focused on her.

Sway pulled away from the dream like she’d just broken a fever. The henchmen that brought Sibyl to her office tried to pull the doctor away, thinking she was under assault. It took deep, prolonged glances at each of them to stop and have them stand at attention, merely awaiting for her next command. She got herself under control as she shook herself free of the mental tendrils Sibyl almost established. But she wondered what she just witnessed in her mind. The heroine was clearly entranced and the sun was clearly her eyes, but her trance was infused in her mind deeper than she ever seen, deeper than she ever bothered trying to program someone. The mysterious colors helped, she knew for sure, and Sway was willing to bet they had nothing to do with Sibyl, given the heroine’s overwhelmed reaction.

She furiously scribbled notes down while keeping a careful eye on her younger captive, who after a few minutes began moving again, some part of her that tried awakening from the hypnotic dream. Grabbing one of the guard’s tranq gun from his holster, she kept it in hand while preparing to use her eyes again. As Sibyl reorientated herself to the room, she found those eyes again and was totally sedated, if not a little deeper than before.

Sway spent more time than ever before to keep her sedated and docile, extracting the specific information before having her sent back to her people. Wouldn’t do to have every hero banging down her door to come to the rescue of their asset, or to dispose of her as one of her employers would ask for; not that she was heartless, but it made good business sense for both sides to have an asset, keeping her own value in-tact. And normally it would’ve behooved her to sever the connection between her mind and her psychic powers, but curiosity had gotten the better of her as she brandished her gaze more intensely, and investigated that strange dream.






Part 3: Swaying

Two Years Ago

Colorful dreams had been the bane of Sibyl’s frustration since her capture, her constant reminder of her first big folly. Their idea to bring her along, but a psychic not seeing a surprise attack coming supplied her comrades with occasional bad jokes like “p.o.w.” or “didn’t see that coming, did you?” It was to get her to laugh at the misfortune and loosen up, cause they all made mistakes, but she saw it as them cutting her more slack than she thought she deserved. Worst of all, it forced her to dedicate a considerable amount of her psychic training to parsing useful, whatever usable information out of the interrogation, which there was none, while suppressing the practically carnal feelings inspired from that encounter, which she discovered she couldn’t. Like a rash that flared after she thought she was rid of it, several elements itched something awful, and just wouldn’t go away. Given time and circumstances, they only got worse.

After the fact of a certain circumstance, she’d found one faction of the corporate anti-hierarch cabals out there concocted a pretty devious discovery – hierarch experimental sciences which led to means of anti-hierarch inhibiting. They were far along enough that testing with live subjects became a viability. Sibyl had been taken by pure happenstance, taken along with another comrade and random hierarch they tried to rescue from a few rowdy bigots. Turns out they were plain-clothes mercs hired to abduct test subjects, who just happened to strike gold.

By the time consciousness came back to her, she was strapped down to a table in some laboratory next to the two others, unharmed, and yet completely disarmed. Every attempt to reach in and access her powers resulted in nothing. She didn’t know what caused it. This felt worse than nullification; it was like her powers weren’t even there to begin with. It made her struggle against her restraints, no matter the physical futility. She’d never remembered being so afraid in her life. Worse than what could happen was what did, ripping away a part of herself she’d come to terms with early on, and loved over time, an important part of her young identity.

Sibyl gave the guard who approached her an angry look, denying them the tears and screams that would probably please her captors. The table shifted, inclining her body nearly perpendicular to the ground. The table rolled her practically upright through the dark hallway. Nothing in the corridor gave any indication of where she was, or any means of escape. Robbed of the ease of taking the guard’s mind and making him release her and giving them a quiet exit hurt more than any pain she was being wheeled to, or so she hoped.

“I hope you’ll enjoy our accommodations,” the guard gruffly spoke with a smile that disgusted the young psychic.

A bead of sweat dripped from her forehead the closer she got to the bright light of the end of the corridor, obviously her destination. Twin doors automatically opened when she got close enough, introducing her to another lab filled with all sorts of confusion, probably invasive instruments. The only occupants were an old, graying scientist greeting her with a combined condescending and lecherous look, and a lab technician keeping their eyes fixed only on the console, as if they had a conscious but couldn’t bear the sight to come.

“What a lovely guest gracing our presence tonight. I’m Professor Deakins, the head of this illustrious lab. I’m so pleased to make the acquaintance of the infamous Sibyl, who can see the future and trouble coming a mile away, or so I’m told. Tell me, as a fellow futurist, are you as excited for what’s to come as I am?”

Sibyl took advantage of him being in spitting distance, her scornful saliva gracing his cheek. His response was only to smile, and step back.

“I’ll give you that, young lady. It’s not like you have much else to assault me with. While I, on the other hand…” he gestured to the entirety of his lab. She lost count of the number of sharp objects, ready to prod and dissect her, leaving gentle, fearful shaking beyond her control in their wake.

“Professor, you must look at this.”

The lab tech ushered him over to the console to look at numbers scrolling down the screen next to a profile pic of Sibyl. Whatever the numbers were, it made the two scientist look at each other purposefully. Then the technician looked toward Sibyl, walking to her while the older scientist was fixed in place, staring into space.

Sibyl looked strangely at the scientist whom first addressed her, then did a double-take at the face of the technician. Minus the black hair, it was the same face that had filled her most passionate daydreams, complete with deep green eyes that handed her her first loss, peeking over glasses with a smile wider than the smirk over Dr. Sway’s lips. She looked in her eyes as if they had the key to explain how she retained her power when Sibyl couldn’t, only looking away to gauge the guard that remained at her side, standing at attention as if nothing was awry.

“Deakins was right about one thing – a lovely guest gracing our presence. In my case, a recurring one at that.”

“How the hell are you here? Why the hell are you helping them?” Sibyl spoke nearly without thinking.

“Helping these bastards? How insulting an assumption. I’m here for the same reason you are – hierarch nullification, apparently Professor Deakins’ here’s life mission, which he’s recently achieved in the form of an air vapor, harmless to humans, but has just the right chemical mix in it to shut our powers down. It’s ventilated through this whole place, and I know he’s got bigger, more effective plans for it, and us. I’ve met some pretty ardent haters of our kind, but this guy, coupled with an unfortunately brilliant mind, is our biggest threat.”

“What do you mean ‘our’?. His bosses would be your bosses, right?”

“Would you sit idly by while your bosses develop a weapon to steal away an advantageous skillset?”

“And oh yeah, how the hell do you still have your powers around this bullshit vapor?”

“Trade secrets, my dear,” the timbre of Sway’s voice lowered noticeably, calming Sibyl as much as the touch that wiped the sweat off her face, calming her, charming the fear out of her, warming her up for the green eyes that filled her eyesight. She heard words passing into her ear, but concentrated more on their meaning of feeling nice, relaxed, convincing her that everything she needed and wanted was right in her eyes. For the shitty day she was having, the young girl inwardly reduced herself to the first time those eyes hypnotized her; it was all to easy to let them do it again, and everything Sway said was true to her mind.

All but one thing was true about Sway there, as Sibyl discovered later. Once word of that initiative crossed Sway’s attention, she became stealthily proactive, infiltrating the lab and minds of its occupants one at a time, starting with a lowly guard at the bar, the same one oblivious to the ‘lab technician’ attending to the subject. Knowing exactly what she was walking into, she brushed off her manual hypnosis expertise and put them to use. She dressed like a sexual prospect to his eyes, but once he let her talk, he soon found there was no greater sexual pleasure than obedience to her words, unable to orgasm without permission coming from her voice. Several lab workers found themselves in the same disposition multiple times after work, except for the ‘good’ Dr. Deakins, denied at every edge of climax, which just made him even more hooked to her will. Anyone in that facility who merely glanced at the lowly technician was hers, and many often did whenever she showed.

Sway loved how prior exposure to being her mindless slave for a while was all the programming the younger hierarch needed. She looked even cuter than last time they met, drooling, wide-eyed, smiling as if grateful to be rescued from being a victim to science. Sibyl happily remained in her dreamland, unaware of being carted out of the facility along with her companions, unaware of the chaos ensuing after their departure, where bullets flew, data and equipment was destroyed, and according to reports, whoever did that facility in left no survivors, much to the great dismay of the anti-hierarch corporate heads backing it.

Sway had delivered the three to a train station at the city outskirts. By the time they arrived, the vapor had dissipated from their systems, and their powers were restored in-full. The others awoke to probing green eyes, asking what they remembered, making sure there was nothing to remember before sending them to sleep. Sibyl was the last to return to consciousness, as Sway had saved the best for last. But Sibyl’s powerless body had tried to instinctively reach out with her powers so hard earlier that Sway being the closest was hit with a powerful mental blast that nearly knocked her back, but she pushed against it and held it down with shimmering green eyes, feeling Sibyl’s intrusion into her mind subside. She even felt the anger in that blast turn positive and happy as her body realized who it came into contact with.

Sibyl took to the amnesia suggestion, same as the rest, and found herself picked up by the rest of her comrades who’d searched for them all day. It seemed to be a trying day for everyone, so much so that by the time they returned home, they all went to bed almost immediately. Sibyl among all of them remained the most troubled, unable to remember past helping the lone hierarch being chased in the street. In her head, she felt a threat to pull, something that could reveal the day’s mysterious events. When nothing else worked, she pulled at that mental thread, and found everything unraveling not toward a memory, but an experience.

She was still in bed, but not alone. She couldn’t tell if it was her bed, or someone else’s. There was a lack of panic in Sibyl, as well as the bed’s possibly new occupant; their minds knew they should address it, but once a dreamy-eyed Sibyl looked into the eyes of a dreamy-eyed Sway, all else seemed to fade away and instinct took over for both of them. The younger woman gasped as she boldly gripped the blonde’s hips in her hands, reaching behind her as if to pull her closer. Sway didn’t seem to mind, using her bedmate’s keen action to bring their eyes closer together, to establish her authority in the situation as had become second-nature to the henchwoman. They both stared with intensity, and Sibyl’s eyes couldn’t be considered completely vacant as much lust still shined in them.

They kissed like strangers in the right time and heat, discovering their tongues, their bodies, learning the most intimate details about each other. Sway had to topple and intensify her gaze with Sibyl more than once, as she often acted on consciously, which ironically was what Sibyl would’ve demanded her to do anyway. Sway occasionally couldn’t feel totally in-control, feeling ravenous hands paw at her breasts and flick at her nipples, making the older lover feel taunted. Sway responded in kind by fixing her with another spellbinding stare, twisting strands of brunette hair in the blonde’s fingers, using her other hand to twist the young vaginal muscles of Sibyl’s womanhood in a similar motion. Streaming tingles of bliss from knowing fingers shook her body as much as Sway’s eyes would let her move, inarticulately moaning how much she loved it, and surrendered to the pleasurable trance.

Somehow Sibyl’s body acted on her own again, pushing forward hard enough that they both began grinding on Sway’s hand. Mutual orgasms were muffled against one last hot kiss, and Sibyl lost her mind completely as the space around Sway’s eyes for a time grew eerily colorful, reminiscent of past dreams, replacing assertive sexual advances with docile satisfaction. As they both came down, nearly numb from all the friction, Sway huffed a surprising breath, still twisting Sibyl’s hair, somehow knowing she would associate that with tingles of a twisted pussy.

Once both women came off their high, reality shifted and each found themselves in their own beds. Sibyl was red with embarrassment under her covers, hoping the screams of her stupidly erotic dream stayed in the dream she thought was only hers. Sway, numbly smiling from a fantastic wet-dream, moved out of bed to check her face in the mirror, wondering why the skin of her face felt so strange. Panic set in, faced with faded, but flowing colors.






Part 4: Swayed

Six Months Ago

Around an early winter sunset, Dr. Sway checked the progress of her clients, spreadsheets cross-referencing daily life and business happenings with diverse portfolios constantly improving hers; the results looked satisfactory. Her elite clientele had no idea they needed to handle more than the mundane problems they came to her for, but they were so grateful to her work with every visit, sometimes feeling the need to recommend to another executive, or the wife of one, or someone else along the grapevine of wealth that her services were required.

“Retirement” as she called it couldn’t have been planned better. Safe, more than financially sound, but admittedly a little boring. There was an inherent thrill to high risk dealings with hierarchs, often incredible and sometimes unstable powers, so much property damage either way. Even if just participating through espionage and interrogation, dealing with the unexpected, finding ways to prevail after some close calls, Julia Sway found these things worth more than her substantial pay, but never let her employers know that.

Only a few times was she ever truly challenged, and none more than a psionic hierarch who took the blonde persuader closest to getting as good as she gave. It was thanks to her that she took more precautions than ever, and became the first prompt looking for a graceful exit out of the game. She was right to do so as the corporate heads grew more sick and tired of their plans not working out. Some got desperate and looked at stupid ways to get what they wanted, borderline scorched earth tactics smacking of insane desperation. She smiled at the one time she played hero, preserving hierarchs as a whole, even rescuing the helpless mind maiden which boosted her ego, only to be confused by an erotic dream about her out of nowhere that same night.

After that tiff and failed anti-hierarch endeavor, some of the moguls lashed out, creating internal conflicts, at least on the business side of things. As a whole, they approached her more than a few times, asking if she could permanently program captured heroes into their service, and never liked hearing that her powers were great for short-term programming, but long-term was trickier, and not worth it as missing heroes would cause too much headache when their friends came looking for them. Half-truths were a business necessity too, to keep some of her special talents and their depths very close to the chest. She never bothered to price what permanent enslavement would cost; both the potential gains and losses could be priceless.

Eventually, her exit happened at the same time that both sides getting fed up with the conflict, and dissolving their efforts and groupings. No one knew Sway had a hand in the dissolving, meeting with the more unstable conglomerate heads and persuading them that their plans had no chance in hell of working, to give up and let things go. She thought that her plan worked well enough, except for lately as she swore she was being followed. Several private detectives working pro-bono never seemed to assuage her suspicions, nor did the security force she kept in her new building. So it came as less surprise when she entered her office and found she wasn’t alone.

She was stark still at her office door carefully watching the figure hidden in darkness at the other end. She took her tinted glasses off, taking no chances with whomever this might be. As she did, the figure that looked at her seemed to turn her head away.

“A bashful stalker?” Sway questioned to herself.

“You’ve come all this way to meet me. Why don’t you show yourself?”

“Because I….”

The volume and youthful exuberance in her intruder’s voice sounded made Sway disbelief she was really there.

“Because what?”


The unmistakeably low tone of submission in the intruder’s voice made Sway take a step forward into the overhead light, giving her eyes a stronger draw.

“Come out now,” the hypnotist asserted in both a tempting and domineering way.

What stepped out into the light was among the last people she would’ve guessed. A smidgen more mature than before, a withdrawn, unsure expression so unlike her reputable demeanor; she would’ve guessed a body-snatcher plot before thinking it was the real Sibyl. No smart-ass comments, no sassy posture, no mind-reading or trying to goad her opponent to make mistakes with personal knowledge, just a scared young woman with inexplicably cold feet.

Observations aside, Sibyl’s presence alone meant more bad possibilities than good.

“And if you’re here, who else will be joining the party?”

Sway’s posture immediately sank into a relaxed conformity, expecting to be taken by force, which she would offer no resistance. At first.

“It’s not….it’s…just us.”

“And why would it be just us, dearie? Are you afraid I’ll bring my friends if you bring yours?”

“Your ‘friends’ don’t even know I’m here,” Sibyl gestured to her crystal ball that she was still carrying around, explaining how she got by trained surveillance professionals with mental tricks.

“But you wanted me to know….like I said, you’ve come all this way, back into the lion’s den for some reason. Consider your hostess more curious than peckish.”

Sway patiently waited for any explanation the girl was willing to give. After a few minutes of stark silence, all she received was

“This….was a mistake.”

Sibyl stared at her steps instead of the hostess she hurriedly strafed to the door. She opened it only as far as ajar before a hand slammed it back shut, and another hand forcefully turned her face to green eyes, and a river of color that flowed naturally across the top of her face.

“Was it a mistake,” Sway coaxed. “Or was it meant to be?”

She pressed their foreheads together, giving the psychic the full brunt of her stare. Ever since that first encounter, Julia realized that that dream sequence of Sibyl being hypnotized by a world of colors was a premonition to Sway’s evolving powers. It started the night of the erotic dream with colors that randomly appeared, vibrant inexplicable appearances, unwelcome like rashes. When it actively ruined tedious make-up repairs, she spent sometimes hours, even days in seclusion to hide the disfigurement. Eventually she thought back to that dream of Sibyl, and felt the joy of having Sibyl in that trance, how she was suppose to feel in-charge of that power, and she was able to channel her energies to let this river of power flow freely.

She finally figured out, like all her enslaved puppets did – resistance, forcing it wasn’t the answer. Embracing her power was, allowing it to flood minds like an unstoppable force of nature. Days of seclusion from embarrassment turned into meditative sessions for mastery of her evolution. With enough time, she could tap into the river always hiding beneath her skin, always waiting to emerge and pour out into her victims. She felt reminiscent of that cartoon snake with the pulsing eyes, and thanks to Sibyl’s shared dream, she knew the colors improved on her rapacious power, the effect on victims elevated from malleably placating to instant-paralyzing mindlessness. In their minds, their envisioned placid selves float along that stream, staring up at the celestial enchanting green, enriched by every other color, feeling that stream of color flowing behind their eyeballs, surrounding them as they peer deeper. She smiled evilly at the girl who started this whole phenomenon years ago.

“Come on little fortune teller, tell the good doctor if this was meant to be?”

She loved posing this question to someone lacking the brain power to give a considerate answer. Whatever was left of her will in the beginning was left to ponder a futile question, and all there would be after was whatever Sway wanted.

“Tell me why you’re here.”

“Because I want you.”

Sibyl remained fixed on Sway’s hold, even if her captor stepped back a few steps reactively. The girl took unthinking steps towards her, to embrace the colors in close proximity again. Insistent as she was, she didn’t get any further than Sway holding her shoulders at arms length. Sway couldn’t believe what she heard after bidding Sibyl to elaborate.

Apparently that colorful dream was the first time Sibyl could ever remember having a genuine libido. With her psychic powers came rigid responsibility, to keep her own mind guarded, to not broadcast her thoughts or invade in the thoughts of most people surrounding her; it was a discipline she hated that kept her from even feeling normal most times, instead of just pretending. Under Sway’s power, she got to fully let go, to just feel and react, to her young, hormone-repressed body do what it wanted within the dream. The centerfold that set her off was Dr. Sway’s stunning looks; Sibyl had never crushed on anyone as hard before or since. Who else could understand such a need to relinquish themselves on any level, let alone supply the means?

A blonde head of hair cocked to its side, a quirky reaction to information the doctor still had trouble reasoning with. Having the brunette head mimic it, just to keep sight of the eyes, made it not so unbelievable, and was the cutest gesture Sway had ever witnessed, filling her with giggles and gooseflesh.

It made Sway blush to hear that for any of Sibyl’s orgasms in the years since they first met, the mercenary hypnotist could be solely responsible. But she was grateful for it. At the cusp of every masturbatory experience, Sway’s colors, eyes, and gentle treatment were there to carry her across the finish line. She knew Sway’s original intent was platonic, business, anything but how she felt about it, but it never stopped her imagination from running to a place she didn’t know existed inside. Sexual fantasies involving that psychedelic-hued meadow and the two women who enjoyed each other’s company was her most recurring dream, even at the expense of her own freedom and will power.

As the conflicts between the hierarch haters and Sway’s employers died down, she had to admit what separated the older woman and her frustrated self; less than expected. And she may or may have not broadcast thoughts to members of her own group asking why they were fighting at all. When the group dissolved, she was just an unassuming college student looking to graduate and get on with her life, but still deep in-lust with a woman that felt like someone from a ridiculous past life.

Heroic resilience kept her in-check from exploring her persistent base desires for so long, until one day it couldn’t. The one hero friend she kept in-touch with, a super-smart hierarch whose odd powers was resembling a teddy bear, she used undetected to help her track down leads of Dr. Sway. Every former suspected subject provided a piece of the puzzle to getting to her, every hypnotic experience they recounted accessible to her probing mind, fodder for Sibyl’s sexual pursuit. After resourcefully locating her, and getting within psychic scanning range of Sway, she learned once and for all how asinine seeking her out might be. She twitched in guilty pleasure to realize, it wasn’t so impossible, that she wasn’t that bad. Unlawful in meager ways, but feeling no need to be at the center of anyone’s conflict. The fear of what Sway could actually do to her combated every fantasy. And when fantasy resembled enough what reality could be, there was enough leeway to give herself an excuse to place herself in Sway’s clutches like she had.

Sway’s immediate response to all the revelations was biting her bottom lip and feeling her own womanhood quickly moisten. It shouldn’t have surprised her that she could change the course of a person’s life like she could, yet hearing Sibyl’s exposed thoughts, deciding the destiny of the fortune teller, made a drenched pussy quiver, convulse, and softly cum all on its own. Tipping her head back, she let the moment of empowerment wash over her. When she was done, she regarded the cause of her spontaneous climax with sultry eyes, making her subject start to feel the same. Before advancing, a question popped into her head.

“I recall a dream from some time ago. I had this dream the same day I saved all of us from the nasty Dr. Deakins and his anti-hierarch plans. We were in bed together, hot and heavy, making the most of it. Do you remember this dream?”

“Yes,” she spoke unbidden, softening after she said it as if exploring the memory.

“Did you have the same dream; did you cause both of us to have a shared dream?”

“….yes” was the answer after a moment of consideration.



Dr. Sway paused for a collection of moments, letting natural emotions come over her all at once, an unorthodox mix of joy, blind passion, a tinge of anger, appreciation, and other feelings that didn’t fit together. Ultimately reasoning with it all, she found what felt like a proper response.

“How old are you, dearie?”

“Twenty-one,” she automatically replied.

“Awww, sooo close,” the hypnotist whispered teasingly at her prey. “Such a

She loved even more how the girl started to whine and resist Sway’s arms holding her back from fulfilled arousal. The power of Sway’s firm command won out though.

“Stand at attention, slave!”

She stood upright immediately, moaning at being called ‘slave.’ Sway could tell that her normal composure was nowhere to be found, as quickly as she let her crystal ball fall to the floor, rolling to stop under Sway’s heel as she picked it up.

“I know sweetie, I know. Of all the laws I’ve broken and the morals I’ve shaded, to think this is where I draw the line – playing with yummy supplicants somewhere above the legal adult age.”

Sway had to keep her hand from inching its way to her waist, to slip inside her pants and give her clit the attention it was begging for even more than a minute ago. Though Sibyl was always acknowledged as a beautiful, competent woman whose powers deserved respect, Sway didn’t think about her in-kind, not nearly as much as the reverse; the course of their latest meeting changed things considerably though. It already set her off to have this treat fresh, ripe, and literally picked herself off the tree for the hypnotist, but the sensation became even sweeter at the prospect of payback, denying her what she’d broken herself down for, but still keeping her on the proverbial hook, to convince her that 21 was too young for her artificial standards. The only real law Sibyl had broken was manipulating the woman so used to being in control. Twice. Such a repeat infraction demanded suffrage. All the fun she could have
knowing someone who couldn’t wait to be hers still had to was too tempting to pass up.

Sibyl found her hands able to rise up, a gesture allowed by Sway for her hands to cup the ball, feeling the gentle pressure of Sway’s hand atop the ball, touching it, one of her nails clicking against the glass surface in contemplation.

“But it pleases me to no end to know how deeply and sweetly you are already mine, have always been mine, and if you’re good, will always be mine. And my first order which you have been craving is to obey the law, obey my law, and wait till you’re twenty-…hmm…”

She smirked evilly, deciding if there was to be any mercy in the law she was to ratify.

“…twenty-two before you approach me again.”

Sibyl’s unconscious whine at being conscious enough of how much longer she’d have to wait was the cutest sound Sway had heard of any mind slave, and one she would enjoy recreating when the time was right.

“And you know what I love about all this? What I don’t have to tell you. I don’t have to tell you how to pine for me because you’ve refined that art all by yourself. I don’t tell you what or how to imagine us together because you’ve mastered that discipline. I don’t have to tell you to imagine how undisciplined you’ll feel when that proper time comes, and yet how supremely disciplined you’ll feel when our gazes truly lock again.”

Sibyl’s eyes went from staring at nothing to gaining anticipation as her narrowed psychic senses informed her of her hostess turning in her direction. She needed that green and the river of color again, but Sway’s head stopped at the intercom on her desk, calling for her secretary to come in. There was a strange inflection in whatever was said, and the response was the secretary coming in, walking toward that desk like a stripper strutting down the cat-
walk. By the time she spread herself all over that desk, her blouse was totally unbuttoned, her skirt discarded to the floor, her knees propped up sexually undulating legs, her elbows helped propped up a face full of lip pouting and sultry gazes, doing everything she could to entice her boss. The secretary got what Sibyl needed, Sway’s overpowering stare, that knocked the seductress out of her wide eyes, and poured ingredients to create a dumb-smiling, drooling
bimbo unable to help herself from convulsing amidst a full-body shiver.

Grabbing a fist-full of black hair, Sway gave the secretary a kiss that was more than she could’ve begged for on her knees, making Sibyl whine again for what she wanted and what she was willing to do just to be close like that.

Sway felt another orgasm quickly approach as she turned to the heroine finally while the black glasses rose to sheath her hypnotic hierarch power, cutting the pigtailed adult off from her power, while her controlled state of mind endured.

“So adorable…as adorable as the wait will be. And how difficult it will be for you to cope with it.”

Looking fancifully at her prey, Sway considered how much evil she considered reaching back into to torment, until she remembered how the prey threw herself on a silver platter to the pleasantly surprised predator. She could treat her as slutty as all her secretaries were, but Sway knew their first time together would be much more affectionate; she never expected Sibyl’s inverse resistance and everything else about her to remind the former villainess she had a heart beneath all that wanton will-crushing.

“But, since you’ve already proven how good a girl you are, I will make it a little easy on you, and help you cope….”






Part 5: Hold Sway

Current Day

Bits and pieces of the last several years flashed through her mind, with the last six months giving her ragged breaths. It all shaped a more complete sequence of events Sibyl had trouble readily accepting. Each memory of Sway her power accessed came with a byproduct of programmed rapture, like it just happened, reinforcing given commands, driving obedience deeper and undetected, until the next time they were officially supposed to meet. Sitting somewhere, still in Dr. Sway’s office, in her desk chair, facing the portrait of green eyes was like a silent jab at her pride. She hazily stared at them, half-convinced they were staring back at her, wanting something, but her muddled mind didn’t know what.

It would’ve been so nice to stare, but the memory of why she was there made her jolt out of her seat to search the office. It wasn’t a hard search as more memories of the past undercut previous motivations. She was so sure she was there to arrest Sway, not to throw herself into her arms. It was a trick, it had to be, no matter if it was made based on Sway finding out how hot she made Sibyl. She walked around the empty office, plagued with more and more convincing evidence of the past, her psychic powers scanning her psyche, ensuring that these memories were true and not installed.

“Oh my god!”

Once her memories revealed who was to blame for that collective dream the two women shared, she shook her head a few notches below violently, smacking the side of her head with her hands, trying to bury herself in shame, arguing with her body about how hot it was and shouldn’t have been. In the rest of her scanning, the only thing that seemed installed was her own sense of wanting to be there to arrest Sway. She fooled herself into believing she was there for something righteous, not something ridiculous. She questioned herself in a wall mirror.

“Bang up job, horny idiot. What do we do now?”

An unmoving figure leaning against the wall to Sibyl’s back moved, only to remove her glasses. It was at a distance, but the unmistakable eyes nearly caught her. Only by a strong force of will was she able to shut her eyes in time to avoid the hypnotic siege.

The only bearings the young woman could latch onto was her own strict breathing and a sprinkling of laughter coming from behind her.

“Oh my sweet flower child, I see we’re back to this fruitless game.”

“Better than the mind games you’ve been playing with me.”

She heard a sigh that was a foot away, cringing at the physical contact she expected, but that never came.

“I’m a capitalist-at-heart, capitalizing on opportunities is what I do. But in this case, it’s scary how forgetful young minds are these days, especially barring my assistance. You want to hold back now, but my mind games have merely been holding back the great flood of desire that is a surprisingly-determined hierarch named Sibyl. Who knows how ravished I’d be by now if I didn’t.”

“That’s a damned lie!”

“The only damned thing here seems to be you, self-imposed. You want what you think you can’t have, what you convince yourself you shouldn’t have, and yet here you are. The truest you inside had to know how flimsy that ‘taking me down’ scenario was. I admit, mostly for my own amusement, but you’d take any excuse to come back to me.”

“You don’t kn-”

“Yes I do. I know you, more than I ever thought I would. More than I ever thought I could love knowing. For so long, you dreamed about this moment, this opportunity, and your dream came true because you had the guts to make it come true.”

Sibyl hated how effective Sway was with emotional manipulation via compliments.

“You sought me out, you admitted to me what you wanted. No power of mine made that happen, just like no power of yours stood between us. With those eyes closed, and those real memories back and fleshed-out, it must be like dreaming of everything that led up to this point all over again, a highlight reel of some of the hotter moments, not feeling taken for granted, deep within. And once those eyes open, the dream becomes real. All you’ve ever wanted, ready to embrace you, to set your lonesomeness and burdens aside, to free yourself in me.”

Sibyl also hated how she practically loved how in-tune the seductress behind her seemed to be, how she kept her distance yet struck a powerful chord within. She swore the heat on the back of her neck radiated from the breath of Sway’s hot words somehow.

“This is just as thrilling for me as it is for you. No, it’s even more thrilling for me. I don’t know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, how it will look when it happens, when you open those eyes. I’m dying to know, breathless in anticipation. I can’t believe I have the patience I have to wait for you. But I do, because when those eyes open, I’ll know it was worth the wait, and that I’ll be rewarded so bountifully. When your destiny finally fulfills itself, when your body finally gets what it wants, when your mind dwindles to only what it wants to know, when my body and mind entwine with yours, when my eyes hold you, when your eyes are held in my eyes, when my eyes take loving possession of your eyes, when you….open….your….eyes….”

She cursed her mouth for the whimper it didn’t hold back. And then her eyelids for succumbing, opening freely to see her sandaled feet, unmoving and unwilling to step elsewhere, to look around in a faint haze, unable to find what she wanted, until she saw herself in the mirror in front of her, and the woman behind that was the clearest sight to her eyes, having found exactly what they needed.

“I love it when dreams come true,” Sway spoke with a smile, lashes of bottomless eyes playfully, rapidly batting at their target before greeting her with wide-open gusto, pouring colors into Sibyl, both of them loving how her overflowing mind couldn’t get enough.

Immobility prevailed as she took closer and closer steps until Sway was right beside her, resting her chin on Sibyl’s shoulder, producing a file she had in her hands.

“Now, we see how good, or bad, a girl you’ve been.”

Sibyl uncaringly lost herself to the river while Sway perused her file compiled from several sources.

“Oh my…” whispered Sway as she found what she was looking for.

“Happy 22nd birthday today, Sibyl. Or Mira, I guess, if we’re getting personal.

She didn’t respond to hearing her real name, but faintly moaned at feeling Sway’s caress on the side of her face, pushing their faces together as they stared lustily at one another.

“And since we’re allowed to get this personal now, and you’ve been such a good girl, you can call me Julia in private, or Mistress in public, heh, or Mistress Julia if you’re mine.”

Standing beside Sway, downstream the colorful river, Sibyl’s mouth quivered, more and more, until it finally unleashed words she only dare dreamed of.


The psychic part of Sibyl was triggered down deep within her, springing itself into action and leaping into Julia’s metaphorical arms. The pair, off-balance, fell into a state of submersion. The weight of Mistress atop her had pushed her down, ending her buoyancy as they both fell into flowing waters, feeding themselves oxygen with their deep tongue-dueling kiss. Mira grinded against her older lover as if the space between her hips needed the friction, and the
reciprocation encouraged more.

Floating and twisting in the currents, Sibyl’s uncontrollable lust found itself tamed at Sway’s gentle touches and expert teases once she pulled back. The hypnotherapist had taken many lovers before; none showed the tigerish ferocity of Mira coming into her own experience of sexuality for the first time. Whether she was partly to blame for how intense that ferocity was or not, she decided to slow things down, to let the fire burn gradually, to gift her lover with how sensual a sexual encounter could be when done right.

Sibyl made cute complaining noises as she felt the water disappear, wrestling with her lover for more control on the meadowy grass before waves of color splashed deeper into sex-filled eyes, reminding her how those eyes belonged to her Mistress, meaning that she was enslaved, willingly subject to what Mistress wanted.

Mistress Julia found herself indisposed from taking stock of her surroundings. She was so caught up in Sibyl, her senses neglected everything around her; she’d gone from seeing where Sibyl floated along years ago, to standing in that meadow. Everything looked so surreal and fluid, a faintly fuzzy drug-induced dream world. She was nearly scared to see the sun, which was just her eye in gigantic proportions. She wondered why she could look at the same sights and not be entranced, figuring it’s the same reason she could look at herself in any mirror and not be mentally subdued.

“How did I get here?”

“Psychic….transference. You’re in…my…dream…Mistress.”

“I see that,” Julia smiled. “I see that we’re in your dream, and you’re in my power.”

“Oh yes Mistress!”

Despite not a drop of liquid on them from exiting the stream, both set of panties were completely soaked. It would be hard to make Sibyl wait for what she wanted too, but she was more intent than ever in having her way in this adventure.

Head trapped in her Mistress’s hands, Sibyl’s gaze was shifted upwards in surprise, made to stare at the green sun, just as powerful as being face to face with her. A sharp gasp came from Sway’s lips sucking at her pulse point on her neck, licking it, teasing biting hard into the skin with her teeth.

“Breathe deep, look deeper, reach as deep as you can within, and give me your power.”

“Yes, Mistresss…”

Between them, Sibyl’s crystal ball appeared out of nowhere, held in the psychic’s hands waiting for the rightful owner to take it. Sway merely touched the top of it and saw her mesmerizing colors manifest on its surface. Sway’s hands gripped her chin, and her crystal ball, feeling the control Sibyl assumed on their mental structures.

“Incredible…” Sway whispered to herself.

“Thank you Mistress,” an unexpected comment that got the older woman to smirk at her, as she leaned forward.

“Just imagine what would’ve happened if you were the proper age when I first caught you.”

The requested was whispered in her ear, and made their psychic powers time travel back to their first meeting. She would’ve awoken to those eyes, bringing truth to all those mind-bending rumors, only this time Julia let loose with her eyes, her touches, manipulating her gently to wake her, then sexually exciting her once caught in her power. Acceptably-aged Mira still reached out, but weaker than before, as her target remained unaffected, and Sibyl got a glimpse at her future, the future of Sway’s evolving powers. She floated along that river for the first time all over again, except now she couldn’t fight the river threatening to flood out of her womanhood.

“So horny, so needy, so green and faced with your superior,” Sway mocked her prisoner.

“You have what I need, and you need what I have, pretty. The information for the best orgasm of your life. How about it?”

“No,” she protested weakly, never able to tear her gaze away.

“But you’re so horny, and so needy…” Sibyl couldn’t tell if she was imagining those touches or if Sway got into her mind and knew which parts just got her off easily, but she knew she wasn’t going to last long. As a last ditch effort, she tried to reach into her bodily control and force an orgasm to end things quickly without talking. That effort crashed into a wall, a dam too tall to scale, solid and green. The pleasure ramped up and it had nowhere to go.

“Please, please…” the psychic pleaded.

“So needy, so horny, so green…” Sway mercilessly reminded her.

“Pl-lease stop…”

“So needy, so horny, so green…” Julia sing-songed.

“Please…” tears streamed down her eyes, tears of unrequited ecstasy.

“So needy, so horny, so green…” Sway’s mouth didn’t even move, the mantra echoed deep in Sibyl’s brain, betraying her further.

“So needy, so horny, so green…”

Younger eyes rolled in the back of her head as her mind’s eye was still trapped in a green gaze. Eventually Mira devolved into surrendering every last bit of information, as the dam slowly began to break all on its own.

“So needy, so horny, so green…” a scream of total surrender happened after she’d given up and still felt denied.

At the snap of Julia’s fingers, the dam disappeared and her captive convulsed hard and like a banshee. It look long minutes for her to come off her high, and once she did, she was too far gone to hear suggestions of what Sway had in-store for her, how she would be MIA from her comrades for a while, captive in Sway’s bedroom for the next few days.

The dream ended prematurely as Mira felt how long she’d been looking up at the green sun, neck hurting from that posture for so long, happy to have Mistress gently bring it back down to rest, to stare at the real mesmeric view. She smiled her Mistress’s smile as Julia droned on.

“Imagine if when you broke into my office that night, that you just happen to turn 22 that day.”

Mental magic whisked their awarenesses back to that night, half in the dreamworld, half in her office months ago.

“How old are you, dearie?”


“Ooohhhh, the magic number,” the hypnotist chuckled. “And of course, you wouldn’t lie to me, cause good, obedient girls I own are incapable of lying, aren’t they?”

All Sibyl saw was green, all she felt were the colors softening the back of her mind; she never knew a better birthday present anyone could give her.

“I…good girl, obed..ient, yo-ooh-urs…22.”

“Perhaps it’s my birthday. How often does a pre-programmed gift present itself right in-front of me, just waiting to be unwrapped?”

Brushing a brunette pigtail away with her hand, Julia reached for the strap of her shirt, but stopped. Smiling mischievously with her eyes, remembering her newly borrowed power, her hand moved back to the crystal ball, stroking its surface slowly with her fingers. The effect was the strap of Mira’s white shirt and bra, sliding across her shoulder by a gentle ghostly hand she only felt, and lips that kissed newly exposed skin. The fabric of that shirt and bra strap stretched beyond their limits to expose the a naked breast, lips tracing a line down to her ripe, hard nipple sucking hard on it. Mira remained still, merely vibrating against a pair of lips that never stopped sucking at her breast, even as Sway’s fingers caressed the globe and lowered the other strap, and a second set of lips pleased the other nipple in unison. Too much stimulation at her breasts meant her shirt and bra evaporating from her body went unnoticed.

Slyly, Julia let her forefinger continue caressing while the nail of her pinky tapped against the glass surface, creating pulses of pleasure all over her. Never in the psychic’s wildest dreams could she imagine herself rendered topless without being touched, having her belt unfastened and pants unzipped by the mouth of a lover that only smiled at her, while the nipple-sucking slowed but never stopped. Teeth dragged her pants to a puddle at her feet, evaporating just like her summer sandals with the whisking of a finger on the ball, as if removing a clothing app on her phone. Hot breath blew onto her wet panties, and the fabric melted away to nothing, the breath only making her wetter. A hand lasciviously took away her headband and unraveled her pigtails, and a sudden thought struck.

“Wait, the dream that night. What did I do to you to-”

The crystal answered her unfinished question, flashing the memory she was looking for.

“Oh yes. Do you remember this sweetie?”

Julia drew circles on the ball, and Mira felt fingers twisting themselves in her hair, and then more fingers twisting below the waist.

“Oh yes you do. Good girl. I’ll have to remember that little trick, of course, it only gets better from there.”

Fingers in her crotch turned into a hot mouth at her pussy-kissed flesh.

“Hey Mira, who’s the good girl with four mouths at her, mindfucked, and looks splendid in her birthday suit?”

The three mouths at her most erogenous parts increase the work done on the psychic, as she felt herself pushed back into the river, feeling Mistress Julia finger rub against the ball furiously, causing the mouths work her to a furious orgasm. She finally came as a fourth mouth licked her ear and uttered

“This good girl….”

Arching her back and screaming, she felt like her Mistress never left her as she floated away into oblivion.

The next time she opened her eyes, she was laid out across Mistress’ office couch, as naked as in her mind, looking around and seeing her black-suited controller next to her, stroking her face.

“And now pretty, time to undress me.”

Rolling off the couch and tumbling to the ground, she crawled her way to Julia’s feet, removing her shoes, hands traveling up the fabric, impatiently wanting to feel her Mistress’s birthday suit as well, desperate to please as she had been.

“Properly slave, this suit is expensive, even if you’ve already stained it you-know-where.”

Suddenly inspired to grin evilly, Mira unzipped her pantsuit, but stuck her tongue deftly into sensitive flesh while her hands lowered the clothes.

“Uuuhhhh, naughty girl.”

Mira heard no real admonishment in her voice, so she knew not to stop as she licked and licked, surprised at loving the taste of a woman, caressing her legs in a way she hoped would promote a higher sex drive. How she pinched her thighs seemed to work wonders. She loved how Mistress made a sound of complaint as she stopped licking to submissively come to her suit jacket to slowly, properly unbutton the black suit and white blouse, the brassiere beneath looking lacy and expensive. She nuzzled against the lace while sticking fingers into warm liquidy depths, exploring, seeing what she liked, while planting a deep tongue kiss to her lips. Shielded from hypnotic eyes while the glasses were on, she felt free enough to wink at her lover, and trail kisses straight down her neck, in-between her breasts as the bra unclasped, and her hands went to work on her breasts, squeezing the nipples hard as she lowered her mouth back to the wetness.

It was tough for Julia to get used to this new sex servant taking such creative initiative, switching it up at every turn to keep her body guessing. She could stop it if she wanted, but she didn’t mind this kind of payback, not when she was learning all on her own how to give her the most satisfaction. Once that tongue hit the place that made Sway’s body shake, no mercy was shown.

“Fuck, naughty girl is good at…thissss….”

Somewhere in the sensory overload, orgasms hit once or twice, and Mira let her rest against her chair, gasping for air, for the first time ever in any way powerless in front of a slave. On top of everything else unexpected, she felt Sibyl trying to reach out into her mind again, assuming she was totally helpless post-orgasm, proving she still had much to learn about how quick a female could recuperate. A sensually corrupted Sibyl concentrated weakly to get into Mistress’s mind, but felt a foot under her chin and raise her face to green eyes and a myriad of other hypnotic colors.

The standoff hit both hierarch’s again, but Sway’s gaze needed no concentration to affect her prey, so when they were both in Sibyl’s mindscape yet again, Mistress was still in-charge, but what she saw threw her a little off-balance. It was their office, Julia was unchanged, but Mira and grown older, silvery hairs strewn about the brown, laying on the couch next to the chair, pouring her submissive heart out, hoping to be triggered. The hypnotist in her perceived future took older Mira’s crystal ball, and manipulated her from the comfort of her own chair, working her up to a first soft orgasm, before climbing on top of the older woman, embracing her long-time slave and kissing her cares away.

It looked like something belonging in the most idealistic and hopeful parts of the brain, or among the cheesiest lesbian Hallmark Channel movies she could ever imagine, yet the heartfelt imagery was clear – “keep me even when I’m old and gray.” She could only guess someone young enough who faced dangerous situations on a constant basis, even if much less than her comrades, would probably give thought to if she got old, fighting if nothing else to reach that ‘if’.

It did amuse a little to assume Julia would never age, maybe she’d have a few gray hairs by that time, but it touched her a little more that her young heart gave this enough thought to plan for the future, premature or not, indefinite enslavement to her. It wasn’t considered how long she would keep any one slave, no matter how useful they were to her. Day-to-day she would decide who would leave her employ, who would stay, who would remember what, etc. Even the special cases like Sibyl, she was unsure.

Then again, how fate kept them connected, the constant variety of overlapping mind-taking, sometimes purposefully binding them together, Sway figured she might have to keep the former heroine around indefinitely, to ensure a proper submissive conduct was maintained. She did have a knack for acting on the former villainess’s desired behalfs, commanded to or not. Consideration of the “former” part had struck introspective thoughts just then. She wondered if Sibyl considered how she not only placed her willing body, but a power that could be easily weaponized for some bigger, more sinister plot in the most devious of hands. The old her was lucky Sway had no such inclinations, even if there were so many ways to play around with them.

In any stretch of a prolonged relationship, it was funny what a casually odd couple they could be. A heroine and villainess, the old cougar and the young fawning slave, the plutocrat and the beatnik…the hypnotic capitalist laughed out loud at what they might learn from each other, which turned her thoughts dirty as she smiled lewdly at her slave. Mira would come to appreciate concepts of greed and ownership, greedily hungering for her Julia’s body and brainwashing techniques in order to be more owned; Julia would appreciate all the ‘free love’ Mira could throw at her. Sway wondered if Sibyl predicted the future of her perhaps getting whatever she wished. And as was the doctor’s prerogative, she turned that against her ‘adversary,’ leaning her naked body against Sibyl’s, locking gazes once more, smiling at how ‘monkey’s paw’ she could turn this on her slave.

“I guess I’ll have to keep my eyes on you for the foreseeable future. Be careful what you beg for, dearie. You just…might…get it.”

She kissed her slave deeply and contemplated their future, her benefit surely being theirs.






Epilogue: The Henchwoman’s Henchwoman

Some Time Later

Dr. Ben ‘Bear’ McCreed, probably the world’s smartest hierarch and 2nd in command of his former organization, couldn’t wake up. He usually got his standard 8 hours of sleep with no issue, as he worked smart instead of hard, so it confused his sleepy mind why it felt the need to not get up on schedule. Some feeling was keeping him asleep, or wanting to remain asleep. He couldn’t think of anything pressing to deal with, no important event he was missing, so there was no panic to force himself awake. He just let himself dream, wondering where it would take him, wondering why water was involved, wondering why a voice was involved, asking him questions a part of his mind answered back silently.

“So you’re the one that came up with with name Sibyl? An old word for ancient oracle or seer?”

“Yes,” his mind calmly answered.

“Interesting choice. Was she happy with that name?”

“Not at first. I told her about the unique spelling, the meaning, and convinced her how subtle it was. It grew on her after a while,” was Bear’s detailed, honest answer.

“I can see that happening. You convinced Sibyl to do a lot. Were you the one that got her to become a hierarch heroine?”

“No, she came to us after we introduced ourselves. I was the one who convinced her to stay, planned it so she would never have to face danger, how she could work from our safe headquarters and help there.”

“Sound planning, but I assume it was more to it than that. You wanted to keep her safe.”


“Were you fond of her?”


“Romantically interested?”


“Did you ever pursue her?”



“My appearance.”

“Such a shame.”

Bearing the look of a literal giant skinny teddy bear turned off way more people that it appealed to, no matter how civil is IQ made him, or cuddly his fur literally made him. Sibyl being one of the few females to look past it, even embrace that side of him was something he never took for granted, wishing she had initiated something between them when they were still a team. Bear would’ve wondered why all the questions if the voice asking them didn’t produce something calming within him, keeping his mind sleepily sedated.

“You enjoyed being a hierarch superhero, yes?”


“When your group liquidated, you were adamant about resurrecting it?”


“Did you think about recruiting Sibyl to help with that?”


“Would you be surprised to know she’s the one who helped end things?”


“Why do you think she ended them?”

“Because….” Bear couldn’t find reasoning to support what sounded like a baseless theory. He’d known Sibyl for years, and never expected her to subvert or aid ending all their hard work. Such a question made him uncomfortable and forced himself awake, to no avail.

“Why do you think she ended them?” The question was repeated.

“I don’t know,” Bear answered as if strained.

“What do you know?” The broad question for such a genius threw his mind for a loop; he didn’t know where to start.

“Do you know who I am?”


“Do you want to know?”

“….yes.” The fear in his response was unmistakable, equal to his curiosity.

“Open your eyes.”

Whatever force kept his eyes shut was lifted, and he found himself on his knees, besides boxers covered only in his natural fur, having to look up a scientific impossibility, or miracle, or both. A mind conditioned to critical, clinical analysis was reduced to basic reactionary functioning. The myriad of colors radiated in the head, resembling tangible energy to the senses, energy that cradled and massaged the back of the eyeballs, holding them in place with coercive pleasure to behold the hypnotic shade of green retinas that took away the genius humanoid hero and left a mind willing to be reduced to mush the longer he looked.

“Nice to make your acquaintance Dr. Bear, and to put a face and dopey grin to the mind that help thwart all my employers’ plans. I’m the interrogator who gave you so much trouble over the years, but you can call me Dr. Sway.”

Bear’s boxers tented without hesitation, never having seen such a knockout of a woman, even without her unique powers, nor a woman who looked at him with such regard. Dressed in a black and white silk robe with heels to match, Dr. Sway looked like a classic beauty that belonged on the silver screen, not invading his dreams, not solely anyway he would’ve thought.

“Dr. Sway…” the reverence in his voice made her smile, convincing her that all the well-behaved heroic slaves she never had were painfully kept out of reach, leaving her to deal with rough rogues that were merely fun for extracting information and sapping ego and will power.

“Yes, Dr. Bear. And have you met my associate?”

Julia turned her gaze, allowing Bear to hazily take in his surroundings. He had to be dreaming since the colors wouldn’t stop blending around him, except for the lovely Dr. Sway and her associate Sibyl, the sight of whom woke Bear enough out of his reverie enough to want to respond. But the young comrade he once knew seemed very different. Arms crossed, smiling at the blonde, but smirking at him, make-up resembling the hypnotic color shade painted around her right eye. The most different part was how he felt his muscles seized by her psychic powers, forcing not only immobility, but turning his head back to Dr. Sway’s eyes which ended resistance with just a glance.

“You would think you’ve met Sibyl before, but it seems us Ph. D’s have had much to learn about our little hierarch. Neither of us knew where her sexual budding would stem from, or towards. Neither of us knew how she truly felt about this game of heroes and villains we all played, and how her hand in ending it was as significant as my hand in ending it.”

Bear was helpless to respond to hearing the absurdity that Sibyl manipulated minds to steer them to quitting, and at the same time very intrigued to Dr. Sway’s role.

“Ever wonder why your biggest antagonists suddenly disappeared off the map? I think you can surely see why now. Why corporate, ‘humanitarian’ moguls ceded control to the board of his company, left public life altogether, steered the direction of their companies away from us? If you only knew the true depths of their hatred for our kind. If you only knew how thankful you should be these evolved powers came along when they did. As interested as you might be with exactly what was in-mind for us, interest quickly turned to my eyes, falling swiftly under my sway, turning them to lives of accepted defeat, some living out the rest of their days copying Howard Hughes decline, minds made to question if we ever exist.”

“And thanks to my loyal minion here,” Julia reached out to pull her hippie-girlfriend to a kiss “I’ve been able to weed out any long-reaching plans much quicker. Every subordinate and scientist that ever had it in for us, have their minds directed elsewhere, permanently. She’s such a good girl.”

Mira giggled helplessly at feeling fingers stroke her pigtails, wrapping it in her fingers, being reminded with erotic tingles of where else those fingers twisted her up. Her eyes rolled back at the symbolic gesture, making her owner giggle in amusement, before looking down again.

“As for you, Dr. Bear…”

Just for the sake of dealing with yet another hero, Julia decided to create an air of unspecified dread.

“We can’t really allow any forces like the ones we’ve snuffed to re-focus on us. Virtuous pursuits or not, if you start up again, so will they. It’s better if we all go our separate ways, and if you see things my way.”

Bear couldn’t take his eyes off of her face, but knew to reach out to take her leg extended into his hands. Her skin resembled her eyes in softness, and creating deep compulsion.

“And though Sibyl and I discussed offering you pleasure in exchange for not getting the team back together, I just find myself in the mood to take pleasure from you. From one doctor to another, I’m sure you find it hard to refuse me such a courtesy.”

Another compulsion told him to kiss her legs as reverently as he spoke her name, and he did so with gusto. The softness of his furry face tickling her skin as his kisses excited her skin, his mind still floating on the colored river. His kisses went up to her knee before she stopped him.

“You know, I think there is one game I’m willing to let you start up Dr. Bear. My eyes are up here.”

Her face moved closer, and the power she already spread onto his mind deepened, washed away all other thoughts and he grinned mindlessly, unable to feel her heel push his chest flat to the ground.

“Spread eagle, Dr. Bear.” His limbs shot out diagonally to comply.

“Excellent. The name of this game will be ‘bear-skinned rug’.”

“Oooh,” the silent telepath finally spoke. “Who’s the naughty girl now?”

Julia turned her gaze toward her slave, wiping the lusty smile off her face till it turned dreamy and drooling.

“Still you, dearie,” she bore her own lusty smile, untying the sash to her robe, laying naked atop Dr. Bear while making Mira crawl to her slit. Deep groans filled the room as she felt herself slide against Bear’s smooth fur, feeling his hard member covered in the same material slither and throb across her waist, all the while loving the improved caresses on her thighs. She knew Mira had a thing for doctors, but wondered if it was more his mind or his body that caused the attraction. Already possessing a convincing argument for his body, she reveled at all he could provide her with with his knowledge if she was so inclined.

The feel of a submissive man-sized rug beneath her caused a loss of composure and acceleration of a planned activity.

“Soft bear hug, Dr.”

Arms gently wrapped around her torso, and his nose took a deep breath of her musk and perfume, at the same time a familiar tongue darted playfully at her pussy. Green eyes rolled back into a momentary loss of control, one she didn’t mind much anymore since it was a by-product of earth-shattering orgasms.

“Dr. Bear, Sibyl” she calmly spoke after recovering, those eyes glancing at each set of dull ones.

“Cum,” the command was instantly obeyed, her slaves panting enjoying the mixed smell of sex around them, ready to reap more of the benefits for their happy erotic hypnotist.

Pulling Mira up, she gave each one a kiss to let them recover from the warm-up round, and get them ready for the long game to come. She never thought taking heroes like this would be such a liability-free luxury, and couldn’t wait to reap all the benefits. Of course she would see to it that both former heroes would benefit via obedience, delighting in themselves, their owner, any way she saw fit.

“Another day, another one caught up in the Sway,” the hypnotist heard her clever associate recite the new, corny catchphrase she assigned to her Mistress. She kept forgetting to deprogram that idea from Mira’s head; ridiculous or not, there was a hammy charm to it. The deprogramming would lapse in her memory again as her slaves got to work on her, smiling at the truth of the words.

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