The Gamesome Illusionist – Date Night

A magical illlusionist puts her lover on a spontaneous path of lust.

Note: Illustrations by ShadowedNavi

Caldina, once known to many as the fearsome illusionist, sat at a table of a local tavern, happily waiting for her date and lover Lafarga to return to his seat. The former villainess sipped sweet liquor, smiling, taking stock of the journey leading to the post-war peace and prosperity in the world known as Cephiro. Not at all the future she would’ve predicted, not for herself anyway. Zagato, an evil and ambitious high priest bidding for conquest, contracted several powerful figures, including Caldina, to kill three teenage girls from Earth, known as the Magic Knights. Transported to Cephiro and tasked with stopping him, the trio found themselves imbued with enough elemental magic and guidance for their mission. Completing it took numerous battles with Zagato and his forces, and later other worlds threatening to overthrow Cephiro, one of which was Caldina’s homeworld of Chizeta, though she sided with her friends in saving Cephiro. And despite all the complications of their conflicts, after all the dust settled, and the tasks fulfilled, they enjoyed a reputation as war heroes, saviors, and allies to the rather uncomplicated likes of Caldina and Lafarga.

It almost wasn’t to be when they first met the pink-haired performer. Arguably, of all those hired to kill the teenage warriors, no one else came as close as Caldina, who’d seized control of them with her entrancing illusionary powers to make them destroy each other, and nearly succeeding. Had that plan succeeded, life may have not turned out so fulfilling. It remained odd how not being substantially compensated for her talents was the better path taken, having befriended the young targets later on, among other pivotal relationships gained.

The most important one of late was the soldier Lafarga, also made to kill the Magic Knights by Zagato, given his own elite sword skills. Instead of payment for mercenary services, more force was needed, coerced by Zagato with a mind-control spell strong enough to overcome noble and righteous traits. Once defeated and the spell lifted, he became aligned to the Knight’s cause as well. And while on the same side, Caldina and Lafarga found a camaraderie, something more than mutual respect, that drew them together in mutual love.

Part of their agreeable chemistry came from their stark differences. Reserved, stout, physically imposing veneer should’ve clashed with an outgoing, charming, vivacious, bubly self, but it never seemed an issue. The physical attraction was always there, sometimes a stolen glance, appreciative shared look, or Caldina openly stating his affections. She loved how the depths of each other together never seemed to cease growing, just like she loved the occasional musings of what if the mercenary, money-and-whim hungry hypnotic dancer met the stoic, valiant, handsome knight under opposing conditions. And what if the coercive spell to fall under was hers.

Musing about it with a robust grin, she looked over to see his empty glass of ale. He tended to avoid even getting tipsy most times, with one exception, when he curiously sampled the effects of her enchantments, something she was happy to have him relive for fun. One lithe leg crossed causally over the other made idle motions, tapping the air rhythmically, in heels she’d swapped out for the usual slippers on their night out, still equipped with pink bells on their tops like the rest of her classic attire. Each tap or idle motion sounded chimes, glowing pink particles dissipating into the air with every chime, the magic emitted most potent to any creature with a sense of hearing, ringing beautifully for any set of ears close by. Devoid of other patrons, only the bartender and Lafarga had the immediate pleasure of enjoying their music; perhaps a tavern passerby would feel dreamy and lightheaded in their walk home. The bartender sighed happily, cleaning dishes slower than usual, the sounds put him in such a placid, peaceful mood.

The intended effect on Lafarga was a bit different. Being in a relationship with the illusionist dancer, he’d grown familiar to her powers, seeing them in action upon others, feeling them overcome him on occasion, exposed to special demands from her special talents. He knew well the beatitude from having willpower subverted by audible charms, the bliss of being mindless for her. It was a bit different now, as the bells had a stronger effect, an assault of more direct physical pleasure coming in waves through his body. The intensity made him hard, on the cusp of feeling a delicious, perhaps aggressive orgasm. Not a disposition he’d like to find himself in public, but it wouldn’t have mattered with everyone else’s mind absorbed in her performance as well. They’d most likely be listlessly bedazzled by the ringing, still in the background while he would feel the strongest concentration, left only with the weakened choice of trying to move against the spell, at that moment towards her.

Caldina waited patiently, jingling the bells on her gloves and shoes, staring ahead at where Lafarga had emerged from the restroom. One hand held a near-empty champagne flute outwards, the wrist of that hand moving to chime the gloved bell for an independent spell; the bartender took to her request as wordlessly as the command he obeyed. Dull color of his eyes flashed brightly in one chime, a sign of deeper enchantment and her only acknowledgement of his presence, as he happily refilled the glass and returned to closing duties, ignoring everything else. It was just so easy for her to take people’s full attention; often creating a tune borne of momentary boredom, transforming it into a fun opportunity. And the mercenary performer wasn’t one to waste opportunities.

Lafarga’s weakening form was in full view at the other end of the bar, mere meters away in reality. But in the dwindling thoughts of the blond warrior, crashing against charm magic head-on, the distance to walk to his seat no longer seemed paltry, but the effort it would take to get there did. Distraction by the bells kept strong leg muscles from moving forward. They grew soft enough that he found he’d slipped to the floor, with just enough strength in the hands and knees that they were meters crawled across on the floor. A throbbing erection strained against his pants, tortuously. Despite all the friction and stimulation, something securely prevented the chance for involuntarily release, with no tangible explanation why. Any attempt to ask why the teasing was happening, or how he was stuck in that state, all that came out was incomprehensible moans that spoke volumes.

“What was that Deary,” a seductive inquiry sounded, tapping the bells on both feet as if lyrically to her words, sending larger waves of bliss across the bar, stalling his crawling. Unbearably, he wondered why the suffrance was dispatched through pleasure. An amused smile answered back, highlighting the force of wicked allure that was Caldina. He knew her power, the effect it had, tailor-made for someone already so charming. Or merely a skill honed and practiced that wholly shaped the compelling temptress. Regardless of either, advancing was his sole priority, concentrating on the forward feeling more than anything. He knew he had to sink deeper into her power, and that the outcome was already decided.

Untranslatable moans still spoken, he was reduced to belly crawling, pulling with strong arms and whatever will deemed allowed to remain. They wondered together how long she could keep this up, to have him on edge, ever growing the playful power exchange. Her infamous mischievous streaks, generated imaginings of long hours, hell days or longer, if she wanted to keep it up. The control was borderline intractable when she put her mind to it.

He watched the glove, earring, high heel, body and headpiece bells all sounded individually, in a consistent tempo. It still marveled remaining thoughts how much bodily control it took to shift different body parts with measured precision, much harder than the simple singing sirens at sea use to lure their intended submissives. Similarly though, he knew the doom ahead, knowing the music was too beautiful to refuse. There was no turning back with the pink-haired vixen, smiling only increasing the closer he got. Every jingle was a small jolt to his erection, and they came in a variety. Sometimes the feeling was sharp, sometimes, encompassing, like a feminine hand giving a good, languid stroke. He swore every occasional bell convinced his body of its ablility to release, only to have the hopes dashed by another bell, a roulette of vexing sensuality.

“You used to be so fast, so strong, and so passionate. What’s changed Lafarga? Do you not want me any more?” Chizetan lilt, something akin to Earth’s American southern accents, uttered a disappointed pout. The words seem to give arm muscles a little more fire to pull him at a faster rate, to prove her wrong. Lafarga didn’t know which was longer, the distance to reaching Caldina, or the distance in-between the next possible orgasm. She wasn’t always cruel, with him, but he could already tell that before this was over, she would exercise a full measure of mercilessness, and make him love it. He’d have to find the strength to not inform how suffering this way turned him on, turning her on in kind in an endless cycle.

“Perhaps more incentive is in order to regain that passion…” a giggle sounded amongst the bells, and Lafarga saw her spread her pink fan. The perfumy incense invaded deep breaths nearly a second later, warping the world around him. Heavy eyelids closed to brace the slow vertigo collapsing captured senses.

Opening them, he became commander of Cephiro’s guard again, back in the embroiled struggle for his homeland Cephiro. Zagato’s forces fought against the Magic Knights sent to protect the people and their world. Unlike last time, Lafarga successfully withstood Zagato’s attempt at mind control to create an evil asset. It made sense that a mercenary with a reputation for illusions and hypnosis then would be hired for a stronger measure. Caldina, Chizeta-native and captivating performer, sat casually in-front of a subdued Lafarga.

The open-field conflict to her back was of little concern of hers, except for the attempt at silly resistance it sparked in one of the targets that needed subduing. Squaring off with the aggressive knight proved to be fun for the dancer. She gracefully evaded all his attacks as if going through the motions of a choreographed, taunting ballet for an audience of one. It probably helped how her bells rang with each evasion, distracting his senses, robbing him of fighting energy, replacing infatuation with every step. It wasn’t long before the useless sword was forgotten and he’d stopped advancing altogether, just content to watch Caldina move. She made him remove his armor off just for fun, stripped of offense and defense, lead to a less battle-worn place where she could sit and savor easy victory. She could’ve helped the less virtuous side more after his defeat, but tall, blonde, and helpless was too fun to play with, resting between him and the fight to which he pledged himself.

A surge of strength flared in the soldier, committing himself to sworn duty. Rising to his knees in determination was an accomplishment against her abilities. But the temptress was not worried in the slightest; magic bells chimed incessantly, over and over and over, filling him with sensations that had no place in battle, subverting will and body. The closer he got, the more tunnel vision formed, and Caldina was the light at the end of it. He stopped crawling every few seconds to fight off the pleasure, to become centered again, to try and cover open ears from the sound that rocked his very soul to a submissive slumber. But it was no use; in no time at all, the world was a muted blur except for Caldina. He knew the battle was there, knew what was at stake, but for the first time in the commander’s life, he didn’t care. The outcome, duties, nothing else mattered except for the her conquering power, will, body and desires; everything about the pink-haired antagonist that charmed the fight out of him.

Contact was a grateful blessing, rough fingers gently touching the material of her shoes. Velvety-smooth at the tip of his finger, it elicited pleasure deep inside. He grasped her whole foot as the bell atop jingled, not only feeling the sound of the mesmerizing bell, but its vibrations as well. An earthquake rumbled beneath his surface, well above a simple tremor. The bells didn’t stop and the quakes continued as he convulsed while still trying to gently hold his lover and speak. Kissing up her stockinged legs, he tried to regain his speech.


“Please what, Mr. Sword Swinger?”


“Ah bet you do,” was a husky whisper that shook him as easily as her bells.

A devout, patriotic Captain of the Guard was nowhere to be found; Lafarga, Caldina’s handsome new puppet, started kissing her feet, less concerned with the desperate needs of a kingdom’s innocent peasants, and more admiring of the whims of a tantalizing goddess like his. Something in the chimes spoke of this capitulation pleasing her; incentive enough as he continued, lips traveling up the fabric of her tights, adoration made sweeter as the bells never stopped. As erotic desperation grew, as the magic of the bells somehow communicated all actions were allowed, he tried to go for between her legs, to start licking and reciprocate stronger pleasure, and hopefully incentivize to grant him mercy. She felt his tongue against her inner thighs, and started to share the urgency, which alone made her wetter than memory could recall.

Fingers grasping blond hair pulled him back, and up to resting on one knee. The dancer uncrossed her legs and stood tall, a pair of small, glassy blue eyes stared up into her larger, mischievous ones. The grasping hand appeared at his face. He took it in his own to kiss, as the gloved bell glowed upon chiming, pink particles twinkling, dancing brilliantly like stars, filled his eyes, flaring a dull blue, the proud warrior sunken further into her power.

“This ultra-pretty, nice-bodied lady has you deep under her spell, doesn’t she?”


“You love her, don’t you?”

“I love you…”

“Nothing else matters to you does it? Not the past behind you, not the fight behind me?”


“That’s right. There is no fight. There’s just obedience.”


The gloved bell chimed again for good measure. A deep, glowing blue filled his empty eyes again, for good measure.

“There’s just obedience.”

“There’s just obedience,” Lafarga felt the charm magic shaping his words.

“Nothing else matters.”

“Nothing else matters,” he smiled, relieved to not have any burdens except doing what Caldina said.

“Obedience gets rewarded.”

Before the repetition could continue, the bells seemed to stop momentarily, until expertly-practiced muscle control allowed multiple bells to sound at once, at a higher pitch. It struck at a raised frequency to his ears, an impact like being too close to a percussive cymbal as it struck; his body took all of that at once, and didn’t know how to respond to it at first. Strong convulsions stole away speech, barely able to gasp. She waited a few minutes before doing it again, and again, and again, and again, each time stinging him deeper with sharp pleasure. She could’ve easily made an eternal slave out of him through near-explosive sensations if that was her aim, but she simply enjoyed taking him to a place well-beyond what most called ‘edging.’

A reverently-kissed hand tugged on blonde hair, bending down to capture his lips with hers. Amongst a deep kiss, hair was stroked as her lithe legs were grasped with what energy he had left in them. Bells sounded again, but pleasure was replaced by floodgates of internal strength opening up, free to move and act without restriction. He stood up to face his controller, taken in by the face smiling back. She removed her cloak and wrapped it around broad shoulders, then allowed him to pick her up.

“Zagato paid me upfront, and you don’t seem to care about the battle anymore. Let’s ditch our ‘sworn duties’ go have fun elsewhere.”

The blond defector smiled at her suggestion, carrying his only concern in adoring arms. Every step taken sounded off the bell of her cloak, and a different bell of her choosing would carelessly join the chorus to further entrap.

“You know, playing with a little toy soldier like you was more fun than I expected. And I don’t think I’d refuse permanent attention like this. Want to do this again soon, handsome?”

“Whatever you wish, Caldina.”

Her smile turned as sexy and evil as he’d ever seen on a stunning woman, using one hand to wave across his vision. Following that same dizzying hand trailing over his gaze over and over, just from the singular motion, shook the bounds of reality again. After blinking, and the next time vision refocused, he was back in the bar, all the way back to the opposite end again, meters away from Caldina, from where she first sounded the pink bells that brought him to kneel. Remnants of the effect of the illusion she put him through were fresh in a happy head and body.

It struck then how much changed since they became an item, and that even if she now fought for a virtuous good like he always did, Caldina’s nefarious side might never die. Acts like this created wonder if the villainess had really changed her ways or not. More than anything, her abilities made a shaded morality so easy to indulge in, especially when it could shade over the morality and concern of others. He declined to ever outright ask about it, out of fear, half-hoping that whatever she did to him fulfilled any wicked need harbored. He didn’t know which was the more frightening act she committed, taking his mind back to being an agent of evil, or taking his body so far towards base needs, but not as far as he wanted. Either way, he wanted to swear and curse for dealing with such a deviously beautiful, cruel woman. He would’ve expressed as such, but the sound of bells put his body was on track to approach again.

Lafarga didn’t know if he was just in another illusion, how long she would keep this game going, or if it was a game. He smiled inwardly, knowing it was, knowing no games were more fun than her illusions, loving that the feelings behind them were anything but an illusion. But he couldn’t keep his mind from asking if she’d ever find pleasure in letting him release again. Even from a distance, her beautiful face, and their shared love, would keep him on her path. Love and pleasure were hell sometimes, and Lafarga smiled back and the devilishly sexy pink lips grinning at him, truly feeling the burn.

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