The Silky Assassin – Cornered

An operator is hired to take care of a cornered target.

The hotel room assault blitzkrieg,
a strategy lacking finesse, but not merit.
The target past the entrance with no exit,
with no recourse or way to bear it.

The perpetrator searched the room,
hawkish eyes scanning every inch.
The wide entrance, closet, bathroom, empty,
leaving only one place to hide in a pinch.

He strolled cockily to the bedroom,
another easy contract soon to complete.
As expected, she rested in a floored crouch,
the unexpected was the focus on her “retreat.”

She was armed like others before her,
just like he professionally remained.
His trained near her, hers pointed upwards,
and yet something within him feigned.

Something about it was all wrong,
posture, disposition, the confidence expressed.
The rhythm of his plan had stalled,
actions down to simple movement suppressed.

The red gown slipped off her shoulders,
so many exquisite, lovely features
Dangerous beauties like her so predictable,
proven sirens, untrustworthy creatures.

And yet, there was no sign of a trick,
no crying, breathless pleading, or pretense.
No concealment of a victor’s smile,
expressing the surety “you have no defense”

He looked to her dainty, stockinged feet,
wondering why one shoe was removed.
Wondering when last he’d seen such sexy feet.
Beyond wondering how much he approved.

Oddly poised, arched up, a gentle sheen,
like its heeled, shoed, other half.
But the exposed foot held a stronger fascination,
eyes fixated on body and mind’s behalf.

He watched the toned arch flexing,
reinforced toes spreading their splendor,
Foot dipping, toe curling, rising, falling, spinning,
a bewitching ballerina dance so tender.

The unoccupied heel swung nearby,
methodical fingers keeping up its accord.
Timely dangling, priceless foot graces,
paid attention all that he could afford.

The performing foot caressed its other,
nylon on silky nylon and stiletto heel.
Soft fabric friction drowning other sounds,
knowing, needing that caress, his only ideal.

Blinking ceased to not miss a second,
caged, trapped, confined in hopeless allure.
Keen senses beguiled, rendered unthinking,
a specialty of the female provocateur.

Trained eyes followed every movement,
every muscle and silky fabric shift.
As if her toes stirred liquefied thoughts,
sending her target inevitably adrift.

The perpetrator’s frame of awareness,
slowly, surely, inexorably began to shrink.
Bordered by a dangling heel in hand,
adoring bodice, a smile seeing him at the brink.

A flash of realization shone in empty eyes,
perhaps of pride, panic, a mission miscalculated.
Pulling thoughts free of her futily difficult,
steely will laid at her feet, weak and dissipated.

As if aware of the resistant flash,
the sly foot extended out pointedly
Beholden gaze fixed on the new motion,
consciousness stalled further, disjointedly.

Toes spread in slow, deliberate waves,
the foot circled, delicately around.
A dark whirlpool, a sensual black hole,
drawn in irrevocably, in her power he drowned.

A wiser tactician might’ve deduced sooner
boxed in, cornered, a single objective.
Funneling all that he was to that point,
the double-edged plan being too effective.

The true perpetrator watched in satisfaction,
loving how her feet could easily induce.
Slow breathing, glazed eyes, surrendered disposition.
Not at all interested in any truce.

She thrilled him to mindless arousal,
feet inching closer to their new thrall
“Obey Sonia” he would hear and obey
And approach her gratefully, in a submissive crawl.

His gun discarded, long since forgotten,
Her true arsenal resting in caressing hands
Their touch brought seizures of pleasure,
incentivizing obedience to any demands.

A new contract was being drawn up,
silken toes inked on waiting hot skin.
The foot that mesmerized him against his cheek,
flesh under his chin teased by its twin.

The tenants of the arrangement were simple.
do as instructed, obey without question.
A kiss to her foot’s crown his signature,
now a man that blissfully loved his profession.

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