Tessa v Thor (Part 5) – Civil Thor

Deeper into Tessa’s world, Thor finds the value of key, binding words linked to her.

Thor barely came to himself in a grassy field, intoxicated from an unknown source, unaware of the where, when or why. Not much of the country side could give him any clue to explain the where; hills of green went on as far as his eye could see. No houses, farms, or other living things seemed present but him. The only landmark to discern in the distance was a huge, imposing tornado. It twisted the winds in every direction towards it, blackened the sky, and seemed to be heading in his direction.

For the life of him, Thor simply couldn’t care. Minute awareness let him know that his armor was missing; he didn’t care. It led him to realize there was no semblance of clothing; he didn’t care. Wondering why he didn’t care made him so aware of how low-functioning his brain had been in the field; he didn’t care. He absolutely loved that he didn’t care. A dumb smile crossed his handsome features, feeling his new-found love, the wind throwing strands of blonde hair around haphazardly, the way swirls of wind wrapped themselves around his muscles, soothing them to relaxation in the most gentle of ways, how the grass felt under his feet, each step feeling the flowing grass brush his surprisingly ticklish soles with each step he took toward the tornado.

None of the usual warrior’s instincts could rouse his attention to tell him walking in the direction of a destructive storm was counter-productive. For some reason, it roused him more to be walking toward it. His right, hammer-throwing hand extended in the direction of the storm he could caused if he was angered and overpowered, reaching for the storm like ushering Mjolnir to come to his hand. In this case, he was ushering himself to the storm, approaching him, soon to meet. Soon Thor saw nothing but the swirling winds, ready to be at it’s mercy as both his mind and body spun furiously, happy to have caution literally thrown to the wind.

The next time he opened his eyes, he found himself in the eye of the storm, the strangest eye would’ve never conceived of. A chase lounge of a shimmering beige velvet, rested upon by the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on in the nine realms – Tessa. She wore a tight-fitting black dress, barefoot, all of her attention on a magazine in her hand. The index finger of the other hand twirled the strap attached to Mjolnir. Somehow gentle wrists movements and casual spinning were enough to power the huge storm’s vortex. She did without trying what would’ve taken him greatly heightened fury and effort to manifest. Pride should’ve bothered him that Mjolnir’s will was so easily persuaded by the unaware temptress, but all he could muster was wobbly knees that led him to kneel as he exhaled the name that made his heart and arousal ache.


Green, enchanting eyes looked up from her magazine to finally notice the guest in her presence.


Tessa spoke in her signature throaty purr, which seemed to echo against the windy walls, carry the sound of her voice all the way to the sky, and back down, winds caressing his skin the way her words always managed to caress his mind.

“Someone sure knows how to make a girl feel take notice. Just the right attire, just the right posture, just the right mindset.”

“Tessa,” he moaned, feeling the wind of her words all over him.

“Yes,” feminine laughter sprinkled all over him “Exactly.”

It was so easy to agree with her; she was happy with conditions as they were, so he naturally felt things were perfect.

“You know, there’s something so gratifying about literally changing a man from the inside out, delving deep into the depths of what makes them, them.” Thor could feel the windy words colliding with the familiar feeling of her control, both crashing at opposite ends of his skin. “Reshaping, rebuilding, reinforcing the good attributes, adding in a dash of feminine perspective and power, and watch those same attributes become great. The structure of you becomes more than it ever could without me; you are a better man, a better “‘Thor'” under my influence.”

He shook his head at the facts she stated, eyes rolling up in his head hearing his name from her lips again.

“I happen to believe the strongest a man could ever be requires a degree of flexibility, of malleability, to adapt to any situation for the best outcome. The faster they can achieve this, the stronger they are. It’s a true sign of strength to me that a simple suggestion, a helpful word of advice that now would be an ideal time to feel how heavy, how weighed down you feel, rooted in place, bound by the gravity of my words.”

The Asgardian found remaining on his knees required more strength than he could give. His torso and limbs felt like Mjolnir was supposed to be out of his grasp, unliftable. Flat on his back, pushed down by nothing more than a suggestion. Only able to reply in moans, frustrated in the inability to roll up in a ball from the pleasure that came from obeying Tessa.

“This is you at your firmest, the height of your resolve, immovable in thought and will because I have not allowed otherwise. Accessible whenever you want it, but frankly no man should have to endure this all the time, so now you can adapt to a softer point, a point where you can be resolute about nothing, where your cares just drift away, followed swiftly by you.”

It was easier to move suddenly, but he felt no sense in trying; listening just felt better.

“No longer weighed down by resolute will, it can come back whenever you need, but you don’t need it now. You need to let go. Your cares leave you behind, like a bird shedding a feather, to float carelessly, merrily, the winds of peace and contentment stroking the threads of you, the gust of my will carrying you off deeper into carelessness. What is there to care about when you have my voice in your ear? Absolutely nothing. Enjoying being a passenger in whatever wonderful trip I might have planned.”

The feeling of having a body almost entirely escaped Thor as a simple gust of wind picked him up to be moved upwards. He kept sight of a smiling, speaking Tessa for as long as he could, but her voice still echoed in the eye of the storm. Closing his eyes and being carried off by her voice seemed content enough for him.

“So perfectly pliable, such a better man now, the kind of man to garner and attract luck and prosperity wherever he goes. Put him in a suit, and genuine smile, and everyone wonders the key to his success, a man greatly contributing to society, and can reap all the deserved benefits to come.

All there was was Tessa’s voice and the winds that should’ve violently ripped his softer self apart; instead he soared up into the clouds, unharmed, hardening in feeling mistress’s sky-bound domain, but floating down for a long time, until he landed on his feet, in front of a building. He opened his eyes as if waking from a daydream, dressed in an expensive suit, hair in a perfect styling for the business world, standing in-front of what looked to be his momentarily forgotten destination – The Bank of Tessa. He gazed upon the immaculate looking downtown dwelling, thinking about hot it looked just as illuminating in the daytime, followed by wondering when he’d seen it at night. As foot traffic in-front of the building brushed by him enough, he finally set off through the entrance. The silky feel of his suit, and everything underneath reminded him of his own wealth, how confident he should feel with the business he had there, even after crossing the threshold. A man of his stature was guided past the teller section, and straight to an office ready to receive their most distinguished clients. Across the desk of the office he entered was a man named Patrick, who shook his hand with the slightest amount of firm, as if applying more would incite Thor to return the gesture and break his.

“Good morning Mr. Thor.”

“Good morning Mr….”

“‘Patrick’ is fine, sir. I hope your day is going well so far.”

“I think so,” Thor replied absently at his wit’s end about why he was there. Patrick seemed to relieve the situation with information on his monitor.

“We’re always happy to have your business here, and I think your loan application should go very smoothly.”

An easy smile being the relief crossed his face.

“That sounds like a good morning to me.”

After typing several keys, Patrick paused as he took in the information on the screen.

“You have no idea…” Patrick muttered under his breath, as he reached for the phone to dial his extension.

“Good morning. Clarify account ‘Point Break.'”

Thor chuckled strangely at that.

“I understand; Yes Tessa.”

Thor reasoned that Patrick just spoke with the bank head about his account, wondering why his last statement sounded less professional and more reverent.

“He must really love this job…” Thor thought to himself.

Patrick got up from his seat, asking Thor to follow as the moved deeper into the establishment’s office spaces to an exclusive, executive elevator. Patrick pushed the only button available, and the elevator rose to the top. Both thought of the wonderful, serene background music coming through the speakers, before the elevator car finally reached its destination. Patrick urged him into the suite like an elevator attendant, bowing that seemed subservient even by Asgardian standards. Entering the equally immaculate, spacious suite, his eyes settled on the room’s lone occupant, and felt a subservience of his own swell up in him. She was dressed more like a psychiatrist than a bank exec. Pencil skirt, dark hose, a while blouse and grey jacket, pumps matching the jacket and shirt color. She stood in front of her desk, poised in a confident but friendly manner, ready to greet her guest, welcoming him with a purring intonation.


He walked in her direction as he heard it, and felt his knees buckle nearly sending him to the floor. He didn’t know how he caught himself from collapsing, but he did, hearing a chuckle in response to his faltering.

“No need to be formal. Please, come lie here.”

He saw what she was gesturing he saw what she gestured to and raised an eyebrow. A velvet lounging chair in a bank’s executive office? The question was written all over his face, quickly addressed.

“Circumstantial. Something about up here just gets people so relaxed that they just want to get off their feet and recline. I think you are already feeling the effects.”

The scent of her perfume, the sense of her aura, left his head and soul swimming, hardly thinking about why he should disagree with her words. A soft, warm guiding hand on his shoulders gave him the assured strength to make it to the chair to get off his feet and relax.

“There, isn’t that better?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Oh, eager spender, and right to the point. I like that in a client. I’m sure the pleasantries will come soon, but down to business for now.” She sat at her desk to peruse his paperwork, and he had an ample view of her delicate, stylish form.

“I see you’ve applied for quite the substantial loan; a pretty standard asking point of our most high-minded clients. Your proposal has been looked over by the relevant parties, and there is already an initial ruling in place. But with that, we’ve come to the ‘good news, bad news’ phase of the meeting.”

Thor’s face turned serious for a second at the prospect of any bad news.

“The good news is, past the initial ruling, everyone has agreed to the terms of your loan. The bad news is, everyone but me.”

The famed Odinson’s thoughts would seem unrecognizable if they could see thoughts of willing to crawl of the chase lounge and crawl on his belly, asking her to reconsider.

“Since it’s my name on the business, as you can imagine, I have the decisive final say in these matters. Your proposal, in all honesty, is much too modest.

“What,” the Avenger reacted with more confusion than fear.

“If anyone, I’m allowed to make character loans. Looking over your records, your accomplishments, you abilities and good deeds, your recent…grooming, shall we say; all of it combined allows me to look past any transgressions or mistakes of the past. I feel that you deserve, she paused for effect, and really loved watching their breaths catches as his did.

“…an unlimited line of credit with the Bank of Tessa.”

She watched his whole face brighten like the sun emerging after a dreary storm, threatening to light up the whole room.

“You feel very fortunate about this loan, don’t you?”

“Yes Tessa,” he said breathlessly.

“I love clients so quickly spend their good fortune, and pay me back with such adoring interest.”

The small bit of confusion she saw on his face began to tire her, and she felt it was time to explain his fortune.

“Being able to say ‘Yes Tessa,’ seems the hottest commodity in town, almost its own currency. Those who know, feel its true value, seem to have a habit of spending it so fast. Even our bank staff; their paychecks are purely made up of the need to say those words. Isn’t that right Patrick?”

Thor turned to see at the other end of the room, something not visible from the elevator, a huge birdcage set, one of which contained a naked Patrick, huddled together in pleasure after saying a long, drawn out “Yes Tessa.”

“Good boy. He works so hard for the privilege of those words, only to give it away so he can work even harder for me.”

“Yessss Tessssaaaa.”

“Patrick might be worthy of the same fortune, someday. I wonder if he could even fathom being spoiled enough to say ‘Yes Tessa’ with no limits. My presence is overwhelming enough to him as is. But then again, who else in the world could make a girl say ‘Thor’ like you can? That’s worth a lot, right, ‘Thor?'”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Though not nearly as valuable as ‘Yes Tessa.'”

“Mmmmm, yesss Tesssaa…”

“Such a good boy. So well-trained, so spoiled and happy. Every ‘Yes Tessa’ takes you deeper, reinforces your depth, your adoration, your need to go deeper.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“A perpetual state of obedience.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“A deep trance, no matter awake or asleep.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Of course, with any loan or grant agreement, there is the stipulation of conditions; things you must do to ensure it is perpetual, lest my gratuitous grant be revoked.”

“Yes, Tessa.” a touch of seriousness in his breathlessness told her he was ready for the full breadth of the contract.

“Wonderful, I’m so glad people are willing to carefully inspect the fine print to prevent any misunderstandings.”

Thor waited in breathless anticipation, waiting for her to retrieve the document with small print and complicated legalese, surprised she spoke as if having it all memorized.

“Provision 1, loan granting. The loan shall be granted after submission on part of the borrower of all documents required by the Bank of Tessa, provisions of the agreed secure state of client compliance, established under procedures envisaged by law, payment of relevant fees, commissions and tributes, dues or the like, and execution of all conditions, determined in the loan and the present, past, and future general terms and conditioning of conduct of being granted use of the authorized phrases ‘Yes Tessa.’ The borrowers shall have no right use said phrasing in an unauthorized fashion or concocting a fashioning a condition of speculative nature, violating securities or performances of actions that surreptitiously connect the following words ‘no’ followed by ‘Tessa’ Restrictions of negative response will be found and declared invalid to the bank and borrower’s conscious contractual reasoning as he is contractually bound to the realization, speech, and faculty liabilities of ‘Yes Tessa.’ Stipulations may find that the borrower finds himself borrowing his own thoughts and actions, facing rejections of all else that has to do with ‘Yes Tessa,’ furthering concentration on positivity and Tessa in any and/or all combined ways.”

“Provision 2, interest calculation. Interest on a utilized loan, shall be calculated from the day the loan is granted, on the basis of a real number of days from 1/365 of a full calendar year. Garnered interest shall be measured based on use of ‘Yes Tessa’ in breadth, inflection, breathlessness, and other factors accounting for an adoration conditioning and deepening of the phrasing and its future implications, which include and/or are not limited to a narrow form of lips to a constant configured response and the undulation of fastenings of articles of clothes, including zippers, laces, buttons, etc. As the words are spoken with ever increasing depth, each divet on a zipper, lace of a shoe, button of a shirt may and shall find itself undulated, loosened, and opened to allow for air to circulate to provide for a stronger basis of saying and meaning ‘Yes Tessa.’ This contractually give way to shedding and discarding of clothing articles in and executive presence, inclination and/or declaration, subjecting the borrower to his own inclination to his desire to shed, discard, and bare himself to executive being paid interest. Interest also is to be calculated not only in an ongoing capacity, but in an supplicant form of supplying the need to sue the phase of interest, to garner interest, for interest to be paid, for interest to be shown and capitalized on. At an executive’s behest, interest terms can be set at varying levels of increasing, to decreasing, to increasing, to decreasing, to decreasing, to increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing, decreasing, increasing, increasing, decreasing, increasing, decreasing, increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing, increasing, until a point of maximum interest is reached, under conditions of naked prostration and a barer mind to process only interest and repayment terms.”

“Provision 3. Repayment. As you lie there, unclothed, undone, unable to think, unable to want to do anything else but listen and subjugate yourself with those fabulous words. They really are fabulous, aren’t they, ‘Thor’?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Luxurious words that make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“And isn’t it amazing how cloud nine is as simple as my lips speaking so close in your ear, my delicate hand caressing that ‘Thor’ chest, the thought of sight of my chest, the Tessarack, that look in my green eyes you just get stuck in, the prospect of getting to touch or worship me in any way that pleases me. Any and all of those things inspires a ‘Yes Tessa’ of your lips, yes?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“And repaying me for the privilege of saying ‘Yes Tessa’ is the easiest thing in the world, as easy as breathing, as natural as listening helplessly to a harmless, hypnotic voice. It’s so easy, I really don’t even have to say it, but you so want to hear the details anyway, if nothing else for the excuse of my voice controlling you yet again.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Good ‘Thor’. You repay Tessa with your absolute, unshakable obedience with all your small daydreams of me, with all the ways you think of what could please me, surprise me, satisfy me….”

“Oh yes Tessa.”

“Oh how I love how this excites you so. But of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll be doing anything sinister or unbecoming something of your good intentions. It pleases Tessa so to own a righteous, courageous, ethically and morally sound man, to bask in that glory and let you bask in a higher power you can always look up to, to hold nothing back, to let yourself feel the heights of my sensual commands, or the depths of a blank, sleeping mind just waiting to be filled with my words.”

“Yessss Tessssaaa.”

“Are you ready to sign this binding, arousing contract, ‘Thor’?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“You’ve been so excited since you heard the sound of my voice, haven’t you?”

“Yes Tessa.”

“So excited in that inevitable, male way.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“So desperate to feel that liberating release.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Amazed at how the heights of your pleasure exceed what you first thought. Like our contracts, interest calculation, you found it increasing.”

“Yes Tessa.”


“Yes Tessa.”


“Yes Tessa.”


“Yes Tessa.”

“Ever increasing, beyond the point you think you can stand it.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“But the increasing doesn’t stop.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“No pain at all, but unlimited, increasing pleasure.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Waiting only for the command from me you’re increasingly desperate for.”

“Yes-ugh-sss Tesssaaaa.”

“Well then, ‘Thor’….”

Thor never felt the headphones removed from his head, never knew they’d been there at all.

“Freeze for Tessa. That’s right, feel yourself at the precipice, still calm, excited, controlled. Held in place for Tessa. Sleeping for Tessa, Obedient for Tessa.”

“Yes Tessa.”

“Good ‘Thor’.”

“How many times has it been for him trying to ‘sign that contract’?” Patrick inquired from her living room.

“Third by now, but he’s signed it each time. Compliance is a great signature.”

“True.” Patrick watched a naked Thor go from shaking to calm, almost unnaturally, if Tessa’s control seemed anything but natural.

“How many times will he be sucked into that Tornado Tessa and then taken back to the Bank of Tessa entrance?”

“Tornado Tessa is just an opening, he’s been to the bank three times, but I think his mind loves the tornado so much, it kind of sticks with the narrative in his head.”

“So you’ll completely own a superhero by the end of this. I’m still amazed.”

“I know you like to think he was completely owned the first time, but you
know you can never have too much ownership and control.”

“True…” Patrick said absently.

“It really is a brainwashing weekend,” he uttered happily, unaware of his own nakedness, or the fact the giant birdcage enclosed around him was just in his head.

“Yes, it really is a brainwashing weekend.”

She caressed her new slaves face lasciviously.

“And you’ll never want it to end, ‘Thor’.”

“Yes Tessa…”

<– (Part 4) The Dark Delight

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